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  1. we have tekmetric and the really bad part is they use MOTOR for the labor guide and it is absolutely horrible. Labor times are really low compared to mitchell and missing info on vehicles and some vehicles it has no labor information whatsoever. We use XLPARTS mainly which offers mitchell labor guide lookup while you search for parts. Aside from that we really like the program.
  2. lmcca


  3. they keep trying to get us, they call every few months and everytime they do i say, "i would absolutely like to advertise with yelp" and they go, really? thats great and i say, as soon as you stop blocking my customers good reviews. The hiding of reviews doesnt work very good, i understand why they do it do the system does not work. For that reason, i'm out.
  4. we have two and there is no need to assign techs to them or find a solution, it generally works out easily enough when customers walk up to the counter. We rarely see an imbalance. Plus, one is the service manager so he can delegate if needed. We also have a parts guy but he only handles parts as they come in, if it is a wrong part, part inventory, part returns and tracking. We also have a body shop so he handles those parts as well. He does not write up tickets, the service writers do.
  5. wow, nice tips, very good.
  6. yikes, stay out of peoples shops man
  7. Autozone, Carquest (which is now Advance) do the same thing, Oreileys loans tools i believe but dont do the check engine scan anymore that im aware of. Point is, they are all doing it. I know allot of you wont like me for this but we allow people to bring their own parts, to a point, as i would rather get something out of it rather than nothing out of it and as Joe pointed out, the labor is where the money is made. In your case Joe, we tell the customer up front there is a 1/2 hour front end inspection charge if during the course of an alignment we find loose or worn out parts and
  8. so you dont want to help us figure that out? not sure what you are here for, but thanks........i guess..
  9. if you are not going to provide this invaluable way of finding a tech, WHY would you post it in the first place? OP, i have had the same issues as you, in the end craigslist has been the best in finding us a candidate. The general service guys are easier to get and look at craigslist. The tech also go there but it does seem to be more difficult to find them. I post to CL and indeed. I also keep all past applications and resumes and go thru those and make phone calls, got one by doing that. Just wish we could get the magical search terms to find the gold
  10. were you on monster? Indeed? needtechs?
  11. ok, but how? what were the search terms? what websites? i mean, resumes have to sit on a server somewhere so im wondering where you are seeing them? Where did you find this guy you hired?
  12. we have been using cradlepoint for several years, in fact, just got our second one. We have a collision center that is cloud based on most of what they do and i guess the service side for repair information etc as well. I got it because we switched from t 1 lines to cable, with the unreliability of cable i had to have a back up. It has saved us many times, the longest was about 4 days without cable, ouch, but people never noticed any speed difference as its 4g and its really fast. With the t-1's and other newer technology the down time is slight, in fact most phone companies have a 99 p
  13. so where did you find the resumes?
  14. we signed up for the trial a few days ago, it is neat but the problem we are running into is there are several phone numbers for us, meaning, in marketing companies use their own numbers to track and monitor the phone calls. So, if you look on our website, it is not the real phone number to our shop. i figure there is 3 maybe 4 different numbers that will actual ring here. Textbox can tie all the numbers together but they will charge you for each line they do that. So in our case, we would be charged 4 times in order to get all the lines covered. now, do we need to have all the lines co

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