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  1. Simple numbers. Straight talk. Big profits! By Greg CrabtreeIt is an honest and simple book by an ethical accountant. The Thinking Book By L.Ron Hubbard. This book is the best bang for the buck to raise awareness for employees and entrepreneurs alike. It is so simple and enlightening. Good to Great By Jim Collins Raise the bar! There are many great books out there. But these immediately came to mind and for the sake of not being overwhelming I would start by purchasing and reading/studying these three.
  2. What improvements have you made? What has changed?
  3. Take a sheet of paper and write across the top: THINGS I'M DOING WRONG. Create a list of at least 20. No less than 20! And if it's more than that, you'll be better for it! For example: 1. I drink too much Dr. Pepper 2. I show up too late or close too early. 3. I don't brush my teeth in the morning. 4. I avoid customer interaction. 5. I fart and burp in front of too many customers. It does not matter what you write. What matters is that it is TRUE FOR YOU. It is things that you innately know are wrong with and for your business. It is not what anyone e
  4. Thank you! The key to growth and building a great shop is to persevere through human disappointment. Whether its employees or customers or wife and kids, realizing that no human being is perfect and many will disappoint you, will allow you to breathe without losing confidence in humanity. You must always believe there is someone out there that can do "your" job for you as good or better than you or else you will be stuck in a certain job post forever. As for running a shop in your 50's, that's a matter of establishing what running a shop looks like to you. Running a shop to me is looking a
  5. Since we are limited on cash we need to be more creative.There is a Mechanical Aptitude Test that I found at the Google app store. This will work for now. It's called Mechanical Test Trainer by ApPro services. Download it. Get familiar with it. Use it. You will have to administer it from either your smart phone or a tablet. It will give you a very basic idea of mechanical aptitude. I would have every single person interested come in and take it. This is a very different "aptitude test" than the the one I administer but we have different needs and wants for employees at this point wi
  6. Do you and your father operate two separate businesses with two separate corporations on the same piece of property, or are you 50/50 partners on the same property and same corporation? Or some other agreement or disagreement? The main point is who is the final decision maker on day to day operations? Can you effectively execute a plan for the shop with executive authority? If not that is ok, just another barrier to overcome and work out. Also, is your lag time due to lack of working capital that creates a parts delay? Is it turn around time from you dad's machine shop? Does yo
  7. Let's start simply by saying that this location has been a profitable and functional repair shop started in the 70's when grandpa owned it. Let's acknowledge that the property is paid off in full by grandpa. Thank you grandpa! Let's say it has a name and a reputation and a customer base. (Though we don't know what your active customer base actually is.) Let's acknowledge that through hard work and perseverance you have been keeping your shop alive as an army of one since 2009. You deserve accolades for that! We know that your surrounding population is 21,000. Let's say that out o
  8. You are thinking to small, you are producing to small. So your goals need to be extremely specific. You don't have to post them here but you better right them down specifically so you know EXACTLY what you are aiming for. And you need to look at them EVERY SINGLE DAY! You need to know them like you know your mirror image. This is the only way to have anything. KNOW IT, WANT IT, GET IT!
  9. First let me mention that I am not a consultant nor have any intention to become one in the future. But I am willing to help you because you need it and you cannot afford to pay anyone anything at this point. It is crucial that you follow directions to become a viable and solvent business. After you become a viable and solvent business, which in fact should not take longer than 1-3 months depending on your level and speed of execution you should sign up with Elite or Elon Block to propel you further. Ok, let's begin: What do you want to have? You will need both personal and
  10. Ok, got it. If you were to complete those 2 jobs occupying your lifts right now, how long would it take to get 2 more cars on those lifts to cause the same problem you have now? How many incoming phone calls and walk ins do you get on a typical day with interest for your services? Do you enjoy communicating with people or do you consider talking to others, especially customers, a necessary evil? Do you cower from the idea of communication when you encounter new people? Do people like you? How are people finding out about you and your business now?
  11. Ok, got that. Are you on a main road and are you surrounded by a residential or an industrial area? What percentage of your business is retail and what percent is wholesale?
  12. Ok, got it. City population? Parts stores locale? Rent per month? Total business overhead monthly?
  13. You can get it on the right track. What are your present time resources? 2 bays, what else? What can you do today? What kind of jobs can you do today with no barriers with the knowledge, tools and equipment you have? What will make you money now? What is the population in the city where your shop is? What is the distance of your 3 closest part distributors? Are they local parts stores or national chains?
  14. Your biggest problem is you are wasting your time on too many non profitable actions. If your hourly rate is $70.00 an hour and you worked 8 hours a day. You should be making $560.00 a day in labor. If you worked 250 days out of the year you would make $140,000 a year without any parts sold or marked up. So let's assume you made $75,000 last year. If you did then your labor rate is effectively $37.50 per hour. If you made $50,000 last year your labor rate is $25.00. If you worked more than 250 days last year your hourly rate is obviously less than the above figures. If you are including
  15. Hi Mike, Thank you for the response, a few more questions of interest below. Does it record incoming and outgoing phone numbers and dialogue? How far back does the phone number registry go? Does it keep statistics on new customers and can someone manually label whether the phone number that called in was an advertisement, inquiry, appointment, job applicant, or quote? If so can notes be added along side? Can you set up a virtual receptionist? Can messages be remotely accessed? Conditionally, how much storage is there for messages? What is the lag time of messag

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