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  1. I would think your business plan and cash reserves should be such as you are able to carry those technicians on the payroll, whether you have business or not. Why would I come to work for you as a tech on a start up with no guarantee? What's in it for me? I also think that 2 techs isn't enough if you are already advertising and marketing the business.  Maybe it takes 6 months to a year to become profitable. That's where having a detailed business plan with income statements is a must. You need to be running those numbers to see where you will be and what it's going to take to be profitable.  

    1. Dakotaj96


      This is very true and yes I do have cash reserves in place and could afford 2 techs for quite a while even if we had no pay. However, I guess I am just more curious on how people handled employees at the start of the business. Such as, did you hire 3 great techs 2 weeks before you open to properly train them or did you have 2 guys that started opening day and use the initial slow period to train and have say another guy lined up to start a month after opening? Just trying to find the best way to do this. Thank You!

  2. Marksas


  3. Anderson Auto thanks for the explanation. I like the way you have done the scheduling and it's something we will revisit in the future. I know we are missing out on sales opportunities on Saturdays.
  4. We tried opening on Saturday's and it didn't work for us at the time. We had 4 techs at the time and two service writers. We would rotate the techs on Saturday and as an incentive we would give them the previous Monday off. This gave them a 3 day weekend. What I found is that we had difficulty in obtaining parts and really did noting more than state inspections, oil changes and brake jobs. While that was ok, the cost was high because we would have an expensive tech doing these services due to the rotation of the techs. We also did not have enough staff in the office and it was easy to get over
  5. I actually think that is a simple formula and is fair. The 3X earnings might be on the low side if the business is growing fairly rapidly. I'm not sure I would go through the hassle and expense of getting a proper valuation and I know others might disagree. I always look at it as "What I am willing to sell for and what would I be willing to pay?". If the employees were going to buy me out then what would I accept and would I be willing to pay the same to them. I am somewhat in the same boat as I am preparing an exit plan and am working on the agreements. The difference is I own all the buildin
  6. We use Synchrony and have for years. We don't get significant request, maybe 1-4 a month. It about the same if not just a tad higher than our normal credit card transaction fee which averages about 1.9%. It does allows us to do some larger repairs all at once. The application process is simple and straight forward and we do occasionally have a customer that gets declined credit.
  7. That's a pretty short time frame to approach someone to sell the business to. Lot's of items to sort out. Is he selling the real estate also? What are the terms? What is the shop revenue, net, equipment value? owner financed? Is it an asset sale? How is he going to value the business? Are you in a position to acquire financing? Do you have funds for a down payment? I'm sure there are a bunch more questions to ask but those come to mind off the top of my head.
  8. I have tried career builder, indeed, craigslist, facebook and a few others. Craigslist and facebook are the best for leads. We are active with our facebook page so that helps and we do buy some advertising on Facebook. One of the things we were doing is as soon as we got a response from someone (mostly Craigslist) we would request they go to our website to fill out an online application. Rarely would someone do this. Since we don't hire a great deal of people, I really don't have much experience even though I have been in business over 15 years. I noticed my local Chick-fil-A was having open i
  9. To answer your question regarding benchmarks. Just run your detailed expense reports for the last year or two and you can get a good feel for what your spending in each category on average. I like to break mine down by the month. Since we pay bi-weeklly we always have two months out of the year where we have 3 pay periods so we have to adjust for that. We actual have it built into our spreadsheet so we know which months have 3 pay periods. We also project our workers comp costs as well as all of our benefits based upon number of employees. One thing to remember is it's really spending plan as
  10. I have a pretty detailed budget and budget everything from advertising, donations, employee relations (birthdays, dinners, lunches), inks, toners, janitorial, and even toilet paper. I have been doing this for years. It also looks at projected sales, tech efficiency, door rates, tech rates, training, certification test, dues, subscriptions, planned raises, effective labor rate, as well as allows me to see if we have the right amount of staff based upon tech efficiency and projected sales. I built a spreadsheet years ago and make upgrades to it yearly. I actually have my manager complete it no
  11. While looking at designs I always look at all the places I might use it on various background colors. When you look at embroidery and the size you just don't want a lot of intricate detail which gets lost as the logo shrinks. We went through a brand creation excercise a couple years ago which encompassed all ad copy, brochures, trinkets, apparel, car wraps and everything you can think of. Our current brand is city specific and as we expand to neighboring cities I wanted one platform and brand to promote. I have not done the actual name change yet but we have a leaked the name on our business c
  12. I've used NAPA for most of my purchases the last few years. We are our particular stores largest customer and they get the pricing right right. I usually shop a little and the tell them what I am looking for and they come back with great pricing. They offer me no interest financing which I don't necessarily need since I just pay for stufff when I need it, but I use it because I can. Pretty much purchased all my equipment from them for my new shop.
  13. I've tried one or two programs in the past and didn't particularly care for them. That was the reason for the secure document. Looks like I will need to revisit. Thanks for the detailed post.
  14. I like the poison pill aspect and had not thought of that. We are working on a separate "License" agreement for use of the shop name. Should we get sued then we could possibly lose the assets of the operating company which may be a few small tools and maybe a desktop computer but the name as well as the web domain is owned by the holding company. If an owner has an SBA loan then it changes how you can charge because the SBA only allows you to charge a very minimal amount above the actual loan repayment schedule (or so I am told). They individual I spoke with stated that you then just char
  15. Use a small 3" DA, it's easier to handle than the 5 or 6". We've used Krylon, or Rust Oleum. Doesn't really matter. It's whatever the hardware store had. Usually 2 coats. Just don't use "frosted" clear...lol We're not particular fond of doing them either.

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