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  2. Hello, I haven't been on this site in years, but I have re-kindled my thoughts of opening up my own shop. I thought I would give you my shop experience with radios. I work in a shop with 20 techs. We have one radio playing over the top of all other radios. We have two guys who will play their radios a little quieter. And most of the others, including myself with ear buds in and listening to my own music. Management does not care as long as you get the work done. Now, I refused to use ear buds for years, thinking that they were a safety hazard, etc, etc. Then one day I was on a really big job and tried it at a fairly low sound level. I got the job done quicker than I ever had in the past (by a lot). So I tired it again. Same results. There is something about listening to your own music that will make you more productive overall. I do not wear them on quick services, mainly bigger jobs that require my attention to detail, and I do not want to be distract by other techs. Just my take on it and I'm sure most will not agree.
  3. Hello, my name is Doug Brons and I am a BMW Technicain at the local BMW Dealership. I have been turning wrenches for the last 9 years. I have wanted to start my own repair shop ever since I became a technicain, but I always felt I needed more experiance, or the timing was not right, etc. I have re-kindled my dream and signed up for class at the local community college, which starts this week. I came across this forum and found that is has a lot of great information on it. I am hoping that as I continue with my course this semester, I will be able to bounce ideas off of you guys and maybe in return I will find a few pointers for other members or future members. Note: If this is not the place for this type of discussion, please erase my post. I will understand. Thanks, Doug Brons

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