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  2. yuck !!! These kinds of people make my blood boil. That being said he fits the majority of the common sector out there.. We have been and probably always will be looked down on , as the guy that couldn't make it so he settled on being a mechanic , an easy mindless job... I turn purple in the face daily at work trying to explain to people about diagnostic charges and why I don't go off of others diagnostics and why I don't like to use their parts.. The funny thing is most honest good mechanics live a basic life where most dentists live a lavish life , hmmm go figure
  3. very true, but now you see even more of the ones you would not expect like the older women with a emissions fail in hand with the code on it or the parts store print out , saying they know what is wrong and hand you the paper and ask how much to fix it, when I tell them there will be a diagnostic charge, then I can tell them how much, they get angry and start saying things like " fine you don't want my business I will go somewhere else " or " your trying to rip me off I already know the problem it is here on the print out " I can go on and on but I won't LOL.. I am getting to the point where
  4. Now a days with YouTube, google and the parts houses it’s not just the geeks it’s just about everyone 🤪
  5. LOL , you could probably twist this story just a little bit and it could apply to a lot of mechanics out there LOL !
  6. don't forget they even give you the "buy and try" list for free !
  7. Well said Frank! " but can't you just plug that thing in under the dash that tells you what is wrong?"
  8. HAha, this thread will continue on and on.. Easy said 110% a diagnostic charge needs to be charged, the diagnostics is the hard part of the job a set price to start is how we do it. Customers are told there is a set charge and it will be adjusted depending on what is found more added if more time is needed and some taken off if it is a simple easy find such as something left unplugged etc. If you have to question it next time you go to the doctor ask him or her if you can just pay for the medication given and not the x rays, bloodwork, ct scan or any other tests done, see the answer you ge
  9. LOL , just like the dreaded check engine light you diagnosed and fixed last year ! lol... If the customers only knew the monitor and checks these sophisticated machines they drive around actually go through and the amazing number of things that can set this light off , they themselves may come to the conclusion they may have another problem , not the same problem.. There only seems to be two lights that resonate to the average operator. One the dreaded tire pressure light and the second that funny little thing that looks like a gas pump LOL !!!! 😜
  10. HAHA ! come on now, the customer is always right LOL
  11. Very on point Joe, Where I work we actually had the opposite happen. Our service writer has been ill in and out of hospital for months now and now at the point where there is a 99.9% chance he won't return. I have taken over his roll on top of my mechanical duties so making less money since I am commissioned. HeThe owner came up to me yesterday morning after he got there about 10:30 I start at 8 . He asked me if we were working tomorrow the 4th . I told he we have never worked the 4th , he has owned the station about 4 years now. I have been there almost 27 years . He said we have every year ,
  12. yes they are more interested in attendance than training... A sad state of affairs, money money money .. I could go on and on ranting about this kind of stuff but will spare everyone
  13. reality and the magic of TV, got to love it. All this plays into our customers as well. TV, internet all have a slightly negative effect on our customers. Like the guy that brings his car in that needs a simple starter installed. You quote him book time and he or she replies " how much ?! " I saw a video on the internet took the guy like 5 minutes it is easy " my reply is them is, why are you here then? Some of those reality shows are good some not so much. I get the feeling that if you were to put a majority of those guys out in the field they would fail big time. A lot of " Master mechanic

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