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  1. yes they are more interested in attendance than training... A sad state of affairs, money money money .. I could go on and on ranting about this kind of stuff but will spare everyone
  2. reality and the magic of TV, got to love it. All this plays into our customers as well. TV, internet all have a slightly negative effect on our customers. Like the guy that brings his car in that needs a simple starter installed. You quote him book time and he or she replies " how much ?! " I saw a video on the internet took the guy like 5 minutes it is easy " my reply is them is, why are you here then? Some of those reality shows are good some not so much. I get the feeling that if you were to put a majority of those guys out in the field they would fail big time. A lot of " Master mechanic" or " Master builder" self proclaimed and the later one, is there really such a title? LOL
  3. Well said Joe, I have been through a few owner's, most have has the same type of attitude as this, but a few including the current one are quick to attack or push when things are slow. When things are going great though you never hear a peep no thanks no appreciation at all , but a bad week or stretch of time and you hear about it on a constant basis even if in a common well known slow period.. It is as if they forgot about year past where the same thing happened. Morale is something missing from a lot of shops I am sure.. I think that the morale of the shops starts and stops with it's leadership ! Happy comfortable employees will be more willing to work hard than ones with a chip on their shoulders.
  4. yes sorry didn't mean to get off topic... I can only give my $.02 be very honest about who you are looking for and your business. Be realistic with your expectations of them and what you want from them and yourself. Don't give in and fluff an ad to get someone. I have seen many people find "greener grass" from reading an ad and then be very upset when either the employee or employer didn't' meet the expectations . Then you are looking again.
  5. A good example of how the electrical age is very helpful as well as hurtful, But honestly those comments are not very far off base are they? I have been at it for over 27 years and can't say I make but a few pennies more than I did 15 years ago.. Of course a major problem is the pay , cars have become way more technical and takes a very dedicated well trained person to diagnose, fix, and confirm the repair. That brings us to the schooling which from what I have heard from many sources that it is still basically the same as when I went to school a long time ago. Of course it is not totally the owners faults , it is the schooling, the people ( willingness to put in a lot of hard work and learning) , the industry , and the general public. It was stigmatized as a job for the "losers" and "rip offs" we know that is not true , but that stigma has not changed why pay "losers" and " rip offs" good money ? The way I see it is this industry is like any other, It booms and it crashes, We are defiantly in a crash period and have been for a long time and it is only going to get worse before it gets better. There are a lot of things that need to change in every aspect from schooling, the industry , and the public. That is a huge feat to change all this and it will take a very long time once it starts, but I don't think it will start till the "shit hits the fan" and that will be when the industry is at rock bottom and techs can't be found.. The only silver lining to this is that the ones in the field and are good will benefit since they will be more sought out and be able to make a better living for themselves.. Years ago I use to make money working on cars and was able to put money away and save, now I pay bills that is all ! The cost of living has gone way, way up over the last 10-15 years but our pay has only crept up. How do entice someone into an industry like that? I know I would not do it again knowing what I know now, but that being said I will not give up and I will continue to be the best I can and keep learning all the new stuff the industry throws at me.. If I never get the financial reward at least I will have the pride in knowing I was the best I could be at what I did ! Put simply there needs to be a HIGHER STANDARD across the board in every aspect of this business !
  6. seems like a daily thing now a days... I had one leave a car hanging on the lift after two days called them asked if they had decided what they were going to do , of course they needed more time so I told them they had till noon tomorrow if I had no answer I would get a tow truck to get it off my lift and I would have it dumped in their driveway . ( of course I wouldn't do that since I wanted the money for the work already done) With in two minutes of me telling them that I had the approval for the job to be completed LOL.
  7. Great article , Great points. One problem is as the cars get harder and harder to fix we buy more and more expensive equipment to fix them. Isn't it funny how the guys that can fix them are the poorest and the ones that BS their way through drive the nice cars, go on long vacations, and eat out all the time .. oh yea and make youtube videos LOL.. 🤔
  8. skm

    Price Negotiations

    I am the same way , I am very firm on pricing . I may however if badgered enough drop say 5% off of the parts mark up, but i am a firm believer in standing firm on the price. The reason being I believe in what I am selling you . You get what you pay for if you give in on pricing, in my mind it shows a weakness in what you think of your business , standing firm shows you believe in what you are selling.. When it all boils down most good people are looking for HONESTY even if they have to pay a few bucks more for it..
  9. hmmmm maybe time to find a new job 🤔😂... very good article ! Definitely applies to the new students as well as a lot of seasoned guys and gals .
  10. good story so true.. With the good long time customers the diagnostics fee is never an issue, but with the new arrivals from 90% - 95% you still get the "why do I have to pay for diagnostics I can get that done free at the parts store" (when pertaining to check engine lights) ... That being said you still find some places that are a little overboard.. Had a little old lady (one of my good customers) who's husband died a couple of years back , I always dealt with the husband, but she now has no option but deal with me LOL.. anyway she was going to go out of town just for a night but she has a 300 mile drive and wanted to make sure her car was good to go.. she was a little afraid since her check engine light had come on .. So it being a newer toyota she went to the dealer for the lifetime oil change and the check engine light.. then she came to me with the results since she didn't have the time to fix it and wanted to know if it was okay to drive the car, they said it would need more testing.. so I looked at here paperwork, p0442 (small evap leak) diagnostic charge 180.00 bucks, will need smoke test 156.00 customer declines any further diagnostics at this time.. I said well small leaks can be hard to find but sometimes it is a simple as a loose gas cap sure enough I took a look her gas cap was just set in place.. tightened it cleared codes and sent her on her way.. no charge . I understand sometimes more diagnostics are needed , but if you are charging 180 bucks at least do the basic diagnostics before trying to get an extra 156 bucks..
  11. Frank, lol just the last week I had a older Jetta , the shock (yes one on this car) was bad . Kinda worked in reverse pulling the hood shut and it was a heavy hood.. I propped it up with a pry bar as I replaced the evap solenoid my stupidity I put the makeshift pry bar on the same side I was working. As I pulled on the vacuum line to release it from the solenoid it popped off, my elbow hit the pry bar the hood hit my temple .. I could hardly chew food it hurt so bad was painful for a couple of days.. Even the experienced make dumb mistakes.. Nobody is perfect LOL 😜
  12. LOL so ture ! Then there is always that hood with a nice bend in it , humped up higher than the fender a bend going 6" to a foot towards the middle of the hood, where someone , maybe an old timer reached up and grabbed the hood to slam it shut without removing the prop .
  13. I had one like that the other day, the customer brought their own oil as he was filling out the ticket I asked him to write on the ticket "Has own oil and filter". I didn't take much notice handed the ticket to the Lube tech and he proceeded to change the oil in the car. When the guy came to pick the car up he was furious that we didn't use his oil. I retrieved his hard copy from the trash can by the computer where the tickets are printed and he had written "synthetic oil" no mention of his own oil.. I asked the tech if he used synthetic he showed me 4 empty bottles of 5w20 mobile one. The customer had the gallon jug of 5w20 mobile one. I tried to explain it was the exact same thing but he didn't believe me because of the size of the bottles. LOL.. To end anymore conflict I put his car back on the lift and drained the oil in the car into an oil jug, replaced the filter with his own and poured 4.5 qrts back in his car . Handed him the half quart left in his gallon jug and sent him on his way .. He was very happy as he left .. I don't think I would of ever been able to make him believe me that the quarts we have are the same as the jug he has..
  14. 😂 So true and funny !!!! I am sure those pocket screwdrivers are best friends with those 10mm sockets, they are just as evasive 🤔