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  1. Have you contacted lift companies such as Hunter, Rotary, to see if they have any options? Alignments should be done on a drive-on rack. I don't think a drive on scissor lift takes up more space than a conventional above ground. Good luck, and I like your thinking. In house alignments are more productive, reduces over-head costs and keeps the quality under your control.
  2. Do customers really have clear expectations when they arrive at your shop? Think about it. Who is responsible for setting clear expectations? Consumers may have a preconceived idea about what to expect, but when it comes down to what or who sets the expectation, it's the shop's responsibility. Great customer service is created by the shop and its people. The consumer will judge that experience, but they don't create it, you do. We may think that the consumer will tell us what they expect from us. I think it's the opposite. Henry Ford once said: “If I had asked people what
  3. I agree. All too often diag testing fees are not adequate enough for the time, the training and the equipment needed in today's world.
  4. Me too! It's time. We really need to get back to normal. The mental health of the country is important too.
  5. Great question! I asked about that, and my rep is finding out about nitrogen testing. It was illegal, but that may have changed. I have a call out to him. But, I did not buy the nitrogen set up, yet.
  6. Robinare, and the price is 7k, plus there is a warranty through Robinare that my rep strongly advises to purchase.
  7. I am a big supporter of technology, but technology will never take the place of good old fashion customer service, that one-on-one relationship what we build with our customers.
  8. I just made the decsion and ordered a Y1234 machine. We have only see an handful of Y1234 jobs so far, but I do believe that once we have the machine, we will increase our opportunity. Plus, one of jobs we just turned away was 2015 Dodge Pick up. I was shocked to find it had Y1234! There is no right or wrong decsion, sometimes you go by your gut, move forward and make it work.
  9. The main thing is that you are pushing forward, and not sitting on your hands. Try things, monitor and measure, make adjustments and keep pushing forward! Great strategies!
  10. I had the same thing happen to me. I had my web/IT company figured it out. It took a few days. GMB is important, get it straighten out. Sorry to hear this. But it does happen. GOOD LUCK!
  11. I don't think shops should consider other shops in their market area when setting prices. In addition, while overheard costs may differ from shop to shop, that should not be the only thing that is considered when setting labor and part margins. Yes, a shop with a low overhead is different from a shop that has just invested in new equipment and added 3 bays. However, a job is worth what a job is worth. And that may mean that the shop with the lower overhead has an advantage and will make more money as compared to a shop with a higher overhead. But just because a shop has low overhead,
  12. In the 4 decades as a shop owner, my number one way to have a smooth running shop is to surround yourself with the right people. I am interested in hearing from other shop owners. What's your opinion on how to run a smooth running operation?
  13. Thanks Frank, sorry I took so long to reply. I really appreciate it. Hope all is well in the land of sun and heat!
  14. Here's a tip I preach at the Elite Fly with the Eagles Marketing course: Study your competition in your local area, know everything about, learn what they do in your community, learn about their advertising strategy and marketing strategy, find what their strengths are, and find out what they do special for their customers. Ok...once that is done, here is what you do: Ready? Don't do anything that your competition does! That's right, in order to stand out, be different. Don't mimic what your completion does. Tell YOUR story and build a marketing and advertising strategy based
  15. Got your attention? Please read on... In case you were hibernating the last year and half, you had to notice all the increases around you. From food, gas, utilities, taxes, insurance, etc., etc., etc. Not to mention all the training and tool investment we must make from now on, to remain in the business. I have been preaching this for decades: As an industry we don't charge enough, especially when it comes to labor. While there are ways to increase labor dollars, for example: becoming more productive, making sure that we charge for complex testing and driveability; Base labor r
  16. The biggest issue with our industry is the inconsistency with pricing and labor charges. And not just around the country; even in local areas. After 41 years as a shop owner I will stand by my conviction that we have not charged enough and we have ALL suffered because of it. I do see changes on the horizon, but not enough shops are willing to charge what they are worth. I met an A rated Diesel Tech through a friend of mine, working on trucks in New York. His rate of pay: $45.00 per hour. GOOD FOR HIM! By the way: Shop's Labor rate: $199.99 per hour.
  17. There are so many sides to this, and you make great points. I think that in time, when we all learn the truth, we will be surprised and hopefully move in a better direction.
  18. 100% agree. I am very active on Google My Business. The best reason to utilize GMB? It's Google! Does anyone need another reason?
  19. After a slow January and multiple snow storms in Feb, 2021 is beginning to shape up and gaining traction. Being less than an hour north of NYC has its challenges, but all the pent up demand is greatly improving business. The roads are packed, so people are driving. My prediction? A very good rest of 2021!
  20. Thanks Bob! I really appreciate the feedback. And, I may be calling you too.
  21. I saw a quick demo on Openbay's Otis, an interactive chat program that works with your website. Does anyone use this feature, or know about it? Here is a link: https://solutions.openbay.com/
  22. Don't make the mistake that so many business owners make; thinking that once they hire someone, their job is over. In reality, your job BEGINS when you hire someone. Make sure that all your new hires and current employees are taken care of. Get them the training they need, help to map out their future, mentor them, coach them, let them know how much you appreciate them. Have meetings and reviews. We talk so much these days about recruiting people and that it's hard to find people. What about doing all you can to make sure your existing employees don't leave?

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