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  1. Wanted to share these two videos to help auto repair shop owners fix their car count. Enjoy! Don't forget to Like, Share and Subscribe! Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer"
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    Hello from Nashville, TN

    Welcome thecarcarecenterinc! Good to meet you here! Look forward to being able to help you any way we can! Hope this helps! Matthew "The Car Count Fixer" Join the discussion on YouTube where I share Tips, Tricks and Hacks to Grow Your Car Count, Income and Profit!
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    NEW from NE

    Welcome DannyFSA! Great to meet you! You did the "20 questions" thing, so I'll do my best. How's that? 1)with a wife and two Kids would you leave a good job to chase your dream? That's a difficult one - and really - only you can answer. The one thing that I can assure you is that you've got to have some BALANCE. Just like good music - it's good because of the "breaks" in between. 2) What is your google star ranking? What's yours? Ha! That's one thing you MUST work on - get more (as many) customer review as you can. 3) do you do SEM / SEO? Another tuff question. In so many cases, shop owners I work with don't (typically) have a lot of success with actively marketing (like Google Adwords) Seems the cost is just so hard to recover. But the good news is you can do it without these high costs if you can figure out how to Stand out in Your Market - well, without wearing a chicken suit, right? 4) any other advise? Lots! Start with being sure you maintain your BIGGEST ASSET - Your Customer List. Without customers - you've got NOTHING! They are your biggest asset. Then join me on YouTube where I share tips, tricks and hacks to grow your car count, income and profits! Hope this helps! Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer"
  6. JustTheBest

    New Shop Owner

    Welcome! I guess you liked the company so much you bought it, huh? Best of luck and just "chime in" any time you've got a question. Hope this helps! Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer" Join me and join the conversation at Car Count Hackers on YouTube
  7. JustTheBest

    Hi Y'all...from the Volunteer State!

    Welcome! I agree that you've got to do a lot of research - but more important than that is to develop a plan. Nobody PLANS to fail - they just FAIL to PLAN! The only problem is that so many people plan, and plan, and plan - trying to make it perfect. The truth is - no plan is perfect. Set out your overall goals and get started. The biggest obstacle to SUCCESS is PERFECTION! Best of luck with your venture - hope this helps! Matthew "The Car Count Fixer" Join the conversation on YouTube where I share tips, tricks and hacks about Growing Your Car Count, Income & Profits!
  8. JustTheBest

    New shop start up.

    Hi statrepair I can't steer you well on the size of your shop because I've not had my own shop for a while - but I CAN address your question, "what is the general thought on being some what specialized?" First of all, I totally agree with other comments. As an example, gandgautorepair said "...but I'd work on everything. I also found out from experience starting a new shop that when you position yourself as a specialty that becomes your image in more minds than you would ever think, and ends up limiting you later when you really do want to? work on everything." I agree. But the one important thing is, NOBODY have a crystal ball. Here's what you should know and do. 1) When you specialize, you can charge higher prices. After all, you're "The Specialist". 2) I've done a video about this - How to Stand Out in Your Market. In short, when you drill down on a particular niche, you stand to win. You can see that video here: 3) You can easily TEST this. You can create simple OFFER CARDS or BUSINESS CARDS with different "Titles" for you, the owner. You said "I’m master certified with Kia and Hyundai as well as hybrid certified." So (as an example) a title to focus on Kia could be "Certified Master Kia Tech - All the service without dealer pricing"... or something like that. You can do the same for Hyundai and Hybrid too. 4) Create BRAND SPECIFIC OFFERS. I talk about that here in this video: As an example, you could do "KIA OWNERS ONLY"... or "HUYNDAI OWNERS ONLY". Printing is cheap. You can do this on your own computer (really cheap - but effective) when you use these printable business cards. They work with Laser or Ink Jet - and this way you can make different offers - and then test! Hope this helps! Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer" Join the conversation today on YouTube at Car Count Hackers!
  9. What if I could show you a weird hack that will help you get more customers to say "YES" to your quote. Interested? The best part is you can start to use this hack TODAY! Watch this short video: Don't forget to tell me what you liked most about this weird hack! I read every comment! Hope this helps! Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer"
  10. Just one simple rule you need to keep in mind. I explain it all in this short video Hope this helps! Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer"
  11. Inspired by the "Refrigerator Repair Gone Sideways"... I posted this video about customer service. Hope it helps! I welcome your comments! Hope this helps! Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer"
  12. JustTheBest

    Bead blaster

    Got it! Sorry about that. My brain was stuck in those days! (Feel like an idiot) :/ Matthew
  13. Joe, I agree with you 100%! I'm actually surprised you made THAT MANY CALLS! But one thing I'd like to add is the fact it's not just the person on the phone - it's the FIRST 59 SECONDS. Really! We host countless website for auto repair shops, and always use a tracking phone number (so the shop owner knows what phone calls are generated from the site). But what we see that's interesting is that an overwhelming number of INBOUND calls to our repair shop clients are UNDER 60 SECONDS. So as much as I agree with having the right person on the phone - I believe you have to go even further - because in so many cases, you've got less than a minute to make that (all too important) first impression. Hope this helps! Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer" Join me on YouTube at Car Count Hackers or just Google #CarCountHackers
  14. JustTheBest

    Bead blaster

    Hi Rick! I can't speak to the specific ones you're talking about, but I've had a lot of experience with bead blasting in my "shop" days. What I can tell you is that it's not as much about the equipment as it is about the medium you're using. As an example, glass bead will give you a "polishing" effect on metal, while using more aggressive oxides (aluminum oxide I believe) is really aggressive on rust. I would (at least) talk to somebody who knows more about the medium you're using - but it will make a big difference to the job it does. After all, blasters are really nothing more than air pressure pushing stuff - and that stuff is the medium you use. Hope this helps! Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer" Join me on YouTube at #carcounthackers
  15. Yes, that's right. You CAN steal customers... ethically and easily. I explain it all in this short video! Hope this helps! Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer"