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  1. You're right! It's NOT 1995! Getting the typical customer in the door 3 times a year can be a struggle - never mind 5 or 6! But with that said, it always was and still is about car count. Call it cars - call it customers - you need the "churn". Without actually having customers, you've got nothing to measure. Your entire post was a look at "what's going on" in your shop. Sure, you may be seeing a change in ARO - but because you've got the business, you've got something to compare to. That's why I was a little puzzled (by a recent post you made) about changing all the marketing you were doing - or eliminating some of it. I agree, we're in the middle of a pandemic and nobody has a playbook as to how this is going to work out - or what to do. Maybe this post should have been What are YOUR numbers? My issue always was that recession, depression or new competitors - you've got to keep up the grind. Not saying that you don't make changes - but you've got to stay in touch. Then - the key - which is what you've already proven is- you're got to track it. You're watching your numbers. At least you have the details and information to make good decisions. I can't tell you the shop owners I talk to that can't tell me their ARO, how many "real" customers in their database (no, the 9,000 people are just names and addresses) - or even access their customer list to do mailing or anything. So you can argue cars or customers. It doesn't matter - It's all about MEASURING. Unless you're MEASURING what you're doing - where things are going - and making decisions on the numbers, cars, customers or covid doesn't matter. Running a repair shop isn't a "what I feel like doing" type of business, but I still get surprised! Hope this helps! Matthew "The Car Count Fixer" P.S.: Join the conversation at YouTube at Car Count Hackers
  2. Welcome! Thought it would be a good conversation to understand how your shop is doing through the COVID-19 pandemic. Thought the best way to get a grip on it all would be to get your response to these 3 questions. 1- How was your shop doing in early March - pre-pandemic? Were your numbers better, worse or about the same as last year. 2- What’s the biggest challenge you faced when the pandemic spread? 3- What’s your forecast for your shop moving forward? Is business getting better? About the same - like nothing has happened? Or are you struggling to get customers through the door? Look forward to hearing your BEFORE-DURING-AND AFTER to understand where the industry is at. Hope this generates a better “picture” of what’s going on. Matthew “The Car Count Fixer” P.S.: Join my on YouTube at Car Count Hackers Grabbed this shot of a crazy 68 Camaro (with wild Mickey Thompsons!) at a car show last week! Thought I would share it to help you remember "where we came from!" - Enjoy!
  3. I agree 100%! Masks are a pain; they're uncomfortable; they make my sunglasses fog up; and they're a real pain in the heat! Then I stop and think - how uncomfortable would it be to be on a respirator? Hope this helps! Matthew "The Car Count Fixer" P.S.: Join me live on chat as I premiere this video - This TOTALLY NEW and NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE! (No, I'm not selling anything!)
  4. Joe, funny you say that. Just as an aside... I really don't think you ELIMINATED expenses as much as re-assigned them. Most shop owners forget about the little things like the follow up - and it really does help! In fact, I still get comments about a strategy I've been teaching for years - and that's just using simple "thank you" cards (no, not "billboard" type postcards that are nothing more than shameless advertising - I mean simple (cheap) thank you cards. This video continues to get view and comments! In addition, shop owners have had a lot of success just telling people what to expect when they visit! I know, YOU know you're open - but do your customer? Here's a simple way to remove the confusion before they visit! Matthew "The Car Count Fixer" P.S.: Join me on Monday when I Premier this VIDEO - This is BRAND NEW
  5. Hey, thanks for stopping by. Join me Monday, July 20th as I premier this video - How to Make Your Offers IRRESISTIBLE! I'll be live on the chat to answer any questions! See you there! Matthew "The Car Count Fixer"
  6. Can you really get the car count you need in the middle of a COVID-19 LOCKDOWN? I wanted to share exactly what one shop owner did. I include the exact email he sent me that details HIS NUMBERS - and then show you exactly what he did - and even how much it cost him. Let me know if you have any questions. Hope this helps! Matthew “The Car Count Fixer” P.S.: Get 100% FREE & UNLIMITED ACCESS to your own Private Text Number on the GO-MO Dashboard!
  7. Here's 14 Secrets that virtually guarantee car count - in ANY Economy! Hope this helps! Matthew "The Car Count Fixer"
  8. With all due respect, I think we'll be lucky if this only goes on for two more weeks. From what I'm hearing from various sources is that it could easily go on until the end of June... and some say that's in a "best case scenario". I said it before, but if you're the type of shop owner that complained about buying fire insurance and are now trying to get insurance while your house is on fire, you may not survive the new economy. (Sorry to rain on anyone's parade, but right now, there isn't any sugar to make the medicine go down easier). ;-/ Hope this helps! Matthew "The Car Count Fixer" P.S.: Join me on this brand new training - How to Protect Your Repair Shop and Prosper
  9. Agreed! The issue that I'm seeing more and more of is best wrapped up by saying that are so many shop owners "trying to buy fire insurance when the house is on fire!" Really?!? At no other time would you want to be a month too early then a day too late! In so many that I talk with, they're (almost) too late. With that said, it's not about getting car count today. Sure, there are repairs out there that need to be completed - and there's safe ways to make that happen. But the reality is that it's about maintaining the car count you've had so it comes back to you when this blows over. Right now, it's about communicating with customers. Yes, tell them you're open (if you are) and the steps you're taking to make it safe. Remember, those car owners have busy lives that are interrupted. But they still need to get out to get groceries, medications and other things. It's time the repair shop market step up to the plate and communicate with their customers. And for a majority of shops who haven't looked at their customer list for years... thinking that they're all customers (not just names, ha!) they could find themselves being a day to late. I just released this brand new training about 3 things shop owners need to do right now to not only protect their business, but prosper in the future.... because if you haven't noticed, we ARE in a new economy. Hope this helps! Matthew "The Car Count Fixer"
  10. Thanks for stopping by! Obviously we’re entering a new economy. At no other time have we witnessed wide sweeping changes to how we do business; what’s expected of us; how customers respond and what we need to do. I released this brand new training to show you three things you can do right now. Shop owners who have done at least one of the strategies I explain in the training, have already got results booking appointments. You’re welcome to grab a pad and pen and copy any of the details to help you. Hope this helps Matthew “The Car Count Fixer”
  11. ... and if you are remaining open - communicate that with your customers! Above that, tell them what you're doing - tell them the steps you're taking to make it safe for them. Yes, this will pass. But the problem is you need to communicate this message now! If you're looking for what to say, I just released a video that details what Car Count Hackers are doing - and they're getting calls and thanks and return text messages too! Oh, some are even booking appointments - because let's face it - the virus doesn't know when your car is due for service! Hope this helps! Matthew "The Car Count FIxer" P.S.: Join me on YouTube at Car Count Hackers! FREE Help to grow your Car Count, Income and Profit! P.P.S.: Like and Follow Car Count Hackers on Facebook P.P.P.S: Start texting your customers TOMORROW - GET A FREE 7 DAY TRIAL NOW!
  12. Hi DUFRESNES and all! You're 100% correct! What's important is that you actually took the steps to reach out and contact customers! Your response is pretty much the same as my group of car count hackers experienced when they did this. I detail it all in this video and you're welcome to grab a pad and pen and copy down the notice used. If you're a shop owner and you're not using text messaging, you can start tomorrow! We're offering a 100% totally FREE 7 DAY TRIAL on the GO-MO TEXT PLATFORM NOW! (Note the site still says 14 day trial - but because we've been overwhelmed with requests, we've been forced to shorten it to a 7 day trial - but it's 100% FREE!) Hope this helps! Matthew "The Car Count FIxer" P.S.: Join me on YouTube at Car Count Hackers! FREE Help to grow your Car Count, Income and Profit! P.P.S.: ** FREE DOWNLOAD - My Kick-Butt Offers P.P.P.S.: Start TEXTING TOMORROW for FREE 7 DAY TRIAL
  13. Agreed Joe. The most important part is communication. Get in touch with your customer. Let them know you are thinking about them. Let them know you care. And yes, (if you are) let them know you're open and available for them. My group of car count hackers have all reached out and have gone as far as telling customer what they're doing. I detailed it all in this video, and you're welcome to take notes and use the exact wording that I detail in the video. Stay safe. Keep calm. We ARE in this together! Hope this helps! Matthew "The Car Count Fixer"
  14. We're in strange times. I've published this video in hopes to help shop owners in these difficult times Matthew "The Car Count Fixer:
  15. Joe, I agree with your comments 100%. For most, it's the FEAR that's driving them to make decisions that don't make sense. They PANIC. Now, the drop in business is real, but like most others, it's a bump in the road. If we all simply rely on the hard facts (like WHO information) and stay away from all the FEAR and PANIC, we'll do fine. I posted about this too with the best advice I've got. You can read that here: Thanks again for your calm sensible approach and comments. Matthew "The Car Count Fixer"

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