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  1. JustTheBest

    Community Outreach

    Nice job! You're 100% right about supporting your community. But you can get more "mileage" out of it when you get photos and use the best one in your waiting area. Don't assume every person who comes to visit you knows about your community support. Want to take it one step further? Add a short video and post it on your facebook page. Shoot a simple iPhone video... let customers and potential customer get to know YOU. People do business with people - not companies! Overall, nice work! Matthew "The Car Count Fixer" Join the Conversation at Car Count Hackers on YouTube
  2. How can it be true that an independent auto repair shop almost doubles the price of their oil change service without raising their shop rates, parts pricing or adding any more costs? I know, sounds crazy, but we've done it. I am releasing the information shortly - but this short video explains it all. There isn't anything to buy - no sneaky sales pitch - nothing. It's just about how we used a new tactic to present our oil change prices. All the details are being released next week - so you'll want to subscribe (that's FREE TOO!) so you won't miss a thing! Hope this helps! Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer" Join the Conversation on YouTube at Car Count Hackers!
  3. Hi Pete K! About your site at http://www.prospeedautoworks.com/. I always start with a screen shot off my phone... I have to tell you that it's not very good. You can't read it on your phone because it's not mobile optimized. That's the BIGGEST ISSUE. Remember, Google claims that 84% of your customers are going to find you on MOBILE FIRST! This could also be a HUGE SEO Issue. When Google "went mobile" and put all the focus on that, they didn't stop including your site in search... but it's probably been pushed way down (like page 10!!) because of this issue. Remember, Google is about THEIR USER EXPERIENCE. Sending a mobile user to your site wouldn't be very good - so they don't do that. That's probably a huge part of your SEO issues. Also, nowhere in your title do you include a GEO LOCATION. When I checked, your title was: PRO-SPEED - Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Classic Cars, Resto-mods, Customs, Performance First problem, nobody searches by your COMPANY NAME. They don't know you yet. Secondly, (like I said) no GEO location. Consider something like... Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Classic Cars, Resto-mods, Customs, Performance Chantilly, Virginia, 20151 Then be sure to add SCHEMA DATA. In short, Schema is a language that all search (Google, Bing, Yahoo) agreed upon to help search bots understand WHAT YOUR SITE is all about. You can read all about Schema here (https://schema.org/), but in short, it's giving the search engines a clearer understanding of what your site is all about. Above that, there's a bunch of little things like using <h1>, <h2> tags, alt tags and even your meta description. Your current meta description is: PRO-SPEED Autoworks, LLC performs auto and truck restoration, custom modifications, performance upgrades, rust repair, metal repair, fabrication, paint and body work, performance tuning, engine upgrades, suspension upgrades. We secialize in hot rods, classic cars and resto-mods. PRO-SPEED AutoWorks is located in Chantilly, VA - US Says a lot- and probably too much. I also noticed that when I search your company, Google serves up your video (slide show) first. But there's now sound. Even a simple "voice over" with a little royalty free music would be better. I know video can be a little overwhelming - but you've already got what it takes to do it! YOUR PHONE! I made a short video about using customer reviews on your facebook page - talking about shooting video - but it applies to ANY VIDEO that you can do with a phone. On top of that, you have a huge opportunity to add short videos to your YouTube channel as a way to attract more customers. Simple before and after video would be a great place to start. Just explain the problem and show the solution. I know this is getting a little long... but I hope it helps! If you need any other tips or help, just let me know. You can message me on this forum! Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer" Join the conversation on YouTube at Car Count Hackers
  4. Hi autobodyguys! I took a look at your site on my phone - Yes, images are important, but what about a number for a tow truck? You may want to consider making that image a little smaller (in height) so more "buttons" appear. The buttons also seem a little large. It's important to remember what people are looking for when they visit. In other words, look at it from the point of the customer. People want to see your number and location (yes, you've got that) but would people need a tow truck? Just asking. A clickable link to call a tow may help. Also, a quick link to your reviews. Remember, you've got to "sell" your company right off the rip! Hope that helps! Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer" Join me at Car Count Hackers on YouTube
  5. JustTheBest

    Auto shop owner new forum topics

    Sorry you feel that way.
  6. JustTheBest

    Workshop for service writer training?

    Victor! Great article! As far as I'm concerned you hit the nail on the head! A couple of things you said I think are really important. You talked about how the customer "feels" and what most don't realize is that a customer will often forget what you tell them - but will NEVER forget how you made them FEEL! I've been trying to drive this point home (the issue of Trust) because of a recent AAA Report claiming that 2 out of 3 US Drivers DON'T TRUST THEIR AUTO REPAIR SHOP! The good news - a whopping 22% of drivers are totally satisfied! Ha! The other issue you mentioned (and I agree with - but I think you'll take a little heat on") is your last statement about "persuasion". Yup! There's strategies you can use to persuade - NOT MANIPULATE - but just persuade. I'm willing to bet there's 100's - if not 1'000's of guys and gals that will dump on that idea saying that it's being "sneaky". But I'm sure you know that the fact is that, we're all wired the same. In a lot of cases, we all react the same in similar circumstances - and if you can control the situation, you can persuade people. Great article! Thanks for sharing. Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer" Get More Car Count, Income & Profits @ Car Count Hackers on YouTube
  7. JustTheBest

    Auto shop owner new forum topics

    Thought I would "chime-in" on this. I'm not vain enough to believe that the comments are just about my posts - however I have been posting regularly. I've taken a different direction in my business. Not taking on new clients at this time (thank you to each of my current clients) and decided to start a YouTube channel -CarCountHackers - to share the tips, tricks and strategies I use with my private clients. It's also an outlet to share questions I get from email subscribers and repair shop owners who contact me for help. If I've offended anyone - I'm sorry for the inconvenience. But just for the record - the videos are NOT about "Watch This - Buy That". In fact, the channel doesn't sell anything. Just free information about what I've been doing with shop owners over the last 20+ years - and you can get it all free - or not. It's up to you. Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer" Get More Car Count, Income & Profits at Car Count Hackers on YouTube
  8. JustTheBest

    Business management training

    flacvabeach, you said it all when you said "Even the best athletes have coaches to keep them focused and to sharpen their game". Get the training that's right for you! You won't be disappointed - well, unless you don't follow instruction. I'm not trying to be funny or pushy or anything like that - but being the best tech doesn't guarantee success in the business. If you ONLY concentrate on being the best tech, then it's a hobby. Good luck! Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer" Get More Car Count, Income and Profits - Join me on YouTube at Car Count Hackers!
  9. Yes, I was shocked - and you will be too! The most current report from AAA reveals critical information that YOU need to know. Hope this helps! Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer" Grow your Car Count, Income and Profits!
  10. Hi Everyone! Quick Question. When it comes to getting tips and tricks about growing your car count, income and profit, would you rather... 1) Watch a short video 2) Listen to a podcast Just curious! You may not know, but I recently started a YouTube Channel at Car Count Hackers. It's all about helping shop owners - regardless if you're a new shop, established shop or thinking of starting your own shop. I've been thinking of adding podcasts - just wanted to know what your thoughts are. Look forward to hearing your response! Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer" Grow your Car Count, Income and Profits - and it's FREE to subscribe! It's Like Shop Owners 911 Thanks for your response! Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer"
  11. Joe, I agree 100%... with the concept. In reality, there's 2 tactics at work here. #1 - DEMONSTRATE the problem. #2 - Build TRUST. The ONLY problem with any of the strategies is... you have to use THAT 4 LETTER WORD! It's WORK! Yup! It takes a little work - but the rewards are well worth it. In fact, I did a video about this one simple strategy - and every repair shop in the market already has the tools to do it! I know that with new or existing customers, you've GOT TO WORK on building TRUST! Sending video or simple pics does that. Sad to see that every shop owner ALREADY OWNS THE TOOLS THEY NEED... but they don't use them. :/ Hope this helps! Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer" Grow Your Car Count, Income and Profits!
  12. This video is by invitation only! Hope this helps! Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer" Grow your Car Count, Income and Profits at Car Count Hackers on YouTube!
  13. Yes, a little embarrassing, but it's better that I share these mistakes I made rather than you have to go through them. Hope this helps! I welcome your comments! Are you making any of these mistakes? Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer" Grow your Car Count, Income and Profits with Car Count Hackers on YouTube!
  14. JustTheBest

    Google Search - What Happened?

    Yes Charlie! Online is a moving target. But when I look back over 18 years of web development, hosting and running several websites that sell information and other products, it seems that you really have to stay true to the basics. That's a word nobody wants to hear - basics. Everyone wants the "advanced" stuff. It's like chasing that shiny new object! The thrill is in the chase - and when you get there - it's always the same. Go back to basics. Alex nailed it several times. "Google business listings are extremely important and not only having a business listing, but having positive reviews which will push your listing up" Have clients with a ton or reviews - but you have to take the time to respond to them. Then link back to your website or landing page. Speaking of landing pages, I've tested and used multiple landing pages with one each for specific services. As an example, Brake Service YOUR CITY, Check Engine Light YOUR CITY, Air Conditioning YOUR CITY. No matter how good the algo's get, it's really hard to do SEO on ONE HOME PAGE for a bunch of different services. So when you create multiple "dynamic" home pages, you're optimizing a landing page for each type of service. I know, costs more - but it works. Most web designers are too lazy to do it. :/ Alex also said "you need up-to-date business listings (hours, phone, text, holidays, reviews, pictures, products,. services, specials,, etc.), positive reviews from all sources" Yeah... so simple! So basic. Hmmmm... maybe those basics really do work, huh? (Sorry, being sarcastic!) Yes, I agree 100%. Web isn't sticking up one 4 page website and expecting results. The other thing Alex said was even more helpful - "Positive online reviews are a big driver of traffic these days for small businesses." Yup! 100% But most shop owners just THINK those reviews happen all by themselves. They don't. You have to be pro-active and get them. Hope this helps! Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer" Grow your Car Count, Income and Profits with Car Count Hackers on YouTube
  15. Hey Pete! I've heard of ASA but was never a member, I am NOT trying to dump on them or any other "Non-Profit" but that's really just a business model. Heck, even charities need money, right? From what I do know about them is they help the industry with respect to government and standards. If you're looking for help in getting more customers, it's probably not the place that's going to help you the most. I don't know what their current membership is - so I can't speak to that. Can I ask - what is it you're looking for?? Business training? Car Count? How to information?? Just wondering. Would appreciate hearing back from you. Hope this helps! Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer" Want to Grow your Car Count, Income and Profits? Car Count Hackers is on YouTube!