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  1. Google automotive technician job and your zip code and Indeed is the first website that probably displays........
  2. I think it really depends on which company has full integration with the shop management software you are using. If the digital inspection does not have full integration with the shop management software, you will lose out on a lot of functionality.
  3. We use Mitchel SMS. We switched over from All Data Manage. So far so good for us, crossing our fingers we don't have some of the bad luck that others have stated above.....
  4. Don't do it. We made that mistake when we first opened and it is extremely hard to source replacement parts when you need them.
  5. Bolt On does not integrate well with All Data Manage. We had All Data Manage as our SMS when we initially started with Bolt On and a lot of the funcitionality was missing that was available for Mitchell ManagerSE. We ended up switching our SMS software to Mitchel ManagerSE and it works much better. mspec, why did you choose to go with Autoserve1 intead of staying with Bolt On?
  6. Thanks for the reply Harry. In that scenario you just mentioned, what do you charge the customer to "check it out"? Is that service complimentary? Do you charge for "checking it out" if the customer declines the service once you have told him what he/she needs to fix the issue?
  7. Thanks for the replies Joe and Harry. To answer Joe's questions: The vehicle was a new vehicle with low mileage. The customer suspected that it might be covered under warranty and wanted to take it to the dealer to verify. It was a first time customer who had no previous work history with our shop. The job was sold with the assumption that it was the bulb but upon further investigation by the technician, the socket had been damaged due to rain intrusion. We charged for the bulb service labor but did not charge for the part/bulb itself as this would not have resolved the customer's
  8. Your technician performs an oil change or state inspection and finds a side marker light bulb out. The CSA gets approval from the customer to replace the bulb. The technician performs the labor to gain access to the bulb. The technician finds that water intrusion has caused damage to the socket. The CSA notifies the customer but the customer declines the service. Do still charge for the labor portion of the originally approved bulb service as this was already performed but the bulb was not replaced? Do you not charge anything at all because the issue was not resolved?
  9. Interested to see what brands of conventional / semi synthetic / full synthetic oil shops are selling to customers? Do you think the average customer cares or has a preference for brand? Do you think as long as it meets the vehicle specifications the customer doesn't really care what brand of motor oil is being put in their vehicle? We are currently using Mobil products and they are so much more expensive than other products such as Cam 2. Thoughts?
  10. It doesn't allow me to download any of the forms? Do we need special access to download the forms?
  11. Do your technicians ever NOT get to 40 hours? If so, do you provide a minimum?
  12. We were planning on running a campaign through Google Adwords. Has anyone done this before? Good/Bad?
  13. For your mix, is this correct: Base Salary = $800 + Production Bonus - How is this calculated? Is it based on if the technician turns a certain number of hours or is it based on efficiency on the hours that the turned? Do you add the base salary with the production bonus?

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