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  1. The waiting customer is inevitable. This is why I limit scheduling waiting customers to only 2 per day and only AM appointments.
  2. Even if you win, be careful. This happened to me once. I won. Then a couple of months later I received a letter from AMEX stating that I didn't respond to a second challenge and because of that they were finding in favor of the customer. GRRRRR.
  3. I use a large red stamp that advises the vehicle is unsafe to drive. It also has a place for the customer to sign on. I make the customer sign both his copy and my copy. I also make it clear why it is unsafe about 3 or 4 different ways on the invoice and I time stamp the RO with the time of the advisory call. Or like Gonzo says, no charge, rip up the RO, push it out onto the curb and forget any knowledge of the vehicles existence!
  4. We have one central stereo system that is connected to Sonos. It has more than 10,000 songs in it. Plus it utilizes music sites like Pandora Radio. People can pick and chose throughout the day. Its a system that works well here. At another shop I worked at the was only one radio and we tuned into radio stations. The radio stations were picked during our monthly meetings.
  5. The other day I listened to a fellow service writer talking to a customer about the A/C inspections we did for him. He explained the process of evacuating and recharging and that we injected dye into the system. The system held vacuum and we didn't find a leak that day. He then told the customer to make an appointment for us to take a second look at the A/C system, to find the leak. However he told the customer to make that appointment after the system goes warm. After the customer left I asked him why he made the "When the system goes warm" recommendation because, I have always recommend
  6. For us here is Wisconsin we were contractually obligated to start diagnosis within one hour and we had to give a 10% discount on labor only. So not only did I have to put my full paying customers on hold but, I had to do so at a discount! On top of that, we were often made out as the bad guys when we got surprise tow ins. There was no way we were going to be able to service them in a timely fashion. This is another reason we kicked the AAA program.
  7. We recently dropped the AAA program. They wanted us to give them all of our customers email addresses to perform regular CSI reviews. We have always told our customers that the email addresses are for internal usage only.
  8. I worked Saturdays and Sundays for a long time at a previous shop. One of the reasons I left was because of the weekend hours. The weekends are for the family and families of my employees.
  9. ARO, Average Repair Order, Parts and labor G.P. Gross Profit
  10. Both are still in place. Situations like this always seem to bring the best out in people! Growing up I was always taught to fess up when you make a mistake. (Within reason. Lets not get that righteous) The thought behind it is that "The truth shall set you free" I'm starting to think that is a bunch of Bravo Sierra. The customer has the right to be upset but, weeks later?
  11. I failed to mention that the emissions tests are free to the customer and we only get paid 2.00 ea. HAHAHAHA!!!!!
  12. Within the last year we started to do State emissions testing. We had this woman come in for a test and she asked if we could please check and adjust her tire pressures. After the employee did the emissions test he took the vehicle to a technicians work area to check the tires. When backing out he bumped a pole, damaging the bumper cover, creasing it in the rounded corner. I did the right thing, I told her about it. Even though the bumper was in poor condition to begin with. I had her take it to a reputable body shop that we work with. She got her estimate, I offered cash or to pay the bod
  13. Joe, What constitutes a comeback that is reflected on the report card? Is it any car that returns for an issue with the same system that was just repaired? How long between customer pick up and returning vehicle?
  14. The way I handle these in the beginning is much like the most of you. Scan, inspect and research. After the first half hour if it isn't real apparent, I will call the customer with the things that I do know and give a few options. One of which is having the technician drive the car home for a few days with testing equipment. This works sometimes but, most of the time I explain how difficult it is to diagnose intermittent problems and that if they want us to continue they can open their wallets or just drive the car until the problem is worse. I also tell them that if they can pin down the sequ

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