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Do yourselves a favor and NEVER sign up with Mitchell

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I absolutely can't stand that company. They are the leader in the market (auto repair shop management software) and arguably the biggest company however move at a snail's pace when it comes to making any sort of productivity or efficiency changes. They know they have a lock on their subscribers so they are just milking the cows for all they are worth. Even through that annoyance the most annoying thing is their billing department. I have heard horror stories from others but from my experience they are absolutely garbage. I had a QB integrator on the account that I had tried to cancel multiple times. I kept on getting billed for it even though it showed in their records that I had cancelled months prior. 

I can't wait to move on from these turds.


/end rant

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    • By spenceauto
      Just wondering if I was the only fool who signed up for Mitchell 1 at $149 per month, only to realize that this was an "introductory" offer for 6 months and the price then jumps to $219 monthly. My sales person didn't make this clear at the time I signed the contract. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience.
    • By FNGJWS
      Anyone have any experience with the new Mitchell 1st Mile program? Looks intriguing.
    • By UsedTireShop
      Is anyone using Mitchell CRM with success? I am not sure if I am getting any ROI.
      I also dislike the reporting and I hate that I can not read the recommended emails that they send to customers.
      Any input would be appreciated.
    • By UsedTireShop
      If anyone else has an issue with the limited notes field please tell them. If they receive enough complaints they will fix this. PLEASE help by contacting Mitchell at Toll Free 888.724.6742
      Here is my issue:
      I believe I got this idea from this forum somewhere. I like to be able to say the words "No Cost" over the phone to a customer with an issue. So I offer a free initial diagnostic. This is when my tech will spend 1 to 10 minutes looking at the customer's concern. Once the tech does this task he comes back to the Service Writer with a request for the proper diagnostic time. The Service Writer then sells the required time for diagnostics. The problem is Mitchell limits the note field and we can not add the proper lines and spaces needed. My work order for the tech should look like this:
      Customer concerns:

      Step by Step - What have you tested and what are the results of the tests?:

      What will happen if the customer doesn’t repair this problem?:

      Potential other problems once this is repaired?:

      What will fix it?:

      Parts list:

      Estimated time to repair:

    • By mmotley
      I'm looking for feedback on Mitchell's Social CRM service and open to other CRM services (other than Kukui). I'm currently with another CRM company and so far I am not that impressed. They are doing a good job, however, I am not seeing a ROI that outweighs the cost. So I am looking for a possible replacement and Mitchell was the first to catch my eye.
      Things I am looking for -
      1. Website design
      2. Social media management (Facebook and Google+, mainly)
      3. Customer reviews
      4. Email campaigns
      4. Optional - online advertising (Google/adwords, bing, yahoo, etc).
      Mitchell gave me an online demonstration of their social CRM program today, however, it felt like they were almost seeing how fast they could go through the presentation. Thus, I'm looking for actual customer feedback or recommendations of other companies who offer similar services.
      Any and all feedback, suggestions, ideas, tips, tricks, and recommendations are appreciated.
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