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  1. I actually get pretty good pricing on Oreilly's batteries. I always check the retail website and resell them for that price, plus install labor.
  2. In this town we have: Oreilly Autozone Napa Auto Plus Parts Plus (which just got converted to a CarQuest I see, I don't really buy there either). And Advance. I have no major issue with Advance in general - I just can't stand the commercial manager here. There's WAY too many options to deal with his condescending bs attitude. Even so, I do 15-20% of my business with Oreilly and the other 80% of my business with Worldpac. I just wish they'd get better about deliveries. IMC won't deliver here either, as much as I'm trying to convince them they should.
  3. Jiffy Lube

    I call them 'Iffy Lube'. Had one in Saratoga Springs, NY across from the Ford/Mazda/Subaru dealership I worked at. At least once a month we'd be doing a motor, trans or front diff that they ruined.
  4. Damn. I've had great luck with Advance batteries in the past. However, I've been using O'reilly batteries in customer cars for about the past year without issue so far. Really only because I refuse to buy from the Advance in this town.
  5. Taking checks

    I also am very selective about who I take checks from. Only people I know personally, or are good regular customers already.
  6. Tire Road hazard

    What about the Road Hazard coverage from some of the parts stores programs, like O'Reilly's 'Certified' program?
  7. I forget the name of it, but what about the software thats offered by Identifix?
  8. Worldpac pricing fluctuations?

    Price matching isn't the problem, they're more than willing to. I shouldn't have to call constantly for every item though - if so, whats the point of SpeedDial? I think a lot of people responding are missing the point of the OP as well. I've started tracking (with screenshots) the pricing of some items that I suspect will fluctuate in this manner. I know some items that have done this to me, but of course I have no proof. When I have better evidence, I'll post it as fact.
  9. Wow, I wish I could get a flat rate for batteries that cheap. The nearest Pep Boys to me is too far away to get anything from.
  10. This is one I'm curious to see more feedback on as well. As a general rule, before opening my business I had VERY good luck with Advance batteries in my personal vehicles. Since opening my business, I've seen nothing but trouble with the Duralast batteries from Autozone, and thus far no issues with the Oreilly's batteries.
  11. Sometimes. Depends on what it is, and what they have available. When they have known-brands, like KoyoRad etc, I jump on them because they're far cheaper than what I can get anywhere else. I shop value, not price and have yet to have an issue with anything from 1-800-Radiator. Except a radiator for a 1992 Buick Century that was simply the wrong part for the car. They took it back no questions asked.
  12. Worldpac pricing fluctuations?

    Maybe or maybe not, but have you monitored the price of items you buy and watched their prices go up less than a week after you bought them, on a regular basis? Their prices are fluctuating a lot, on a LOT of items. Not everything, but something is going on. Your statement makes me believe you've never really monitored your worldpac prices.
  13. Does anybody notice that as soona s you buy something from Worldpac, the price on that items seems to go up a bit? I'm starting to notice the trend, and it's annoying. Had this happen on a particular coolant I use often in particular. It was typically $14-$16/gallon, then jumped to $20. Called my rep, he 'let' me buy 3 cases @ $16/gallon, and said the price was going up. Next time I looked in SpeedDial, the price was back down to around $16 again. What gives? How can I combat this?
  14. I ended up hiring somebody on a personal recommendation from my CPA. $75/hr, thus far she went and cleaned up my first year and a half for just under $1k. Planning to start looking at stuff quarterly, should only take her a couple hours.
  15. As a fairly new shop (almost 2 years open) that isn't trying to be a bottom feeder, we charge a flat $100 diag fee (assuming it's not something thats going to take half a day or more, like ripping the interior out of a car to find a short or a water leak etc - then the customer gets a phone call explaining that we need more diag time, or we put the car back together and they pick it up.), with the caveat that if we do the repairs, then we waive the diag fee. The entire purpose, in my mind, is to avoid diagnosing cars for people that have no intentions in having us repair the vehicle. I don't want to diag cars for other people to fix, even if we get paid the diag time only. I want to fix cars. And being a small 2-bay shop, people wasting our time is infinitely more valuable than a bit of diag.