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  1. Agreed! We actually had a better than average summer. My wife and I were just speaking about all the major brick and mortar stores that are just closing their doors. Very scary, for long term economy. Agree with being very financially secured. As usual the strong and smart will survive.
  2. I have been with BayMaster since it was a DOS program!!! Amazing support, has stayed current with integration, texting, emails and postcard marketing. Wish they had better tutorials on their advanced features but I know that they are working on it! Great team, especially Tina!
  3. We've been doing this for a couple of years now. We take a quick video with sound, 30 seconds or less, with a smart phone and email it to the customer through a dedicated business email . The customers can respond right through the email or call us back. We find it helpful in selling front end work, leaks and under car, things that customers can't readily see. Digital technology makes things easy and also lends professionalism to what we do.

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