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  1. PAPShop


  2. We had a situation like this. We filed a counter claim in small claims court. The judge requested that all parties try to come to an agreement before he will hear the case. We came to an agreement, and found that some of the case was based on misinformation between the husband and wife, and some was just misunderstanding of vehicles. We shook hands in the end and both parties felt the agreement was fair. Good Luck
  3. We pay for their time at the class and for the class, but not drive time. Training is taken into consideration when it is time for reviews and raises.
  4. We do a basic combination of what is discussed above. No one is on flat rate. hourly and a percentage of hours billed. General auto repair is billed out at book time and techs know what the job should take on book time. On performance, there is no book time on performance jobs, however, after 10 years of business there is a knowledge base of how long it should take, and milking the time clock will not be tolerated. Right now we h ave a group of go-getters and they were happy when the "clock watcher" was let go. They are currently on a high after completing a restoration job, and they can'
  5. We were promised the rainbow when switching to Mitchell. We were very specific and some areas we had questions about and were told that they could handle that aspect of what we were looking for. The guy that came to install the software was a joke. Knew nothing about computers or how to use the software. After 2 months of getting information transferred from Quickbooks to get ready to go live..... we jumped in both feet and went live. Ha. 2 weeks later I quit and walked out of the shop. (I'm the owner's wife and bookkeeper and resident IT person). I was told over and over by tech suppor
  6. She's not a guard dog - just a mascot. And of course her name is Shelby after the man, not the car. Goes home with us at night since the police and fire station are both right over the river next to us. I scoop her poop, and have to vacuum and sweep the hair constantly. We even have customers that stop by just to give her treats. She has her own bed in the back office.
  7. We do have a high female customer percentage for our general automotive repair. (The performance side, not so much.) Here are a few things we have worked on to gain and keep our ladies as customers. 1. Our waiting area is female friendly, AND VERY CLEAN. Our restroom is VERY CLEAN. 2. Our service writer is very respectful and does not talk down to the customer. He jokes that he will treat her like his daughter/sister/mother/aunt/grandmother. He makes sure she understands the what and why of the repairs. He will also prioritize if there is a laundry list of repairs. The most
  8. We have been advertising for an experienced tech in our second shop for 6 months and have only had very few applications. They have either come from the local tech school or they got their experience working on friends cars, and they look like they crawled out from under the car and forgot to shower or put on clean clothes.
  9. We have a tech school for auto repair in our town.... it is just a three blocks down the road. The "instructor" only teaches computer diagnostics and electronic repairs. In his opinion that is all that cars are now. Our owner hired a kid from the school that was the top of the class. 1. He stared at a transmission for 45 minutes to figure out what tools he needed to remove it. THEN 2. He didn't know lefty loosey, righty tighty. He was gone by the end of the day. The kids coming in for interviews think they deserve top dollar pay with no experience. Their instructors tell them
  10. I like the one xrac chose, however there was one that the wrench came in sideways like an e, HOWEVER I also do not like the cursive font on that logo. Use the font for essential in the logo with the wrench and piston in that choice and it would work better. Essential should be a simple font.
  11. Being from Minnesota, Caribou Caribou blend from the Keurig with cream and sugar......HOWEVER Tim Hortons just opened up 3 blocks from the shop, so Saturday mornings its an XL double double with two crullers.
  12. RX10, we've had it for about 4 years. We have a second set of ramps that we use so we can do low profile cars.
  13. We have a Hunter scissor lift. Besides alignments and the repairs related to them, we do oil changes on the lift and we do inspections on it. In a pinch we've done brakes also. I would think that monkeying with the stands would create inefficientcy in the shop, as opposed to drive on - drive off situation.
  14. Wanted to share this: We just remodeled our store area and made a customer friendly waiting area. The one change from the picture is we put a picture frame up with our logo, our catch phrase "Setting a new standard in service" and that we are family owned since 2007. The picture that is shown is a picture from about 1959-1960. It is the "original Brainerd car club" and has 4 cars and their owners standing next to their car. One of the guys in the picture is the shop owner's dad, one of the other guys is a local car "legend" and one guy still owns the car in the picture, he lives

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