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  1. 3PuttFever


    I received a great price on uniforms, custom floor mats, shop rags, and a bathroom freshener that's a lifesaver! Five year term, all they would do because the 'National' pricing we get as part of a franchise group. So far so good. I grew tired of the inconsistent look of having my team do their own laundry and the costs of buying uniforms really wasn't saving me that much money or time.
  2. There's a generational difference today between many of us and the new candidate pool. I challenge myself to remember Joe Marconi's words - look at the positive, get in the right frame of mind, and we will get to our destination. Finding the money to pay a Tech a good living is hard but possible. Wish I had answers that could help us but I don't. I will add that I buy the guys lunch on Saturdays and coffee/donuts once a week. I probably spend about $200 to $300 a month on them and it helps. I also pay for training and have an online University available for them for all the CBT they can stomach.
  3. 3PuttFever

    Tire prices

    Good stuff, Jhamrick. My tire business is about 10% of my service mix. If I get too much higher it cuts into my overall margin too much. When I have competitors guaranteeing lowest price, Fleet Farm, Sam's, Discount Tire, Walmart, and Big O within a few miles of my shop I just don't try to fight to the bottom of the price barrel. I explain to those that will listen that our service is superior, benefits and ease of doing business with us great, convenience stellar, but most calls and drop-ins are looking for price first. My good customers see the value and we convert some. Do you know if what Sam's and Discount Tire sell are the same tires as what we buy? Someone here alluded to the specs being less than but I can't imagine the Bridgestone making a diluted product to help the box store business model make more money. I assume they just buy so much they can negotiate great pricing AND they strategically take losses or less margin on tires to sell more profitable product.
  4. 3PuttFever

    New Employees Needed

    One of the most successful shop owners I've met gave me a basic template idea. He states what he wants, what he can provide, and how much an A, B, or C level Tech can make if they're good. He pays to move their tool chest in and will pay to have it moved out wherever it needs to go after 6 months if the Tech isn't happy. He'll pay them a healthy sign-on bonus, half on their first day and the other half after 3 months. He clearly writes no drunks, no drugs, no excuses. It works for him and it has worked for me.
  5. 3PuttFever

    Tire prices

    Not really interested in spending money on standing inventory, even at a good deal, hoping someone comes in matching the need OR marketing to sell my tires I bought. We can't compete with the box stores. I'm not sure if the big tire outlets have tires with the same names and different specs but I suppose they could. Rarely but on occasion, I find a tire buyer who claims their priced tires were less than what I can buy them for to which I advise - go get them. When they're installed, come see me for the alignment and rotation if you want them to last and don't want to wait. I raised my tire prices to reflect what they're worth to MY business and I've reduced my tires to a manageable number. Less headaches, better margin. If I've had a 100 phone callers for tire prices this year guess how many end up buying here?
  6. 3PuttFever

    Price Negotiations

    An interesting topic for sure. I used to work in Information Technology and the negotiations with people from India could be exhausting. With some I would learn to start above where we needed to be to get there and with others they'd expect something beyond what was even possible. On busy days I'd tell someone 'I get you want the price you want for your services but this is what the customer can pay. Do you want to accept this project work or wait for something better? Usually, they'd call back or find a way to make it work yet would continually ask if we could give them more...Sames as car industry - certain people enjoy the negotiation. I typically work in blanket discounts for nearly everyone so that when they ask I tell them I've already accounted for that discount of $50, see? and show them the invoice. With others who bring in online coupons after the sale has been agreed upon we will make it work for them. Rarely do we have an issue.
  7. 3PuttFever

    Shop management programs

    I found several programs out there several of my peers hadn't heard of. I've used only two here and the one I'm on now is robust, versatile, and gives angles to look at Tech performance, sales performance, inventory, and much more. The most recent add ins have been tire registration, CarFax integration, and digital inspections.
  8. 3PuttFever

    Shop management programs

    Call Janco for their product StockTrac. I love it and after two years I'm still finding ways to benefit my business.
  9. 3PuttFever

    Customer Financing

    @pam Pam, don't allow HighHorseAloha to bother you. Customer's brought cars to us for repairing an issue. If they can't afford it they can make the determination to not fix, finance, or replace the vehicle. Too many contextual issues don't get discussed here. This is a general forum.
  10. 3PuttFever

    Customer Financing

    Synchrony is good but they need a high enough credit score to qualify. I direct them to Acima for financing if their credit is suspect. It reads like a lease plan, think furniture/bed financing but for automotive services. Customer takes care of the application, it gets loaded into your portal, and you process everything through them. There are a couple of tricky nuances to the process but they're great to work with when you need help.
  11. 3PuttFever


    Interesting piece. They do get lumped together negatively at times.
  12. I think those of us with smaller staffs and 5 to 6 bay shops doing $4m with 8 employees sounds out there. My goal is half that with 5 employees. It's going to take a bit to get there but I'm focused on car count, ROA, and maintenance sales. Doing 10 oil changes per day ain't going to cut it.
  13. 3PuttFever

    Anyone have a repair plate ?

    I have maybe two cars in my shop a year without license plates on them - meaning 99% of my in-shop vehicles are registered to the owners. I couldn't justify $5k on that little prospect of business. Do you take in that many unregistered vehicles?
  14. 3PuttFever

    Google Reviews

    I appreciate the advice. There is some merit to taking the high road. Very difficult to ignore bad reviews when the people are intending to cause my business family harm. My nature is to take care of all my customers. A few customers treat us as beneath them or as if we're cheating them. When they go to online review sites and exaggerate or mislead people with half-truths or lies you bet I'm going to defend myself. And no, I'm not doing something for free for a bad customer just to see if I can earn their business. If that works for you great but this is a flat out struggle to be profitable. Not one of my vendors feels sorry for me. Not one of any business I frequent do I get anything for free. If a customer isn't willing to pay for my expertise and service then they AREN"T a customer. I also don't believe giving away something for free will result in referrals other than 'they do this for free'. To each their own and results vary, right? There's a distinct pattern of the complainers and decliners and I'm getting better every day in recognizing how and what I need to do to be successful.
  15. 3PuttFever

    Google Reviews

    I've lost sleep over people's lies and words online. Late last year I heard a religious speaker on my radio when driving home talking about how there will ALWAYS be some people against me. As long as I know I'm doing honest work and my best I can't let the negative people bring me down. I've decided that I'm not going to battle people on Google or Facebook any longer. If we screwed up we own it and fix it. If we didn't we work with them and find as close to a win/win as possible. If they ONLY want to damage my business reputation I will apologize for their negative experience, briefly mention that I don't see it the same way, but I'd be happy to work with you in-person to resolve. They NEVER call or return to resolve because ALL they wanted to do was to let everyone know how unhappy they are.