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  1. Most doctors'/dentists' offices in my area do not charge for missed appointments unless its a habit and you don't call first. But calling to reschedule even the day of usually does not result in a charge. Likewise, you make a haircut appointment and don't make it, do you have to pay for the one you missed before you can make another one? It's frustrating but it happens and we have to live with it. With that said, I had one customer who claimed she only trusted me, wouldn't go anywhere else and had to have me work on her car. She was lazy and a flake. She claimed medical issue
  2. I always wonder why people are so eager to sacrifice so much for the new and shiny. I acknowledge that we have little privacy anymore. But it is exactly this attitude of ANYTHING for that shiny new bauble or "cheaper" option. But with cloud systems you do NOT own the data, you create it and the cloud server company owns it and licenses you access to it. the server owner has the legal right to mine any data on their servers anytime they want for any reason they want and use/sell it anyway they want. large data centers are a far bigger target for DNS or ransom attacks tha
  3. I looked into Tabs AutoFluent a couple years ago and was highly impressed. I even signed up and bought the data conversion service. However I would not use the system or "play around" with their demo database until my data was converted and I could use my own data. The two could not be merged. So a week from the expiration of my trial period I was told my data still wasn't being worked on to be converted. I gave them an ultimatum, either extend my trial period starting on the date my data was delivered to me to use in their system or refund my money. They refunded my money. I was disapp
  4. Or, the merchant could just be upfront and tell the customer that using a credit card will incur a 3% surcharge. Then the merchant would actually be saving the customer money and putting $1462.50 into their pocket for every $50,000 in credit card charges. Something for the merchants to keep in mind is the reason why you charge them 1% + 25¢ for debit cards is because you are limited by law as to how much you can charge debit card transactions. So the merchant will make up what you can't charge the customer.
  5. I don't really know what heading to put this under, but I see this as a marketing advantage. I am the first shop in my area to have a no-charge loaner car program, but now I am one of two. So it's really a marketing advantage, so here I am, posting under Advertising and Promotions. I am in the process of replacing my loaner car. I would like real world advice from my fellow techs and shop owners. We all have our preferences and we all see certain vehicles in our shops more than others. Shop A might see very few imports while Shop B might see a mix. So Shop B could have more i
  6. I like a lot of what you wrote. From the way you structured your scenario that I replied to, it sounded like you did all that work and then handed them the bill. I couldn't figure out at what points you contacted the customer for additional approval. For my misunderstanding I apologize, but I NEVER intended any disrespect. I agree that documentation and explanation are key. My best customer is the educated customer. Not college or higher learning, but the one who is aware of what I have done, what needs to be done and why it needs to be done to achieve their objective of a saf
  7. @CAR_AutoReports With all due respect can I ask how you can run the clock and then hand them the bill? I am not saying you are doing anything wrong or shouldn't do as you do, I like how you do it. But do you just have the customer sign a blank check or do you have them approve a couple hours and then have them approve more time as needed? Here in Michigan we have to have a signed work order authorizing a certain amount and if we exceed that amount we must have verified approval of an additional amount. Unlike a plumber or carpenter or doctor we can't just do the work, hand the bill and
  8. I have always wanted to ask this customer, "And did they fix the problem? If so why are you here?" Because you know that the shop either did NOT waive the fee or they didn't fix the problem or they don't want to deal with this customer any longer. I have also wanted to ask the customer who asks me if I do "Free Inspections" if they are willing to work at their job and not get paid for it. If you think about it, the customer is really our boss, on an average day we will have 2 or 3 or 5 "bosses". What they are telling us here is that they want us to do work for them for free.
  9. Not being a smart-A, but can you give an example of how you think we add value to the brake job so we can charge more? If the dealer is offering OE pads and rotors, it's not in the quality of the part, because the customer still sees OE as higher quality, just more expensive. We can't offer it necessarily on warranty, because the dealer offers a warranty too. So just what do you think that we add to the equation that the dealer does not? I know my customers prefer my shop over the dealers or national chains because of the personal relationship. They are dealing with the owner a
  10. @GENUINE - I work with JustTheBest and I can tell you that he knows what he is talking about, but I also know that you are 100% correct. Good customers are not everywhere, some places do have too much low-ball competition and there simply are not enough good customers to go around in some areas. You presented your REAL WORLD facts and JustTheBest presented fancy buzzwords but you are both right. For example, on the point of Henry Ford, his words were correct, but he operated a business on a far grander scale than most of us will ever achieve. And that gave him great opportunities that we w
  11. @dfrisby I agree 100%. In your situation, with this customer, I probably would have done exactly the same.
  12. @dfrisby You can always find a reason to install customer supplied parts and examples of how it works out. But in the end, it is nothing but a problem. What if this customer, after you installed the hood release cable and then quoted the other work, he asked to buy those parts and have you install them too? Where does it end? When I first opened I thought I would win customers by agreeing to install their parts the first time. I can't remember the only customer who converted from parts supplied to parts buyer. With that said, I will install certain parts for certain customers,
  13. I used to stock Interstate batteries. NAPA tried soliciting my business with a free battery rack with a 10 circuit maintainer if I changed. Because I had been very happy with Interstate batteries I declined. But not a month later warranties started coming back. Within 2 months I had replaced no less than 10 Interstate batteries that were less than 3 years old, most were around 2 years old. My final straw with Interstate was when the route driver told me that only one of the batteries was actually faulty, that two just weren't charged fully. I knew that was B.S. First their branded batte
  14. @[email protected] - Make sure your battery tester has a printer. It seems so stupid but I have found that customers are far more likely to believe a piece of paper than they will their trusted auto repair professional. I have a like my Midtronics MDX-350P (printer). I bought a Snap-On (Midtronics) tester with a better, more graphic printout but I can't remember the model number.
  15. I use AllData Manage Elite local installation (NO cloud based anything) and it will integrate with two of the three major local parts sources I use (NEVER AutoZone) but recently it stopped allowing me to do electronic ordering. I can look up parts, add to the invoice and check stock but it returns an error when I try to order. However my main parts catalog is NAPA ProLink. It is the hands down BEST online catalog and has been the benchmark for years. I do have to manually transfer prices, part numbers and description but splitting the screen to have both Manage and ProLink side by side mak

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