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  1. I have been using a time clock for 35 to 40 years and would never be without it. My original clock required me to add up the hours at the end of the week. This old clock was replaced +/- 15 years ago with a time clock that totals the hours after every in/out entry. My employees like it because they are paid for every minute they are punched in for and they can see their total hours worked whenever they want. Bottom line - The employee that arrives to work on time and does not abuse lunch time will love it. The employee who is always late, takes extended lunch time and leaves early will hate it. I prefer to cater to the punctual worker that conforms to our lunch schedule. I also have my techs punch in and out for every job so I can keep track of billable hours more efficiently.
  2. I have a three bay gas/service station that I own with my brother for 45 years. Either myself or my brother or both of us are there at work every day. We are fortunate to have two great techs that have each been with us for over 35 years. They both respect our rules and style of work and in turn we appreciate and respect them. My day is split between being in the office and being out in the shop working with my techs, sometimes side by side on the same job or by myself in the next bay. I guess the best, most direct answer to how I monitor internet use is this: I am there handing them the brake pads for their next job, I am there opening the bay door on a cold day, I am there in the shop seeing a 24” monitor being used for shop related reference, nothing more, nothing less. If I was an absentee owner I would no doubt be somewhat out of touch and monitoring texting and internet use would not be my only worry or concern.
  3. Texting and random non-buisiness related internet searching is not allowed except during lunch and break. Occasional cell phone use (in coming and out going) is allowed and has not been abused. All of the above can get quickly out of hand unless strict guidelines are established and consistently enforced. This means that owners and managers need to follow the same restrictions. “What is good for the folks is good for the people”. If all of America eliminated all non-work related cell phone/internet use our overall productivity would increase dramatically.
  4. My problem with Advance is as follows: CarQuest was a great supplier with good parts, good pricing, knowledgeable staff and a clear indication that we, the professional repair industry, came before the errant walk in customer off the street. Advance partially took that away since their acquisition of CQ. I still deal with CQ but it is not the same and I feel that I am in bed with the enemy. Advance wants and needs all of us but still caters to the general public. Their pricing appears good when looking at profit margin until you take the time to compare and find out that they inflate both the cost and list prices above and beyond dealer pricing in many cases. My area is flooded with Advance radio spots touting free code checking, free electrical system testing, free battery installs and free wiper blade installation. Advance is no longer my supplier but instead they have knowingingly taken on the role of becoming my competition. When my competition offers free services and sells parts to walk in customers at or near my cost it becomes a major concern. Do yourself a favor and spend time reviewing and comparing cost and list pricing. To all of you guys that are Interstate dealers (include me in that list) - the radio spots offering free install of Interstate batteries at or near our cost is right around the corner.
  5. Refusing to deal with Advance is a path that I think is justified howether it is getting more and more difficult. All of the NAPA stores in my area changed to CarQuest which in effect is Advance. This news concerning Interstate is very unfortunate. Depending how this shakes out I will probably be looking for another source for batteries.
  6. Tire rotations & brake checks

    $30.00 to $36.00 depending on with or without TPMS. If vehicle has TPMS but does not require interaction post rotation then $30.00. If vehicle has TPMS and requires TPMS scan tool, on board reset procedure or road test then $36.00. Brake inspection is $40.00 and fee is waived if vehicle needs brakes and we do the work that same day.
  7. Taking checks

    Problems with checks were more common years ago when checks were more common. We still accept checks from customers that we know and because of that restriction we have not had a problem for many years. The expectations of the general public for us to accept a check has diminished over the years due to the overwhelming prevalence of credit cards.
  8. I have been using BayMaster shop management software for over six years and I only have good things to say about them. Their support staff is excellent, the program more than meets my needs and it is affordable. They are very receptive to our needs and will listen to suggestions or ideas and implement changes when possible. From my expieriance Mitchell would never take the time to review a suggestion or make a change based on my input. I do use Mitchell Pro Demand information system which for the most part is very good. Over the years I have sent Mitchell numerous messages from within their own program concerning observed mistakes in Pro Demand information or with questions concerning Pro Demand content but they NEVER respond. It is for that reason that I have always been happy that I chose BayMaster over Mitchell for shop management.
  9. Hello from Indiana

    Welcome to the family!
  10. I posted this on Wednesday and CIMS called me Friday with an apology and my log in credentials. I registered some tires Friday afternoon using CIMS and it was great, reduced entry time by more than 50% and all entries are retained for future reference.
  11. We submit all DOT registration information to the manufacturers via the internet for all tires that we sell rather than leave it up to our customers. Presently my wife goes to each manufacturers reporting site and enters all the required information. Some manufacturers have terrible sites that fail to indicate if the submission was successful or not. Does anyone use a central submission company like CIMS for DOT registration? I completed the CIMS on-line application form but they fail to call me back with required log in information. I have called them numerous times but still nothing. Are there any other central submission companies that I could contact?
  12. Almost two years ago I suffered a traumatic injury to my left leg in the Atlantic Ocean which required surgery, screws, plates and continued physical therapy to this day. Minimizing or eliminating the pain meds is a great improvement and a milestone which I can relate to. The pills helped me with the pain but they also made me very depressed which for me was harder to deal with than the pain. I found that the recovery phase was like taking one step forward and all too often a half to a full step backwards which can be very frustrating. A good friend of mine told me to write down all the things I wanted to be able to do and revisit the list in 3 or 4 weeks to judge my progress. When I say "a list of things" I mean a realistic list of simple things such as being able to put on a pair of pants. It was very easy for me to identify and dwell on the things I was unable to do. I needed a reminder of the small progressive steps of improvements that occurs during the recovery process and this list provided that for me. Great to hear from you and I wish you continued progress towards recovery.

    Midtronics makes the Interstate tester. Midtronics also performs the repairs if required under a service agreement with Interstate. Any repairs that are required are done at N/C. Sounds like you should have sent your Interstate tester in for repair based on what you said. I forgot to mention that I also had a Snap-On Micro VAT previous to the Interstate/Midtronics tester. The Micro VAT worked well and printed test results similar to the Interstate. The Micro VAT did not have a bar code reader to ID the vehicle nor the ability to supply CCA specs or battery replacement part numbers. Repairs on the Micro VAT were expensive and the cable ends were continually failing. Getting the Interstate tester eliminated all problems.
  14. I know from experience that getting home and having a short walk in your yard after a stint in the hospital makes you feel so much better. I guess returning to normal is what we look forward to and what we respond to. Great to see that Gonzo returned home, surveyed his property and is clearly on the road to recovery.

    We used a Sun VAT40 (carbon pile tester) for years and it worked well but offered no test printout. About five years ago we added a tester that we got from Interstate Battery which is great and prints test results. If something happens to the tester or cables they repair or replace at N/C. The tester has a bar code reader so all you need to do is scan the VIN and the tester identifies the vehicle and supplies battery specs and Interstate battery replacement part number if battery test fails. I opted for the optional inductive amp clamp which is not required but beneficial. We still use the VAT40 on occasion but it is rare.