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  1. We are leasing a 5 bay shop in a beautiful area of a Florida retirement mecca. We fall under all sorts of local noise, color, sign, and architectural restrictions. Truthfully, the place is quite attractive. The bays doors face the main street and the office/waiting room faces a side street with public parking. We haven't opened yet but we already have customers stopping by to chat and ask questions every time the bays are open. The previous shop was one man show who did it all in the first bay. He kept the "front" door locked. Now it's on me to re-train the customers that they can't enter the shop, stand under the lifts, chat with the tech, smoke cigars, use the techs bathroom, or park use the street parking as long term boat/rv/limo storage. The insurance underwriter is wanting yellow plastic safety chains and red "do not enter" type signs. I don't really like that look. So what does everyone else do to prevent or discourage customers from just walking into your bays? Sent from my LGLS992 using Tapatalk