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  1. Techs and Specialty Tools

    That mkx axle seal can be ordered with or without the special tool. Right from Ford. You should take a look at the tsbs. Do you pay hourly or fr? If you’re paying fr, do you pay them to do it again when it comes back?
  2. Dealing with family & friends?

    Employees pay cost for parts and don't pay labor. But, they have to fix it themselves. After hours. They can fix their immediate family's ( people who live with them ) vehicles the same way. Everything else gets billed out normally. After they've spent 10k or so they get a 10% parts and labor discount. Same as fleets. After everyone gets their cut, I still want mine. We have a minimum charge 1/2 hour if you want a set of eyeballs. Usually we say Yep it's broken do you need a loaner car or a ride home?
  3. Credit cards

    We pay a flat 1.5 + .25 per swipe and 2.4 for keyed. Monthly fee is $20. Equipment is owned outright and was $75 shipped. Average is 1.5 to 1.8. We do key the occasional card. No contract. I have my money within 3 days. Integrates well with QuickBooks.
  4. What problems are you having? I've been using Mitchell as a tech for over a decade and as an owner for four. It works pretty good for my needs.