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  1. marentetteservice

    Techs and Specialty Tools

    That mkx axle seal can be ordered with or without the special tool. Right from Ford. You should take a look at the tsbs. Do you pay hourly or fr? If you’re paying fr, do you pay them to do it again when it comes back?
  2. marentetteservice

    Dealing with family & friends?

    Employees pay cost for parts and don't pay labor. But, they have to fix it themselves. After hours. They can fix their immediate family's ( people who live with them ) vehicles the same way. Everything else gets billed out normally. After they've spent 10k or so they get a 10% parts and labor discount. Same as fleets. After everyone gets their cut, I still want mine. We have a minimum charge 1/2 hour if you want a set of eyeballs. Usually we say Yep it's broken do you need a loaner car or a ride home?
  3. marentetteservice

    Credit cards

    We pay a flat 1.5 + .25 per swipe and 2.4 for keyed. Monthly fee is $20. Equipment is owned outright and was $75 shipped. Average is 1.5 to 1.8. We do key the occasional card. No contract. I have my money within 3 days. Integrates well with QuickBooks.
  4. What problems are you having? I've been using Mitchell as a tech for over a decade and as an owner for four. It works pretty good for my needs.