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  2. The new job is a local company that manufactures bucket lifts, man lifts, etc. Welding, installing hydraulics, wiring controls and the such. I am looking for a smaller shop closer to the house so I can still get my hands dirty. Been wanting to build a chop top low rider for a while, maybe a late sixties 2 door Electra 225, as well as a custom bike. I have a very loyal following that has told me they would work around my schedule if I would still maintain their vehicles. I will be "closing" Dec. 22 and start the new job Jan. 2. And like I stated before if it dont work out thru the probation period I will be back guns blazing!! I really stressed this...hated to close. Now I am stressing over what to do with all my equipment..lol. And Gonzo for what it's worth your heart attack was a factor in my decision. Got me really thinking about what I want outta life. Last 15 years I have run my shop and worried about everyone else...now ol dad is gonna take care of me and mine!
  3. Hello everyone from sunny south Florida. Been kinda busy and not checkin in as often. Just wanted to share with ya'all that I have been offered, and have taken, a job outside the automotive industry. I start Jan 2 and I will keep my shop till the probation period is over, and work it nights and weekends, just in case its not a good fit. Otherwise April 1 will be the close of Able Auto. I want to thank all the fiends I have made in here...your support and encouragement have truly made a difference. And if it dont work out i'll be back to pester ya'all some more. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN MY LIFE!!!
  4. I read this article. Most of their recommendations are made on mileage.
  5. Had a customer ask if I have that machine that would tell me whats wrong. I told them when i begins talking they can have it and their car..I am running!! LOL
  6. New cars require less service..yes I agree. But there are fewer shops with fewer techs and more cars on the road than ever before. And seems I read somewhere the avg. age of the car on the road today is over 11 years. That makes them a 2006 model? Yea those are needing something done. Just gotta get em in the door!!
  7. As a 1 man show hours are not the issue. But in my feeble mind we are a service industry. Why not make it easier for those who need us to use our services. Work week keeps folks busy. And my experience is no one wants to be without their car, let alone on a week day when they HAVE to go to work. Saturdays can be good if handled properly.
  8. I guess I am the odd man out. I used Alldata in the beginning. Received 2 "keys" for the computers. After the contract ran out I was told I had to return said keys. Then I was told I would be billed for a third key I never received. To this day they will still not resign me because of the missing key. On the other hand I have never had an issue with Mitchell that was not resolved. Shortly after beginning use of Back Office I was billed for install and such. Contacted them, and although it took a few months, it was rectified. My rep is on point and has always been able to answer any questions. Tech support can be a bit tedious but has always been able to fix any issues I had. I have attended their training seminars and they were very helpful. I also used Identifix for about a year. had an issue with a Chevy van. Called and paid for the tech help. Was advised to replace PCM. That didn't fix the issue. After several calls I gave up and replaced an ignition switch and that fixed the problem. Called them for reimbursement of the PCM per their guarantee and after several months was not reimbursed. Cancelled that subscription.
  9. I havee used Mitchell for over 10 years. The newest version with the scheduler caused a bit of grief. Otherwise I have no problems. Agree the add ons are pricey but they do help streamline things. Tech support has always been on point for me. I also have a very good relaionship with my rep who is always available.
  10. I have been at this as an independent now for 15+ years, in the trade over 25. I wanted to align myself with a "banner" program that would promote my business AND serve my customers. NAPA was priced out of my budget. federated worked ok till there was a warranty issue. After 2 years of not being paid to replace their sub quality parts I went with TECHNET (Carquest/Advance). I hate writing a check to advance but the program works well for me and my customers. Haven't had any problems to speak of with the quality, most still come in Carquest boxes. Rep is always available for any problems I have. Their delivery times and inventory are great. I get regular referrals from them because not everyone that thinks they are a DIY person can really handle the job. I feel to this point it has been a win win for all. Now am I a bad business owner for aligning myself with someone that will help me AND my clients...I dont think so.
  11. Good to see ya up and at em!! Cant keep a good man (or a really ornery one) down!!
  12. Be well old friend! And make sure the surgeons name isn't Sum Guy! 😲
  13. I'm with you X-Rac..that's my fav as well.
  14. My brother works for a large fertilizer company. Their front end loader (not John Deere) is leased. If it goes down for any reason they have to notify the maker and wait for a service truck to come out! he tells me that if they attempt any repairs what so ever it voids their lease agreement and can result in some huge penalties!
  15. Help..!!!...I have quit...closed..come back..re-opened...been at the bottom..sat on the top..had a broken femur...healed and came back!! All this with the help, support, encouragement, love, friendship of this forum!! I haven't been in the forums as much lately, been extremely busy! But I feel the support of the FRIENDS I have here has been the a huge POSITIVE factor in my business and my life! THANK YOU FRIENDS AND THANK YOU ASO!!

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