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  2. Thanks everyone! Appreciate the feedback. I signed up for Optimize Social Media late last week. I'm looking forward to seeing their work. Thanks again!!
  3. Can you share some more details about how you factor it in? Right now are tires are a flat markup. What is your markup like on tires and then how do you factor in the road hazard on top of that into the tire cost?
  4. We have been growing tire sales for the last few years and have considered offering in house road hazard warranty. For the shops offering road hazard was curious what your pricing model is and how your claim process works. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!
  5. For the shops out there using Facebook ads I’m curious if you are managing your own ad campaigns or if you have a company doing it for you? i tried a few campaigns on my own that charged per like. I found that even though the region and demographics were clearly set there were people far outside my target area which ended up likening the page. If you have someone managing your campaign can you let me know what company you use and if you do it on your own what are your tips or tricks and what is your specific call to action?
  6. Hey all, I am looking into the RAP service (remote assist program) for reflashing and programming pcms and modules and weighing my options. We currently don't have the equipment to reflash and typically sub those jobs out to the dealer. I was wondering how do you all charge for reflash services? I have generally seen the out the door price around $200 which would be about 2hrs bill time for us but wanted to see how that stacks up. Also in the event there are repairs done that require the reflash are you charging the full reflash fee in addition to the parts and labor time or do you
  7. Thanks for all the feedback! Using this approach (windshields, bodywork, trans work etc all come to us) how do you handle estimates for these items and do you tell your customer you are subbing out the work? For example, a customer comes in for body work and wants a price. You call the vendor and they need to see it before they can give a price. How do you handle that? Do you have the customer leave the vehicle with you and then take it to the vendor? Do you tell the customer that you sub it out incase they come by your shop and don't see the vehicle? And do you offer this for all
  8. Just wondering how many of you all sub out jobs vs recommending other shops and if you do sub it out how do you markup the service? For example, we don't do transmission work at our shop and have a trusted shop that we refer all of the work to. The only time we sub the work out is for our fleet account and we just do a flat $ markup which is decent in my opinion. We do send that shop a lot of business but not sure I want the hassle of being the inbetween person and potentionally impacting my shop reputation based on someone else's work (no matter how much I research and trust a shop).
  9. Awesome. We handle some of the things in a similar approach but I like the idea about only setting appointments on the hour and may give that a shot. To your question on inspection volume, we have 2 types of inspections: safety and OBD. Safety is for vehicles 1995 and older or a vehicle less than 3 years old and we can charge $13.60 of which we profit $12.75. To check everything the state requires us to it takes about 9-10min but the we have been advised that anything less than the 15 min state benchmark sets a "red flag." For vehicles 1996 and up we charge $30 and we profit $23.75.
  10. For those of you who have a second location, when did you decide it was time to open another shop? Was your 1st shop at capacity? In my area there are very limited auto spaces for lease and even less (close to 0) which are on a main thoroughfare. We currently lease our location but we are on a month to month lease with the landlord not open to signing a longer term lease. We have been operating like this for probably at least the last 15+ years but with the area growing and continuing to change I always have the lingering thought in my mind that we could "be gone tomorrow." I know t
  11. My shop and process is very similar to jfuhrmad. But I have a question, you say you have 2 techs (as do I) and that you schedule appointments for 1hr (I also do that but for state inspections as well. We currently do about 170 inspections per month.). My techs seem to have the biggest issue with the appointments. Say you have a walk in come in at 8 and you are doing their service and find upsells and you have an 8:30 appt and the 2 begin to overlap. How do you handle that situation? Simply put, how do you manage walkins and appointments for the same tech? I have considered hiring another
  12. With an older fleet have you ever had any issues with the loaner breaking down on a customer and if so how did you handle that? Even with a well maintained car we can expect things to go wrong like starters, fuel pumps etc so curious how you manage those situations if that has happened. Obviously newer cars don't remove that risk completely but just curious. Do you advertise on the vehicles? i.e. Decals, wraps, magnets? Also a shop down the road from us had a similar agreement drawn up that customers have to sign but he has had a handful of incidents where damage was done to the v
  13. I pay my A tech a salary and a % of upsold services. My question is about the quick service tech. I normally start around $15/hr for that position but want to find a way to incentivize that role as well for the upsells. In the past, I tried to pay a % of the upsells the tech made but that became hard to track because each checklist had to be held out and it was cross referenced with the customer request to verify it was an upsell and given the car count for that position it became a logistical nightmare on payroll night. When I don't have the incentive there I find that the guys s
  14. Jay, it's interesting to see the rapid expansion and wish you the best of luck. Just curious as to how you are finding enough people to staff all your locations? We had an opening last year that took almost 10 months to fill and that was just for a general service tech. I talk to other shops in the area and they are also challenged with finding solid talent for any of the positions.
  15. We actually just switched to Vonage business in October and it has been a good experience so far. We too had phone numbers that had been in use since the 60's and Vonage handled the porting over etc. We kept both phone lines and got 3 handsets. Each handset rings when either shop number is called and each set also has its own direct number so it's almost like we went from 2 lines to 5. The call waiting like feature is that you can receive several calls to your number at a time. I don't know the limit but I know we have received up to 3-4 simultaneous calls to the same number and it still

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