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  1. best ROI for advertising

    +1 on BNI for Auto Shops. I've been involved in a BNI chapter and subbed at a few others. The Auto Repair guys always seem to do well as do plumbers, electricians, and HVAC folks.
  2. Get More Google Juice!

    Not quite as nicely, but. If you go to your page (example: https://www.facebook.com/BusinessTextBox/ ) then add reviews to the end and hit enter, it becomes https://www.facebook.com/pg/BusinessTextBox/reviews/ you can then use the URL shortner described previously. Unfortunately there desn't seem to be a way to pre-populate the level of review.
  3. Has anyone used myshopmanager.com?

    Two questions if I may: Do the texts that go in/out of ShopManager.com use your existing shop telephone number, some other number or an email address? If not, does somebody have a good contact there that they could introduce me to that might be willing to discuss an integration? Thanks!
  4. Back to School Start a free trial on September 1 so you have the entire month of September to learn about the ways TextBox can improve your advertising response rates, communication efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  5. I got my own branded flashlight

    Link and/or pics?
  6. I got my own branded flashlight

    The flashlight adds look great. My wife/English Teacher would smack my knuckles with a ruler if I didn't advise you that 'does' should be 'do' in the following sentences. Long lasting 18650 rechargeable battery INCLUDED- many flashlights in this price range does do not include a battery! Convenient hidden micro USB charging port - a lot of other flashlights in this price range does do not have a direct charge port!
  7. Right on regarding the effectiveness of text messaging. That's simply the way most people communicate these days and they appreciate it if you make it easy for them.
  8. Get More Google Juice!

    NOTE: Make sure that the search you use is as specific as possible. Including the City & State usually works. Otherwise, you may be sending Google Juice to others. When I clicked on Matt's link above, it took me to Premier Motorcars in Tallahassee and I thought 'small world'!... until I contacted Matt to get together for coffee and he said he is in Texas. (long drive for coffee). If the search term in the link is broad and gets a lot of matches, Google will pick the closest geographical match.
  9. Get More Google Juice!

    (If you are accessing the forums via a PC, there should be an 'Edit' button for your previous posts in the lower right corner) Which method are you using to send the link to customers?
  10. Among all of the other on line ratings, there is an easy and fairly frictionless way to increase your Google reviews and thereby improve your Google ranking. Here is an easy way to create a link that will take people directly to your Google reviews and pre-populate the review with 5 stars. Here's How (If you would like me to do it for you, just shoot me a PM) 1. Search for your business. Usually your business name and city and state will get you there. This is an example for one of our illustrious ASO leaders NOTE: UPDATE : Make sure that the search you use is as specific as possible. Including the city & state or Google may take others to the wrong place (see post lower in this thread) . 2. Click on 'Write a review 3. When it brings up a review STOP there. Go to the long URL at the top of the screen and add a 5 to the end. 4. Highlight and copy the entire URL. (To copy, either right-click and choose copy or just type CTRL-C) 5. Go to http://Goo.gl (Google's URL Shortener) and paste that long URL into the box (To paste, either right-click and choose paste or just type CTRL-V) 6. Click to copy the shortened URL and paste it somewhere you can find it or write it down (exact capitalization is required). In this case it's: goo.gl/WkHvCJ 7. Test the the shortened URL by pasting or typing it into your browser. If it worked, you should get something like this. Note that all 5 stars are already gold! Now that you have the link, you can... Add it to your website Include it in your emails Include it in your TextBox text message thank yous! Of course, providing awesome service so they keep the 5 stars and add positive comments is in your court!🚗
  11. I normally listen to Audiobooks -constantly- but saw the recommendation for Six Tires No Plan on the other thread and picked up a used hardback copy via Amazon. I happened to be traveling to present to a repair 20 group in Houston last weekend. Started reading when I boarded the first flight, finished it as I was landing in Houston. Good read. Planning to go by the local Discount Tires to talk to the manager and see if that great corporate culture described in the book appears to be reality.
  12. Thanks for the comment @lmcca Quick clarification, the per number charge for additional marketing numbers is about 1/2 the cost of the 'real' number. One challenge is that some marketing numbers (i.e. Kukui numbers) are not eligible for activation.

    You didn't include any of the flavored fruru coffees... which is fine because I can't stand them. My only twist on my black and strong preference is that it usually ends up cold. I have to make a cup as soon as I get to the office, but by the time I get to drinking it, it is usually cold. I've learned to live with it.
  14. Yes, you can always type in anything you want and you can also easily modify any templates (there are up to 10 templates on each computer).There are some videos here that show the primary interface. It has changed a bit but it is pretty close. Of course, doing an evaluation trial is the best way to really see how it works. Yes, you can both receive and send picture messages. (At this time we only support picture messages, not .pdf or .doc or video, but of course you can include links that would bring up any of those)
  15. 2017 Updates to AutoShopOwner

    Looking forward to great things to come.