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  1. meowpox


  2. You can read about our shop in the About section hehe. Address and phone number is on the front page. I'm really big on design and branding, and just really hate the look of a busy front page and feel it is a little overwhelming. Majority of our customers are word of mouth so if they're at our website, they already know a little bit about who we are. But I do believe it has to do with customer base. We are not a general repair shop. Our customers love a clean beautiful shop, because they have really really nice expensive cars. So our website reflects that well. We get tons of compliments on it
  3. Never said reviews aren't important. Just said we don't ask our customers to leave them. We have 5 stars on yelp, 79 reviews -- been open for 3 years. 5 stars, 39 reviews on fb. In this day in age, I feel if you give crazy amazing service, they'll genuinely want to leave a review. I'm just being honest in saying I hate when companies ask me to leave a review after having a pleasant experience with them and I think a lot of customers feel that way. Just something to note.
  4. We dont ask customers to leave reviews. As a customer of other businesses, i hate being asked that. Makes me feel like the positive experience i had was not that genuine. Not sure if I'm just not having similar experiences as you all but is it not enough to just give outstanding customer service? But I guess it also depends on type of shop you have and if you're going for volume.
  5. I contacted Yelp to have them take down the "Request a Quote" feature that magically showed up on our page without our permission. Took them weeks to take it down, they said I was the only business in Yelp history to request this and thus they had to have engineers do back end programming to take it down. If it bothers you enough, contact them and they will take it down.
  6. $120 Bay Area, CA and considered to be on the lower end compared to similar nearby performance shops
  7. Interesting article, thanks! Without actual numbers, my opinion is not much. Sounds like they are onto something
  8. As a consumer, if I cannot find information I need or an email to contact, I won't even bother. Phone calls are such a waste of time, in my opinion, because it requires two people (caller and receiver) to be readily available at the same time. If its for something urgent or is just hard to convey in an email, then I'd call but that's rare. From the business side, we try to push everything to email. We have our appointment form on our website as well as our phone number... but we get majority of our quote requests from the appointment form. It could be because our customer base is not you
  9. A little late to the convo but we dont believe in "The customer is always right"---it simply is not always true. We hold our customers on the same level as our employees. Both are vital to our success. If a customer is wrong, we'll let them know and if we have to, we stick up for our employee. If the employee is wrong, we make it right with the customer.
  10. We use Squarespace! Easy to manage, beautiful templates and easy to customize. I like to manage it myself because I have very particular taste, plus we have a very active blog. But that said, I probably am not using it to its potential in terms of SEO (still have to learn). We pay $26/mo for their basic commerce plan, which is $8 more than their basic business plan. We get tons of compliments. I am a strong believer in building a strong brand, and that includes first and foremost an amazing logo and a beautiful website. People will follow you if everything you put out there just looks ama
  11. Yelp is great for consumers but terrible for business owners, at least for small businesses. We have a 5 star rating, and 73 reviews and we dont pay for any of Yelp's services. It does bring in business but what I hate is that it puts way too much control in the reviewers, which is unfair. One day, a button to "Request a Quote" appeared on our Yelp page (people started requesting quotes on yelp and the conversation would remain on yelp. even when we would say email us, the customer would get so comfortable and just use yelp). Didnt pay for this, never wanted it. I had to talk to Yelp several t
  12. Why not just get an alarm? I don't think dogs should be left at a workplace solely to guard it. You'd have to invest A LOT of time and training to have a dog be able to distinguish friend or enemy (if thats even possible without you being there). Also an intruder can easily harm your dog.
  13. I've tried indeed, monster, linkedin...none of these options provided us with great candidates. I agree with Joe. It's all about networking. All of the applications we've received that were actually from worthy candidates were from (free) advertising that we were hiring on social media --FB and Instagram. But one thing to note is that we are extremely active on social media and in the local car community (go to /host a lot of events) so the applications were coming from people that knew about us already or knew someone who did.
  14. You're right, we have people accidentally bump the corners with their thighs all the time.
  15. voted! I've never been a fan of the super literal logos (eg autoshop with wrench in logo). I think you already have "auto" in your name so having wrenches or gears in it is a little overdone. BUT that being said, they all are nice logos and color scheme. And since its for your general repair shop, it definitely does get the point across that it is one so that might be exactly what you're looking for.

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