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  1. WOW! Great info. Exactly what I was looking for on the programs to buy/sell/finance, etc. You the man!!
  2. Thank you for taking the time to answer
  3. I am planning on adding used car sales to my auto center, in atlanta, ga. Any advice on software, buying, selling, financing, evaluating, reconditioning would be appreciated.
  4. Richard Ehler

    Richard Ehler

  5. We are about to change to Protractor which offers x charge and 360 and first mile. Who do I choose?
  6. SBA website is what I used. Very good. Easy to use. Good info required, but not too much. Bank was good with it. Saves updates automatically.
  7. I just signed up for ATI after attending 4 seminars in last 9 years. Coach seems very good. They seem to have the most complete program as I did elite, and apm. It is expensive, but I don't see how I can lose. Goal is to make more net profit, AND have better processes, accountability and KEEP it going.
  8. As a Tire Pros dealer this is not good news. I don't understand how goodyear, bridgestone expect to sell more tires by having less distribution. Exact opposite of what they have been telling us and doing for last 10 years.
  9. I recieved an email today announcing AMS company stopped selling RO writer and switched to Protractor. May want to check out why. I did demo a while back seems pretty nice.
  10. Mitchell and RO writer are the market leaders. Integrate with many digital inspections, marketing companies, etc. Probably can't go wrong with either one. We use TireShop by freedomSoft, integrated with autotext.me for digital inspections. We handle 1,000 car per month flawlessly. We have a quicklube, service, and tires all in one.
  11. We switched from paychex to ADP. With ADP we put info in online monday morning. It does all calculations and send check or money to bank accts. all get paid wednesday. We like better than paychex, but were not aware of their online service. Our CPA recomended it and got us a good rate
  12. We use TireShop by Freedomsoft. Small company out of north carolina. Awesome program, easy to use. Great for service, quick lube, AND Tires! Just integrated with autotext.me digital inspections and texting. Great price too! About $300 per month. They have about 300 users in U.S.
  13. I have learned that these middleman process companies can be very decieving. We switched to "Retreiver" recenlty. Rep is Jason Woodward. He has signed up hundreds of Tire Pros dealers in last couple of years. They are a "direct processor" No middleman. Analysis said they will save is about $503 per month from our $4k bill.
  14. We purchased an "allworx" system in 2016. Very popular with doctors offices, small business, etc. 6 phones, plus 3 portables handsets. Takes a good vendor and some setup, but all good since. Not sure about cost.
  15. We do car care club also. $99 gets 4 free oil changes etc. No other discounts, creates more loyalty, helps with sales. I totally agree with owners above

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