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  1. A AC Delco program. Stands for Professional Service Center . Delco backs a 2 year, 24000 mile warranty. Also better pricing for me and rebates. Many other benefits too. Been one for 3 years now. Get credit for any ac Delco products from both aftermarket suppliers and GM dealers.
  2. Find a new vendor. AAP and AutoZone are junk, for me last resort. Dorman quality dropped to junk after they moved production off shore. We use mostly AC Delco and are a PSC Dealer. Have a 2 year part AND labor warranty from them. As with my old computer programming days, “Junk in, Junk out”.
  3. Just looking into a new tool. Have used a torch for 40 years, but have been hearing good things about the Mini Ductor series of tools. Anyone have experience with these and how much you paid and where.
  4. Truett

    Tire prices

    I will still be locked to US Autoforce for another year with my G3x account so I have not gotten this letter from Goodyear as of yet. Also I believe this will be first run out in larger distribution areas such as Indianapolis, Chicago, and such. Us small fry's in Hicksville won't see it for a while if ever.
  5. Truett

    Joke of the Day

    From one of my favorite comics...Rodney Dangerfield “My wife and I hav agreed to smoke only after sex. I have the same pack of cigarettes since 1975. What bothers me is my wife is up to 3 packs a day.”
  6. Goodyear manages our websites.... www.urbanatruetires.com and www.champaigntruetires.com
  7. © True Tires and Automotive Company

  8. © True Tires and Automotive Company

  9. Truett

    Online sales tax decision

    They will have to start charging tax for any state that charges sales tax. Some states do not charge a sales tax.
  10. Truett

    Tire prices

    That may well be true, time will tell. Here is a link to the open letter from ATD’s president in Tire review stating they are financially sound. http://www.tirereview.com/atd-issues-open-letter-to-stakeholders/
  11. Truett

    Tire prices

    I don’t see their current move with TireHub as causing any problems for me. As for distribution they only are looking at the large city’s like Chicago, New York , LA, Indy and such. They are using the old wharehousing systems they still have in place. Smaller markets will still be supplied by regional distributers. ATD is one of the largest distributors in these large cities and therefore were in direct completion with TireHub. This is just a continuation of what Goodyear started 3 years ago when they moved to sell Tires online, ship them to us, and have us install them. We only get aa minimal delivery fee (about $5) and have to install at the price Goodyear sets. We have to buy the tires, do the work and we get a credit back from Goodyear. Any problems the customer has they have to back to goodyear as they have charged their credit card. But the ustomer blames us for wrong size to type that they ordered. They have stolen all our profits on the sale and do not even pay the spiffs they do if we sell them. This is just a continuation of their greed. Now they are cutting out their distributors so they can take their profit also. All of the upper management of goodyear are ex PepsiCo or Hewlett-Packard and are only concerned about getting their 10% per year increase for the stock holders. They even have the nerve to ask us to warranty Walmart tires as walmart will not warranty a tire unless customer buys roadhazard. As for purchase price Goodyear sets that on thei web site with what they call MAP pricing. If we sell for higher than MAP, we look like crooks gouging the customer. So we have to sell for MAP which is about an 8% profit. I have been in the tire business for almost 35 years and as I have told Goodyear several times we have been a Tire shop selling full service and wil some day become a full service shop selling a few tires.
  12. Truett

    Tire prices

    At one time they did. They had tires made to their specs by major tire company’s. Usually retired molds. Now they just sell the same tires. Walmart still has a few of their own such as the Goodyear Viva 3. As a goodyear dealer I can not even order that tire.
  13. Truett


    Check my earlier post...... ;>).
  14. Truett


    We charge $24. I hand the lug nuts to the customer and ask if they want to try to get it off one night in the rain on the side of the road cause you know that is when it will happen.....Also have some half size sockets
  15. Truett

    Tire prices

    Happens every day and no my supplier does not change their price. Wish they would. Last Black Friday walmart sold Goodyear Eagle LS’s for $15 les then I could buy them to the general public. With online and big box stores ties sales for the dealers are in the tank. Tire company’s don’t care as long as the numbers stay up. But they sure want us to do their warranty’s even walmart tires....