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  1. This post was prompted bc of another post- but wondering on the most influential and helpful books out there that you have read and wanted to share. For me, it was How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie Great book I think every entrepreneur should read. I want to try and read a book a week
  2. Painting you will see at our RTP shop. Owen, our technician Matt's 13 yr old son painted it. We… https://t.co/WTFQQGztiL

  3. Custom dual exhaust setup. Curious to hear what it sounds like? Video coming soon @ Carmedix… https://t.co/Rj48xEiFLg

  4. Did you know we do custom exhaust work at our Raleigh shop? Custom bends, dual exhaust, etc.… https://t.co/bYsY4x3Lgl

  5. Really bad axle seal leak on this Ford Ranger. Axle slides out from the rear differential @… https://t.co/PHYKBAEhu1

  6. Peace of mind wherever you are. We are partnered with Napa and Technet shops across the country.… https://t.co/kxrRUFR83h

  7. Long story short, been in business about 2 years and started mobile. Current location for about a year, just opened up a second location about 3 weeks ago- HUGE step for me. In my area, auto shop locations are REALLY REALLY RARE. There'll be months before a single shop will pop up for lease. Well.. I was looking for auto equipment on craigslist and stumbled upon a listing of a shop moving and selling all his lifts. Found the location on loopnet- 5 bays, previous business extremely successful, great location, great price too.... 1st location hit record sales this past week, 2nd new location held its own (divided by week, came out on top after expenses). I got both stores running self sufficiently. I am pretty much maxed out and I hate taking out loans but I have a line of credit available. Am I crazy to want to do this?
  8. Why are air filters so important? Air is needed for fuel and spark to combust, when an air… https://t.co/tR6uEbnxZi

  9. I was actually going to post something else but Autoshopowner saved this post that I was going to post a couple weeks ago..... guess I forgot to post it lol. Has anyone had a bad day? I knocked down 3 beers after work and finally getting to a point where I'm not pissed. I am usually a really positive and upbeat and let things slide. Had a tech do a oil pan gasket. Car came back, got it on a lift and saw within 3 seconds it was missing an oil pan bolt. Careless error- really out of the way for the customer to have to come back. Same tech allowed master cylinder to run dry on a Ford. I literally spent the day bleeding that thing- from taking the master cylinder off to bench bleed to removing the lines to the HCU. I went through 2.5 gallons of brake fluid in all. I typically don't work on cars anymore, if I do, then either we are really busy or we have a problem.
  10. Carmedix will be closed on Labor Day https://t.co/5T6im26yaQ

  11. Our walnut blasting service on N54 engines @ Carmedix Auto Repair https://t.co/dhqvgVMzmS

  12. Matt our master technician working on a BMW 7 series @ Carmedix Auto Repair https://t.co/abqfDl5zJR

  13. Replacing the timing chain on a 09 Enclave. Unfortunately it's common problem and an expensive… https://t.co/l7gvGxG0tf

  14. Felipe (right) our Raleigh technician helping out at our Durham shop today. Nick (left) is one… https://t.co/xkK5HyGhQV

  15. Today I visited 6 different automotive shops. NTB, Firestone, Meineke, Discount Tire, Jiffy Lube, and Mr Tire- they were all within 2 miles of my new shop. It's amazing what they are willing to share with you. Meineke was a private owner since its a franchise. Everything else was corporate. There's a difference when the owner is running the shop and hired help is. Doesn't matter how much you pay, owner is friendlier. Discount Tire will be here for a while. Excellent people and policies. Did you guys know that they patch tires for free??? Even if you didn't buy tires from them! Same thing with rotations! I asked them why????? and HOW??? they just laughed.
  16. Got my own branded flashlight, ordered 500 of them from Alibaba.com - talked to a bunch of suppliers and bought 500 for a good deal. I got my own branded long double box end wrenches as well being manufactured right now. Also ordered magnetic phone holders (1000 of them) and 200 OBDII wifi code readers. Spent about $10k, trying to get my name out there and earn some extra money on the side. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Carmedix-Super-Bright-Rechargeable-LED-Water-Resistant-Flashlight-for-Mechanics-/272713331814?epid=16002924438&hash=item3f7efb3466:g:JzIAAOSwrfVZPg0r https://www.amazon.com/Carmedix-Rechargeable-Resistant-Flashlight-Mechanics/dp/B072MPMQ5P/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1501210798&sr=8-1&keywords=carmedix I am new to listing products and advertising, what do you guys think? I took all the pictures myself. Thinking about giving away the magnetic phone holders with oil changes. Has a nice big logo on it and customers will see it when phone is removed. I like the idea of arming my loyal customers with code readers. I know it's controversial but for my loyal customers, it'll be good. When making a appointment, they can tell me the code in which I can tell them it's a emergency or schedule them my next available. I will also know if I need to schedule for a smoke test or diagnosing a misfire.
  17. Yesterday I gave away our own branded magnetic cell phone holders. I have 1000 of them and get cost me about $1.20 each. I have them in all my cars and there's a big logo staring back at me everytime I get in my car before slapping my cell phone on it. Customers LOVE it bc those things work really really well. I saw a while back someone was giving away air freshners with oil changes and I thought that was a great idea. For some reason small things make customers happy. On a side note, bulk of the $10k is from long double ended box wrenches that are awesome
  18. Jay Huh

    Gross Profit

    Thanks, i will do some calculation tonight. But you are right. I have people coming out of woodwork calling me a friend when it's time to get their car repaired. You and Joe have been doing this a long time and I appreciate the advice on the discounting - might not be able to stop it completely but I will try and nip it where I can
  19. Jay Huh

    Gross Profit

    Thanks Joe! Love the way you put it about friends and family. Looking forward to seeing you in person in Sept!
  20. Haha, yes I think I do have ADD but never been correctly diagnosed I am surprised you remembered all my posts, but yea I have been through a lot these past 2.5 years. I love and I hate it lol
  21. Make sure to have a "schedule appointment" on your webpage where it is convenient. 70% of our appointments are through online scheduling. People love doing things online nowadays. Me too, I rather schedule online rather than call in. Keeps our phones from ringing off the hook too. On our specials page, I have a "schedule appointment" on every single box. http://carmedixnc.com/specials/ This is also our landing page for our google adwords. It's been working extremely well as customers love knowing prices upfront and avoiding interaction (esp the millennials)
  22. Jay Huh

    Anyone going to aste in Cary,NC?

    thanks for sharing, I live 10 min from Cary - I am going to the R+W conference held that same week in Chicago - going to both might be overdoing it but I definitely want to
  23. Jay Huh

    Gross Profit

    I am struggling with GP. My master tech gets paid $28/hr plus bonus and he hits bonus every week. He is the only one that is really producing at my main shop - hit 72.25 hours last week. My labor rate is $80 but we have a $60/hr option for friends/family. Waaay too many people are becoming friends/family.... also with flushes and canned jobs, some equal out to be $50/hr labor rate. With some customers, we give $50/hr bc misquoted labor times and such or giving away discounts. Started with my techs making $17/hr.... now minimum they make $22.50. I have to raise my prices.... again
  24. Hey tyrguy, definitely appreciate your concern. Yea it's tough when you have a car with ball joints about to pop out or severe tie rod play and they can't afford it. Once, I had a customer with the front inner pad completely gone - gone as in MISSING. I have actually seen several of those but only one situation where they declined the work!!! I think back then, I was only charging like $140 for pads and rotors...... $60 for pads including parts..... they ignored my advice and demanded their car back. The husband gets in a newer car, the wife and kid gets in the car with no brakes.......
  25. Jay Huh

    Yelp, is with worth it?

    I pay them $425/month for my first location. I get a lot of views through them but I don't think it's worth it, I rather spend the $425 on Google Adwords on top of the $2k im spending already. Yelp would not freakin leave me alone so I finally gave in bc they offered to make a video too (which I had to heavily edit, they really do a sorry job). Yelp customers are also one of the most entitled customers I have ever seen and difficult to keep happy, I know bc I am one. Nowadays I don't leave bad reviews bc I know how it can mess up a business. My advice? Put money into Google. Also this might be controversial but I am having good results with Repairpal - it's only $199/month. I did a 3 month contract because I was afraid of commitment but it's been over a year now....... why am I still doing it? Don't feel like talking to them, I hate talking to Yelp and the pushy sales people. Also, I am ranked really high with them, if you search "auto repair durham," the first website that comes up is Yelp's top 10 best automotive shops in Durham, NC. We are number 4 on that list. If you search by zipcode (27713), we are #2 on Yelp page (second to one of the best shops in the area that's been there for over 20 years, we are only 1.5 years old). I hate visiting my Yelp page bc it's only 4.5 stars and some of the reviews on there make me cringe. It is embarrassing and it could get to the point where the bad reviews will make it so new customers don't come anymore.