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  1. A bit of a clickbait title, but not inaccurate. The shop is doing amazing, and I haven't been here but a few hours here and there since last June. Prior to that I had been the shuttle driver and not much else. I sold the shop to my manager, something that has been in the works for over 3 years. Spending the next couple days at the shop getting a few things settled (vendor accounts, recurring payments, etc) before the final handover on Saturday. I'm retired now at 55, and I won't have to work another day. My wife and I are moving onto our boat and we're going to sail around the world a few tim
  2. AndersonAuto


  3. I've been listening to an interesting book that I think a lot of us can benefit from. "Profit First" by Mike Michalowicz. It takes the "pay yourself first" principles that a lot of personal finance gurus talk about, but few of us do, an applies it to doing business. We all need to understand that our businesses exist to produce a profit for the owner, not to fix cars. If we want to fix cars, we can fix cars working for someone else. I'm fortunate enough to have my business to a place where I'm actually getting a decent profit, although it's not quite as much as I want. Probably a result o
  4. 180 room is actually part of Joe's KC BBQ. It's their side room for groups. I-35 and 119th Street.
  5. I should be able to be there. This is my neck of the woods, so no real excuse not to meet some of you guys.
  6. That makes sense, but yes, out of context it looks like you just snapped a pic at random.
  7. I wish I had the magic answer to this question. I do have a few suggestions though. Top talent is going to be interviewing you as much as you are them, and they're going to start at your Web site. My Web site is in process of being updated, so don't go by my example. First thing that jumps out at me is the family photo. Change it. Nothing wrong with a family photo, but not that family photo. You're dirty and unshaven, and you sat the family down on a curb outside the shop and snapped a pic with a cell phone. Pay someone to take a picture that you would frame and hang in your home. Also di
  8. 5 of my techs make between $30 and $34 per flat rate hour. My 3 master techs are at the top of the range. My apprentice tech is making $18 on the clock.
  9. I guarantee that I'm going to do everything in my power to keep the bays full and the work flowing. I also offer the official Department of Labor guarantee, which is that if you don't flag enough hours to equal at least minimum wage for the hours you were present in my shop, I will pay you minimum wage. I also guarantee that if I ever pay you minimum wage, you're fired.
  10. Back when my shop was young I offered a guarantee of 30 hours. What I found was that a tech with a 30 hour guarantee will produce between 28 and 32 hours consistently. They will also blame the shop for their lack of productivity. Then they want to strut around like some sort of hero if they flag over 40 hours once every few months, feeling like that's clear evidence that the problem isn't with them. So I backed the guarantee down to 20 hours. Guess what happened? The techs (I had two at the time) became even less productive and more disgruntled.
  11. Most fun you can have at 8mph with your clothes on. Stinkpots..... can't imagine what you were thinking. A week long trip from Florida to the Bahamas, including running the generator so we can have the AC running at night, costs about $200 in fuel. Can you even make it to the fuel dock and back for $200? It doesn't matter what you want. Your wife wants a cat.
  12. I have other things to do, like sail around the world. The last thing I want to worry about is having to go over a P&L with my manager from some tiny island in the South Pacific with little to no internet. Or worse yet, having a key employee leave and have to fly back to fix the shop and replace those key people. I'll gladly trade the additional net I might receive from being an absentee owner for the freedom to sail away without having to worry about whether the shop is doing well enough to continue funding my adventure. This of course doesn't mean I'll let my shop go for under market val
  13. I've had that happen a few times over the years. They probably did you a favor. It's always infuriating, but you're probably much better off without someone like that working for you.
  14. Honestly, I'm surprised that when looking at shops in the $2M revenue range that you're finding such inconsistencies in the books. The shop owners I know with businesses at that level run pretty clean (as far as I know) operations. How much spread are you finding between annual net they claim vs what's on the books?
  15. Of that I have no doubt. What size shops have you been looking at? Bays? Revenue?

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