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    We strive to offer the best quality service to our customers. We are the home of the 3 year nationwide warranty. Our company continues to provide the best training for our employees to keep them educated on the latest technology to allow everyone to stay productive and efficient in the positions.

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  1. We have purchased the Robinar unit end of last year and have used it maybe 4 times. Most of them have been subleted to us by other shops as well however I do expect to start seeing more this year as we have gotten the word out and so far only 2 shops in our community besides the dealerships have it.


  3. Highly recommend Barry with RLO. He has had a huge impact with several of our advisers and our average RO has gone up. However it does take the right individual with the right attitude so I have always had Barry interview the adviser first prior to sending them because there has been times where you find they need help in different areas first before a 3-5 day intense class.
  4. Very well said! I agree this would help the automotive industry.
  5. We use Mitchell for our shop management system. It integrates with quickbooks as well. Have used it for 20+ yrs. Does all we need.
  6. We take pictures using auto vitals program and we let our customers know we do this so it allows them to see how professional we are and how it protects all parties.
  7. ARO was a challenge but after going from $350 avg and higher car count with the chaos I agree less car count higher ARO now we avg 500-$575. We did this by inspecting every car that comes in and taking time educating the customer. The other factor has been auto vitals. Taking pictures and showing your customers has been huge for us.
  8. We use 10 foot wave. It's been great. You can makes changes to it anytime you want. They just added instead of having your employee pictures in frames you can upload them to this menu board
  9. I interviewed every coaching company out there and chose RLO training. Even though I recently withdrew from the group for personal reasons I highly recommend them. Was with them for a year and a half and learned much more about my business. My ARO went from $375 to $500 and my net profit over 30%. Sent my service advisor with Barry for one weeks of hands on training and my advisor came back with so much confidence that he took over his position at the front counter. As for my facilitator John Wafler; he in my eyes is the best out there. As someone mentioned above; if you don't want to work hard towards change then this group is not for you. They provide you with all the tools you need to run a successful business but you have to implement and want the change. They can get you where you need to be.

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