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  2. We having been selling Interstate batteries for quite a few years now. Occasionaly we have had one go bad but they seem to have good quality. My concern is how this will affect pricing on them. We have been using the suggested retail price on the Interstate price sheet.
  3. Thoughts & prayers with you old buddy !!! Get well soon !!
  4. great story Gonzo seems like some of these customers are suffering from scarecrowitis.....no brains !!!!!
  5. great story Gonzo! been there ,done that takes real dedication to solve a problem like that
  6. best wishes to all for good health & a prosperous new year!!!!
  7. Yep!!! I know where Bloomsburg is. Don't get over to that end of Pa. very often.
  8. Great thread guys!!! It's about time we spoke up & took a stand with getting rid of those bozos in state & national government We have a primary election coming on May 18th here in Pa. & there are some good candidates with the right support can make a change Love those 2 videos!!! p.s. anybody from Pa. have questions p.m. me
  9. We don't promote any particular brand either. With the high buck cars we get in for service, the customers like us to use factory recommended brands, Mobil1 for the Porsches & Benz and Castrol Syntec for the BMWs & VW/Audis.
  10. Great story Gonzo! I have a neighbor/friend that's a shade tree mechanic. He's getting limited as to what he can do now. Just does basic stuff like brakes, some suspension work & oil changes. When it comes to other stuff, he doesn't have skill, tools or knowledge to do it. A little irritating to lose gravy work like that to him but if it's something he can't handle he sends them to my shop. Joe's dad sounds like my grandfather. Never through anything out. If it was fixable it got repaired and was Jack of all skills(built his own house, did gardening, had a tree nursery, did the maintenance & repairs on his machinery plus worked for Westinghouse). Only thing was on saving things he went a little too far. He saved & collected so much junk that he had to build 2 buildings just to store it all!!!! LOL!!! As for old tools, I still have my dwell/tach/volt/ohm meter, assortment of distributor wrenches, combo feeler gauge/spark plug gapper, allen wrench for adjusting dwell on GMs, & assorted other goodies. Ah the good old days!!!!!
  11. The Verus is a step up from the Modis. The Modis combines the scanner features of the Solis with the lab scope/multimeter features of the Vantage. So I would say the next step up from the Solis would be the Modis.
  12. We have a SnapOn Verus & an older version of Vantage(use it mostly for multimeter function), & a basic OBD2 scan tool. Traded in our Modis to get the Verus. The thing about SnapOn is they never have had any support for Volvo or Saab. We do work on a few of them but not enough to buy a specialized tool just for them. The thing I like best about the Verus is that it's a combination scanner/lab scope/ignition analyzer and laptop computer. Can store all information for each car we scan in it. Pretty good tool.
  13. Hello all Just found this forum great to see a place for us in the auto repair business have been fixing cars since age 13 & have been partner in business with my brother for 34 years

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