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  1. I contacted AMS Protractor for a trial, and frankly I see some real potential, and the cloud part isn't as "scary" as I thought. The service packages concept (Intelligent Canned Jobs) seems to be well thought out. Sadly, Bolt-On Technology doesn't have an integration for them, yet. One thing we rely on is a caller ID function with Bolt-On/Mitchell. Is this available with protractor.net? One of the integrated DVI's we're looking at is autotext.me Anyone here using them or have experiences to share? Specifically, a workflow that's using Protractor and Autotext.me? Is there any other combination that would represent true progress from what we have now with M1/Bolt-On? Gerald
  2. Almost 20 years with Mitchell. We know the program- but wish that Mitchell would demonstrate more ability to innovate. Using Bolt-On apps alongside helps. I'm still not quite ready for a management system in the "cloud"...
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