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Car dropped off in peices with no warning

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Had a Chevrolet Cobalt show up at my shop today. The kid called for a quick no start diagnostic. He thought it might be a camshaft position sensor.  I sent my tech out to look at it and he comes back in to ask if I am joking. The Fuel injector rail is out and resting on the valve cover. The super charger is removed two of the intake manifold bolts are missing, one is spaced out with random washers. The kid mentioned none of this dropping it off. He will not answer his phone or texts.

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      Well the other shoe has dropped in the ATD / Tire Hub saga. Bridgestone has announced they are following Goodyear in pulling their Brands from ATD. This one hurts as I have been a loyal Bridgestone dealer for decades. Looks like I have 3 options, none good. Continue with ATD but buy my Bridgestone products from Tire Hub. Continue with ATD and drop my Bridgestone products probably increasing my Continental purchases. Find a whole new distributor to buy all my products from. The thing that really sucks is ATD, Bridgestone, and Tire pros all announced new loyalty programs this year which collectively could have amounted to 18k more in back end $$s. Most of that is probably gone now.
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      Everyone needs to be aware that under Obamacare, you will be punished financially if you elect to reimburse employees for health insurance rather than establishing a company plan. The "excise tax" as they call it, is $100 per day per employee!
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      Just ran into a serious issue that I want to give you guys the heads up on before it costs you a big headache. The last two Subaru timing belt jobs we did used Dayco kit, the tensioner bearing failed. The first one was after 39 miles, the second one only lasted 19 miles. These were sourced through Advance. Looks like the second one may have cost the engine.
      I'm waiting to hear back on what happened in the manufacturing process that caused the failure. We have installed tons of these kits with no troubles and have two failures in a row now, something has gone sour.
      Save yourself the headache, skip the tensioner or install OE on this one. Will post back with more details once I get an answer.

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      I recently got a cold call from a represenative from a company called Customer Link. He said he saw one of my posts on HERE regarding increasing car count, visited my website and then contacted me.
      I arranged a time and spent quite a while learning about his marketing/retention program. Very nice guy, sounds like a sound program, but as with any of these types of programs i'm always skeptical. Wondering if anyone has any experience with this company.
      I understand this is a delicate subject and I don't want to instigate any public bashing (if there is any). If you have positive feedback, i'm sure it's ok to post here. If there's any bashing to be done, please PM me.
      Thanks so much in advance.
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