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  1. UsedTireShop


  2. On parts I just add 10% for my workers. Tires a few dollars. I just want to cover bookkeeper fees.
  3. I also had Cintas but after months of BAD service I threw them out of the building. I had to pay them off $1,200 which sucked but I couldn't take it anymore. I now have a rag man who also sells supplies. I purchase my own uniforms from dickies.com.
  4. Thank you for the update. I hope for a speedy recovery.
  5. I pay .7 for oil change and multi-point inspection.
  6. You were right about the "Power Down" Jeff. The radio took forever to power down and was confusing my test procedure.
  7. FYI - This draw was from the sway bar control unit. Water gets into the unit and shorts it out.
  8. I am in this predicament right now. This tech is loyal, honest and willing to do what he is told to. I love him as a friend and truly care about his well being but he has to go. The issues I have with him is: Massive procrastinator Weak production. Under 50% Messy Every vehicle aggravates him and is a piece of crap. He will yell and swear when working on cars while stating that he needs to find another career. So why is he still there? I have put off letting him go because his 18 year old daughter was killed in a car crash 2 weeks before Christmas. Now that I think abou
  9. I have a Jeep in from a NEW customer. Battery dead this morning. Was towed in and had 6 volts. Put jump pack on and it started right up. New battery and alternator in December. Car is drawing 3.7 amps I pull the radio fuse and it drops to 1.7 amps. Is 1.7 normal? Still seems high to me. Perhaps 2 draws? Also, I am not totally happy with the alt output. 2012 Wrangler w/ 3.6l. 95k miles
  10. My mistake people. Maxx Traxx is not cloud based. I apologize but I was confused with Omnique. Omnique is cloud based and Maxx Traxx is not. Sorry for the mix up. I have tried several pos programs in the last 8 years that my brain is scrambled.
  11. If anyone else has an issue with the limited notes field please tell them. If they receive enough complaints they will fix this. PLEASE help by contacting Mitchell at Toll Free 888.724.6742 Here is my issue: I believe I got this idea from this forum somewhere. I like to be able to say the words "No Cost" over the phone to a customer with an issue. So I offer a free initial diagnostic. This is when my tech will spend 1 to 10 minutes looking at the customer's concern. Once the tech does this task he comes back to the Service Writer with a request for the proper diagnostic time. The Servi
  12. I am actually still paying Scott Systems for Maxx Traxx so I can have access to my old records. Pros: Great company, Awesome people and great customer service. Cons: 1. Kinda klunky getting around. Takes to long to get the story of the customer. Allot of clicking. 2. Hard for new people to learn although they have great training videos. 3. Not sure if it is a good thing that they have accounting built in. I had issues in the past. 4. You can not add parts without a labor line. This sounds petty but, as you may soon find out, it is aggravating. 5. Since it is cloud it is very hard t
  13. The Mitchell scheduler is the best I have seen but I also have issues like mspecperformance. We have done a good job getting people to show up and on time. This is a rather easy issue to cure if you are willing to apply the effort. Here is what we have done to minimize this late/no show issue. 1. We text the customer to remind them of the appointment with the wonderful BoltOnTech messenger pro. If they do not confirm the appointment we will either text them a note or call them. 2. We email the customer to remind them of the appointment with the Mitchell CRM program. 3. When a customer is

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