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  1. spencersauto


  2. If we identify the problem before the repairs we let the customer know there will be additional labor if we run into this issue, if we don't have any problems we don't bill for it. We also call and get additional labor time if it happens during the repair and additional time is needed. I would rather be over prepared than under bill.
  3. We sell the parts and cost. Trusted technicians can use the shop after hours when clocked out as well.
  4. I would post a review in response to theirs stating the facts. For example I would say we appreciate you trusting us with your vehicle and we are sorry to hear your experience wasn't as expected. We feel we met all your expectations by providing you with an estimate prior to the work being completing, we completed the work in the estimated time and we were unaware of any issues until reading your reviews. We would love to know how we could have made your experience with us better so please contact us at -------. We got a three star review from someone last week just because we cou
  5. I may need to check on that option. Thanks!
  6. We are the only shop in town so removing from our services would be a disadvantage on our end. We've seen a large increase in sales since we added courtesy inspections to oil changes and repairs. If we don't do it some quick lube will and will also sell them the maintenance while they are there.
  7. We've been searching for a new lube technician since October and I am beginning to wonder if we will ever find someone. We have had at least 5 not show for an interview, a few that showed up late and the best one was doing a working interview and never came back. If this a preview of what we have to look forward to with this generation of up and coming individuals wanting to get into the autmotive industry, then we are doomed.
  8. We have used unifirst since we opened in 2001. The only issue I've had is with the price increases. I've avoided significant increases by stating in my contract that there should be no increases during the contract term, also no automatic renewals. We use them for our pants, shorts, mop heads, and shop rags. I purchase dri fit shirts from queensboro.com and my employees are responsible for washing their own shirts.
  9. Ha ha! Didn't need them this visit, but we've done them.
  10. http://xoxocar.com/inspection.html?inspectionid=6bfa2706-b6e4-41ff-8f6d-163bc9a59d6f&sb=0
  11. Those shops doing courtesy inspections how much time are you paying your tech's to do the inspection? I've read on some forums anywhere from .30-.50. I am attaching a link to one of our courtesy inspections to give you an idea of what we check during our inspection process. Also, what do you pay the technicians for oil change & rotations each? http://2un.me/1ibws
  12. They told me that as well but I haven't been charged the fee. Also, I'm doing a rate review with them now for a lower fee. After three months you can request a review. We're processing around 40k a month.
  13. I print the invoice only. If they want a credit card receipt I will text or email it.

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