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    JB Import Automotive Repair
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    387 16th Street North, Saint Petersburg, Florida, 33705
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    Auto Repair
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    ASE Master Tech, L1 Certified. Bosch Authorized Service. ATI graduate.
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    At JB Import Automotive we have created a culture of trust, honesty and integrity thru out our organization. We provide a high quality services to our clients at reasonable rates.

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  1. Kimball Midwest has been excellent. We also us Wurth as an import shop they have Euro stuff. Mike
  2. We just finished the shop floor. The surface was ground to remove the old surface. Tuff Top waterborne epoxy for the first coat. 2 coats Rust Oleum waterborne Catalyzed Urethane top coat. Its gasoline and brake fluid proof. It is very resistant to scratching and forklift traffic. Mike

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