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  1. Are you using our chat rooms, please vote

    I will put it on my calendar to remind me. There is always something to discuss in the Automotive world. I have a hard time remembering on Sunday evening. Usually watching some football/TV I do not even care about.
  2. Greetings, I would advise hiring a Master Tech on a flat rate / bonus plan. I will never go back to the hourly plan with Techs. You will be occupied writing service and being the parts man. You are then free to do the smaller jobs as well as the shop owner tasks. A good tech will find legitimate work on every car he works on. Implement an inspection system / sheet on every car. Employee job description and procedures are a necessary thing as well. It sounds like you have put considerable thought into the process. I have worked with ATI for a number of years now and I have found it very beneficial for me and my business. Mike
  3. Good article Gonzo. I have noticed that some of the manufacturers are quoting warranty / repair time in "units", not hours. A unit is an unspecified block of time. Some mechanics are faster than others so the block of time which is based on 1/10 hour is variable unit. What we sell are labor and parts. It is the bottom line that is important. Sometimes shoppers completely miss this idea. Mike
  4. Rambiss, It sounds like there is opportunity to improve everything in this shop a great deal. It sounds like the current owner has lost his fire. I am curious as to your background. Have you been in the auto repair industry? I did not see your previous post. When I purchased my shop I had been the service manager for 10 years. The transition was so smooth the client base did not know that ownership had changed. The first thing we did was clean up and get rid of all the old clutter, junk engines, old dead inventory, old obsolete equipment. We spruced up the image by painting, cleaning and installing a computer system. The techs were happy and were enthusiastic as well. If you need new staff this is a company I have used http://www.actautostaffing.com/default.asp Mike
  5. It sound like you have estimated the equipment a little high. That may work in you favor. Pay more for the equipment and less for the business. Remember, any equipment that you purchase you will be able to depreciate. I know a guy that bought a shop and way inflated the equipment and reduced what he paid for the goodwill (business). Tax advantage later on. You need to look at the sales numbers. What is happening on a weekly basis? 2 Techs should produce 80 hours chargeable per week parts sales is usually 50% of gross sales 80 hrs X shop labor rate + parts sales, less parts cost, less loaded cost of Technicians will give you Gross Profit for the week. Gross profit should be above 50% Good luck Mike