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  1. I think @bantar touches on everything that matters about data in this new world we live in. The most services you are using in today's business world, the more people have your data. So it's really not just your SMS, it's your SMS and everything it enables for you. Backups are important, but remembering that having things your way, always comes at a cost. What's happiness in a Management platform? Only you can decide. Somethings have trade-offs others are "must have". Every platform comes at a sacrifice of time, cost and how much data do I want to sh
  2. Jim, I didn't reply to the thread in question, because I have nothing of value to add to the thread in general. I replied to your post within it, because I thought I had value to provide to you. It's become clear that was a mistake.
  3. The ability to calibrate a cruise control module, while performing an alignment surely has nothing to do with one another. I have been performing ADAS calibrations for 18 months now. I have a little bit of experience. Yes, having the alignment machine with the ADAS tools to calibrate, is going to be helpful. But it's not going to allow you to calibrate anything but front facing distance modules and maybe some front facing sensors, at least at this stage in the game. Maybe as technology evolves, this too will evolve, but as for the calibrations I have been doing.. I don't see ho
  4. You're going to need multiple pieces of equipment to be able to do alignments and ADAS calibrations. One really has nothing to do with the other, even though you can perform ADAS calibrations on an alignment machine.
  5. Up 25% from our best year and 44% from a down year in between where I had surgery. This isn't a gimmick, it's the only way to run your business in this industry and succeed against the marketing onslaught we all face. We've added 14 new people to our system in about 21 days. 7 of which spent money at our facility doing a lot more than changing their oil and rotating their tires.
  6. Updates for May 2020: We are continuing to work on some industry integrations that will help our members perform their services faster and more efficiently. We will likely have news regarding completed integrations towards the end of this quarter. Additionally we are working on a few things we can talk about. Quickbooks Online Syncing - CAR will sync to Quickbooks Online in the near future. Presently sales files will sync to Quickbooks Desktop version. Texting & Other Customer Communication - We are working on ways to integrate texting into our platform alongside
  7. Hello everyone, I am suggesting we have a thread with comments that only relate to information regarding help for businesses or communities affected by recent events. I will start the thread by listing relevant links I have at this time: the U.S. Treasury Department has released a draft application for the Paycheck Protection Program (the new forgivable loan program) created by the CARES Act. The Paycheck Protection Plan application process starts Friday, April 3, 2020 and those eligible and interested in applying should begin that process as soon as possible: - Fo
  8. Hello everyone. First and foremost, we hope that you, your family, your team members and your business are doing as well as one can expect in this new reality that is taking us down an unbelievably difficult time in our history. We have some updates and some news we want to share with you. News: While the world has come to a halt, we have certainly felt the change in direction at our facility in Linden NJ. However, the average RO numbers we are seeing, are nothing short of remarkable for the work we have put into this endeavor. We are the least expensive system that offer
  9. Just had one yesterday... Why are you charging me $230 just to look at my car? Well, the technician had your car on the lift for 1.5 hours identifying all types of problems or safety issues. The service advisor then spends at least 1 hour researching and putting together your estimate and communicating everything to you. So we have ~3 hours of work into your vehicle and have provided a comprehensive estimate with labor times, parts and part numbers. You can now take this information and make an educated decision on whether or not your vehicle is worth fixing. Infor
  10. I'm willing to work with you, if you're interested. No games, no gimmicks. Complete and holistic evaluation with a structured action plan. It won't be easy, changes recommended can be relatively cheap all things considered, but there will be work involved. There are a fair amount of shops in your area (2 mile radius) and A LOT more just over the river. I see nothing but potential. Just need someone willing to do some work and some improvements. The only money I envision you spending is upgrading your website, the rest of what you will need can be done mostly from a
  11. We're far from that, I took 0 offense to what you said and just look to provide a medium for discussion. We all do what we need to do to survive, but I think more often than not we all do the same things at different times in our career and how it was executed... depends on the outcome. To your point, we're really upfront with new customers that we do not work for free and there will be a charge to look at their vehicle. We literally give them the keys and state "This is how long it takes us to do X, we need to do X first and then move onto Y, which requires Z time. It is imposs
  12. I've learned a few things on my own, but this: Not because I think I can't but because I do not have the means, opportunities or privileges to do so. This is probably the most accurate phrase I've read in a while. But you know what I did have when I didn't have means, opportunities or privileges? I had time to pick a discipline and learn it. Then I enacted it. While I let that run it's course, I found the next thing I knew nothing about and couldn't afford an expert, I learned that to the best of my ability and enacted it. I've run this gauntl
  13. We have a fair amount of customers that are very budget conscious. We just treat them like people and help them make the best decisions based on whatever they can afford. Even if they can't afford anything. The ones who understand what you do for them, become your biggest advocates without you ever knowing. The ones who don't, never return and likely aren't a good customer base for you anyway. To make you feel better... I started here "So sometimes it's easier to play their game, agree to "include it in the cost of repair" and not have to deal with the jack legs getting in th
  14. I don't "run the clock". Every circumstance is different. To help customers understand, I document everything I do from start to finish, just like we track our time. That means every test we perform, I attach its result and label what I did to test any given part and why. Since each circumstance is different, we try to make the most of our time. We request up to 2 hours and will work up to 3, assuming the third hour is on us. If we need more than that... we send the customer the information and then call them to review it. Ask them if they want us to keep going or if the

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