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  1. kslade


  2. I pay for all the training costs but not the time they spend there. I figure they should have a little skin in the game as it benefits us both the same. I have never had any push back on this.
  3. I spent allot of time in the dealer world, so here are some thoughts. You should document everything that you did including the codes that you got and give it to your customer. She should call customer support and explain that she is still having steering problems and let them know she was never at the dealer that replaced the sensor under recall. Tell her to be very nice no matter how she feels, this will go a long way with the Ford rep. Also she could say she feels very unsafe driving the car because of lost steering. Good luck, hope it goes well for her and you.
  4. I have been using VDO Redi-Sensors, no problems and they are a decent price. Do not do enough of them to stock any.
  5. I am using Alldata and Identifix, just dumped Mitchell for Identifix. I like it better than Mitchell and so do my techs, I feel I need 2 systems to get complete information one may be missing.
  6. I have been using this one http://www.flodynamicssalesandservice.com/FloDynamics/Coolant/CVAC3.html for the last couple of years. Very few problems and works very well.
  7. I am using the Bartec 400SD. Has worked on everything I have needed it for including reprograming sensors. Also a difficult Lexus IF.
  8. Hi Joe, I also would like to know what they had to say. I have been a Tech Net member for 2 years and would like to find out more on how they going to treat their best customers, the independent repair shops. Thanks.
  9. All the classes I send them to are at nights. I pay for the class and food but the agreement is they volunteer their time because we both benefit equally and they should cover at least their time. This way at least they seem committed to further their knowledge and career.
  10. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated, thanks.
  11. If you have the startup money think about buying a shop that is already in business. I have over 35 years in the business and that is what I did, you have cash flow and employees to start then you can fine tune it to the way you want it done and run. Good luck and keep reading here from all the professionals who can help you sort out all the kinks you will encounter.

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