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  1. I would like some critique from yall as well. Fixmycarlongwood.com
  2. If intuit charges 1.6% across the board that is not a bad deal. I think the point of it was that running debit cards will only cost 25 cents to run with the pin vs paying the percent to run credit. However some merchant services charge ONLY .25 cents. If you are doing lets say 20k in card transactions per month that would be $320.00 in fees based off of 1.6% using intuit. Lets say you have a merchant service that lets you do debits a 25 cents, and when customers come to pay, don't ask them for credit or debit, the machine can be setup to assume debit and automatically ask for the pin. If this
  3. I am looking to start accepting cards to open the opportunity for more business and I know there have been too many bait and switch stories and hidden or rising fees. I use Mitchell1 for my shop software and online data and they offer their integrated payment system called XCharge and I spoke to a sales rep over the phone who said there were no monthly fees, 1.6% on credit cards, $0.29 across the board for debit and bla bla. Of course I believe that manual entry was more and also amex/discover I think was more. They also have a program called First Mile but didn't ask about that. An
  4. I have a 2 bay facility that I rent and one employee plus myself. I was quoted about $2346 per year for both general liability and garage keepers from Liberty Mutual(using CoverWallet as the broker). - General liability was $1,032 per year if paid in full for $1,000,000 limit and $2,000,000 aggregate - Garage keepers was $1320 per year if paid in full for $75,000 coverage Does this sound right? I am in the process of getting other quotes but wanted to see if I am in the right ballpark. This is my first time getting insurance for the business and it seems like some places don't w
  5. Is there a way to get GM to pay labor warranty? I have a customer's 2005 Chevrolet SSR 6.0L Automatic. Oil pan threads were stripped and we got a new oil pan from local Chevrolet dealer (very pricey) and labor intensive. When I got the oil pan new in the box, it had metal shavings from the casting marks to which we cleaned out and it was fine. We installed the oil pan and after putting some mileage on it, we noticed oil on the ground. After lifting it up we discovered that the oil pan has factory casting marks and oil was literally seeping through the bottom of the pan through the casting mark
  6. I would like to resurrect this topic as I am wanting to stock batteries. So far interstate has their value line that is 62.50 across the board most batteries and more for the oddball stuff. I don't like the fact that they don't have any roadside assistance. Advance auto parts is too pricey. Worldpac and Cold Air Distributors have ACDelco and are very reasonable in their pricing and have roadside assistance but it is not a consignment program. You buy their batteries that you want to stock. What programs do you have regarding pricing, consignment, etc. What battery tester so you have that
  7. I buy from Cold Air in Longwood, Fl. I see "The Parts House" drivers every once in a while. never really inquired about them. I should check into them. BTW Cold Air has been dealing with inventory issues and I just talked to them yesterday about that and they are swapping/updating inventory and also prices are reflecting the whole tariff issue but hopefully that changes soon.
  8. Mas and Mevotech have videos and stuff regarding their regular line and premium lines. Proforged seems to be listed as premium or heavy duty in the rockauto categories. When I look at Amazon for some ratings I cannot seem to find anything objective. I try to use Moog exclusively on steering and suspension parts but sometimes a tie rod or stabilizer link is excessively prices. I have seen the mevotech stuff on amazon with bad reviews that they only last a year or so or the boots get torn maybe due to cheap materiels. The scary thing is Dorman acquired Mas industries January of 2018 and Dorman's
  9. I have a guy starting tomorrow and he was sent to me from a staffing agency. Basically his wife got a good job here in Florida from where they were living in PA and it was by the same agency. They charge a fee but they also take care of the witholdings, medicare,ss, unemployment ins, liability, etc. They do a background check, e-verify, drug test. Basically they own the employee for about 3 months then you have the option to take over. Let's say you dont like the tech, you just call the agency and let him go. They can then send you another canidate.
  10. This may be an odd topic but with the right strategies you can help workflow and prevent lost or misplaced keys. one of the most annoying things, other than that misplaced 10mm socket, is when you misplace a key. Customer hands you key > place tag on key> place invoice and key in hanging plastic order> place on workflow rack(or hand to technician)> tech pulls car in> I prefer if a car is in the bay to have the key on the seat with the window rolled down(to prevent lockout) or have the key in the hanging plastic invoice holder hanging on the mirror> Vehicle finished and k
  11. Which vendors have you had luck with? Do they give better warranties? Better quality parts?
  12. There are days I want to set the place on fire (sometimes just customers cars) ok just kidding. I seem to be getting a streak of problematic parts lately. I am so tired of reps telling me about quality, oem specs, warranty blah blah. My main supplier is AAP. Here are some examples below. - 2000 wrangler needing rear axles due to bearing failure. Ordered Dorman axles and both had fitment issues where once installed the differential pin wouldn't fit in due to improper clearances on the axle. Ordered another brand online Yukon Axles. - 1995 Lexus SC300 (mint cond, low miles) Felpro valv
  13. I am interested in the issue of where the best tires go. The front tires are the first to hit water puddles, dirt, loose gravel, etc. Tread is designed to cut through and displace water to prevent hydroplaning and to be able to stop the vehicle in wet conditions (which is often here in Florida) I notice on my personal car when the front tread gets low, the tires get understeer when in wet conditions. New tires up front and a world of difference. So recap... Front tires do 75% of the braking, cut through water first, and add to that the vehicle spends most of its time driving straigh

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