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  1. ASO Admin

    ASO Admin

  2. Your link has been approved. Welcome to autoshopowner!

  3. I have always used Robinair. 5 years ago I bought a new machine and it had an internal leak or something after a year. Robinair replaced it for free!!! $189.99 for an A/C evac and recharge with die. I offer free leak check and free recharge for one week if a leak is found in that time and the customer returns for a leak check in a week.
  4. We added 3 new forums to AutoShopOwner under General Discussions. Non-Automotive Discussions Here you can start a non-automotive related topic for discussion. members can discuss whatever they want in here! Photos and Videos - Any Here you can post any type of photo or video from another site or include links from the AutoShopOwner Gallery. It does not have to be automotive related. Anything you would like to share or discuss. Outside The Shop What do you do outside of your shop? What vacations have you taken? What hobbies do you have? Share your interests outside of your shop, with the community.
  5. Steve, all we saw there was the quote from the previous post.
  6. ASE Winter 2008 computer-based testing (CBT) runs through February 22, 2008. Testing appointments are available during the day, in the evening, and even on weekends. CBT provides increased flexibility to better suit your busy schedule, and test scores are delivered right at the test center! Register by February 15, 2008 at 1-800-525-6929. Certification (and recertification) tests available include the Automobile Series (A1-A8), Medium/Heavy Truck Series (T1-T8), Collision Repair/Refinish Series (B2-B6), Service Consultant (C1), and Automobile Parts Specialist (P2) tests. The two Advanced Level tests (L1 and L2) are also available. Visit the ASE website at www.ase.com/cbt for more information, including a CBT tutorial to familiarize yourself with taking the ASE tests on computer. Frequently asked questions and a complete listing of the CBT test centers can also be found there. And in case our CBT format doesn't meet your needs, online registration for the Spring 2008 ASE paper and pencil testing is now open! The deadline to register is March 31, 2008. Click here to register for Spring 2008 paper and pencil testing. ASE - Certifying the Automotive Professional
  7. We've just added a glossary of automotive terminology. It is located HERE You will also see a link in the navigation panel on the start page when you log in. In the NETWORK section. main menu under TOOLS. We welcome your suggestions.
  8. 93 downloads

    Steering and Suspension Check This is technician steering and suspension check form. You may inquire about having this form customized to for your shop.
  9. 115 downloads

    Brake Inspection This is technician brake inspection form. You may inquire about having this form customized to for your shop.
  10. 100 downloads

    Comeback Report This form is designed to help you evaluate, track, and identify customer comebacks to your shop. You may inquire about having a customized form made for your shop.
  11. The downloads section is now available for our members and can be found at DOWNLOADS We have also added Recent downloads on the NETWORK page. More content to come.
  12. We have added user avatars to the member avatar selections. Vehicle manufacturers and Company Logos. Any suggestions tha we missed, please post here.
  13. We are testing the e-mail functions across the board. Emails with the subject matter of "TEST" or "Testing" have been sent out. Results: Working as designed. Members will receive text e-mails from the community when sent. Smiley Test:
  14. We have launched AutoShopOwner.com! This is a BETA launch as we are still testing There are different areas of the site that are being worked on. What does BETA mean? This means that you may experience minor glitches in functionality. This is a testing period. Pleas report any bugs to this post. More to come.
  15. 98 downloads

    <span style="font-size:12pt;line-height:100%"><b>Telephone Answering Policy and Tips</b></span> Telephone Answering Policy and Tips. Here is an outline to have your associates follow when answering the telephone and conducting conversations with customers. You may inquire about having this form customized for your shop.

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