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    Sunday Night Chat


    For a while @Gonzo was leading the chats on Sundays and since then its always just stayed open as a time slot that would encourage members to jump in the chat room. I haven't seen much activity, so I took the notice off from the weekly email that goes out. It can always go on and the chat room is always available, but we don't have anyone specifically organizing it. That being said, I will probably post something to see if anyone is interested in doing something by a specific time slot. Its always open: https://www.autoshopowner.com/chat/ 😉
  2. @Ollie G Its driven only by what members enter, so it would really depend heavily on that data. Its meant so you can see where others are, here in the community. So here's what we see for south Florida (only members that have entered their rates)
  3. For metro areas, there's always Lyft and/or Uber. There's a topic on this here:
  4. Google search rolled out an update that now shows a website's favicon next to the search results on desktop, which started on mobile in May. https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/9290858?hl=en Interesting read: https://www.androidcentral.com/google-search-results-desktop-now-include-favicons What you need to know Google is making some changes to the way search results are shown on the desktop. Starting this week, search results will be displayed alongside icons for the websites they link to. The redesign was propagated to mobile devices last year.
  5. Our shop labor rate map has been updated and has over 600 entries currently. The averages below expand as you scroll into the map.
  6. Yes, it can get costly with more nest cams, even with the 50% off for additional cameras. Ring does something interesting which I think will carry over to more brands, they offer one fee for all cams at one address for around $100 with 30 days. Right now with Nest it would be $300 per year for the first and $150 for each additional. It can get expensive for more storage.
  7. @Corral Auto Service are you looking for information on moving to a new or different SMS? Check out some of the member feedback in this topi😄
  8. Here's some info on it for anyone who does not currently have it https://www.interstatebatteries.com/IBPulse 😎 Here's the PDF on the tester: https://interstatebatteries.com/-/media/project/interstate-batteries/pulse-pdfs/nac-588_ib-pulse-brochure_lr.pdf
  9. Welcome to ASO, check out this forum: https://www.autoshopowner.com/forums/forum/37-management-software-web-sites-internet/ also this topic on SMS systems:
  10. @CAR_AutoReports you’ve really done a nice job posting about your software, updates and enhancements. 👍
  11. Congratulations and welcome to ASO! Was this a general repair shop before with all the plows and accessories or did you introduce that?
  12. @Mail Shark I added the coupon image into your post since PDFs do not embed 😉
  13. Topic title changed to "Looking for some input into Advertising" and moved to Marketing, Advertising, & Promoting forum. 😁
  14. @bantar are you having issues commenting on this article by @CAR_AutoReports or other? You should be able to add a comment below the article: You can also post in the syndicated topic (same as the article and shares commenting)
  15. Its definitely hot out there! Are you asking about A/C options for your shop?
  16. You can also take a look at @Elite Worldwide Inc., @Joe Marconi.
  17. Found a great reason to re-energize this topic... @WomenAutoKnow just syndicated your Interstate video series under my blog 😀 On a side note, I know Ralph for years 😉 but was informed about this from your WAK newsletter, so Kudos to you and the rest of the crew on this!
  18. This content is syndicated from https://www.interstatebatteries.com/blog/episode-2-training-new-mechanics When it comes to new techs, shop owners need to rethink the process of becoming a mechanic, every step of the way. It hurts your heart. Literally. You see new mechanics coming in, and they’re so charged up to finally get a chance to do what they love: work on cars. But slowly, over time, that enthusiasm fades. In this episode, our new and old-school mechanics talk shop about how becoming a mechanic means never losing your love for the work. Rethink every step.It starts with building a cool shop and pairing new techs with the best mentors, says Charles Sanville, mechanic and video blogger, Humble Mechanic. The certified Volkswagen technician started out in a dealership and watched the most enthusiastic mechanics lose heart. Good mentorship saved him. Manage conflict. If you have a new tech starting in your garage, team meetings can quiet conflicts that might be happening under the radar, says Audra Fordin, a fourth-generation mechanic and the founder of Women Auto Know. Chances are, the problem isn’t an isolated one, and the team needs an open, honest conversation about it. Your best mentor isn’t always your best tech. Pairing up the right mentor with the right new tech means passing on the love and passion for the craft, says Ralph Parente, who started working in an auto shop at 16 years old. But that doesn’t always mean your best mechanic. Stay opened-minded about which seasoned techs in your shop can be the best mentors.
  19. @Dakotaj96 not sure if it helps but check out these topics:
  20. Yes it is a cool feature, and probably one of the benefits that has a cost behind it, as does running this community, and probably worth upgrading for $29.99 per year. But if $30 a year is too much for you to accept, I can understand, and is why we also offer a FREE membership, like you have now. Please continue to enjoy your FREE membership if you can't see the value in moving to a paid membership. 😀

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