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  1. As far as the northern part of the country, by January most people have done what they normally do to get their vehicles ready for winter so that kind of work isn't there. In January and February the weather is lousy so people aren't traveling as much. Less miles, less work needed. Also in these 2 months Xmas bills are coming due so we're still fighting Santa Claus. The only thing that helps during this time of year is SEVERE weather that breaks cars. The other time of year we see severe slowdowns is in September during back to school time.
  2. My people made some calls and apparently this is only currently happening in the Dallas/FW area. Involves less than 20 stores. A pilot program? Possibly.
  3. Don't think this is true. The guys that bought my shop are primarily Goodyear and they haven't heard anything like this. Maybe getting confused with the Goodyear "Just Tires" concept where there will be retail storefronts that look like a phone store and do no installation. You go there and buy the tires and then set an appointment up to get them installed at a company store or Goodyear independent.
  4. This is the broker I used. He writes for some of the trade journals and that's how I found him. He has a "Sellability Score Test" on his website that you can punch you numbers in and it will give you some ideas about what your business is worth. He'll then consult with you a bit before it's time to get serious. Great guy. https://art-blumenthal.com/Home.php
  5. 3 week update: Lots of changes in the shop. These guys are all about getting rid of clutter, old equipment and downsizing inventory. I'm still working everyday and lovin' it. My attitude is so much better without all those managerial things rattling around in my head. I am kicking myself in the ass a bit though. As I've said before I was coasting. When very first tech quit 2 1/2 years ago during a slow period I elected not to replace him. Raised my rates and carried on with the remaining 2 techs. These guys instantly brought another tech in to help the other 2. Instant extra 25 - 30 hours a week billed while still maintaining the higher rates. Even with the extra wages I don't want to think how much that would amount to in profit $$s at the end of the year. Okay I lied. I did the numbers and it makes me sick. But....life is good.
  6. Would rather not divulge numbers because the buyer might not approve. Let me just say this. I was told about 8 years ago by another tire dealer that your business customer base and equipment is not near what you think it's worth. The real payday is when you own the real estate and can lease it to the new owner. As I've mentioned in other posts, my business hasn't been the same since the recession hit and 5 car dealerships opened up within a 1/2 mile of my store. Our sales dropped down about 15% from our highs, and net is much worse. Additionally, when my first employee from 1979 quit 2 years ago I elected not to rehire another tech. Frankly, I started coasting. I was tired and just wanted out. The one ace in the hole was an 11 year old building worth about 1.2M that I own free and clear. I ended up getting about 3 times cash flow plus my inventory which was considerable with 1700+ tires. The payday is the 5 year lease with two 5 year options. As for my plans, I've worked a deal out with the new owner to work at least 16 hours a week for the next year. After that...who knows. Hopefully some grand adventures.
  7. Damn I really did it. After 39 years [this November] I just sold my business. Life is gonna be different.
  8. Mount and balance: 60 series and higher $18.50, 50-55 series $20.50, 40-45 series $22.50, 35 series and lower $24.50. add $3.00 for 20" and bigger wheels. Deduct $2.00 if off car. We do not charge for M/B on tires we sell. It's included in the price. Rotations are $19.95 if it's a stand alone service and they aren't our tires. Add $10.00 if major TPMS rest. Disposal $2.50. Tire repairs $20.00.
  9. Speaking of oil change intervals, my 2018 Colorado requested an oil change at 4400 miles. Maybe they're starting to back off on those loooooong intervals.
  10. Well we give all out tire customers rotation schedules when we sell a set and I'd say the vast majority of them stick pretty close to the schedule. Plus mechanicnet sends out rotation reminders which helps. I don't think the real problem is the rotation of a set that was originally install together. I think the problem is mostly when only 2 tires are being installed.
  11. Except in unusual circumstances, if tires are rotated every 5k from mile 1, there will never be enough of a tread differential to deter tire rotations.
  12. Well the other shoe has dropped in the ATD / Tire Hub saga. Bridgestone has announced they are following Goodyear in pulling their Brands from ATD. This one hurts as I have been a loyal Bridgestone dealer for decades. Looks like I have 3 options, none good. Continue with ATD but buy my Bridgestone products from Tire Hub. Continue with ATD and drop my Bridgestone products probably increasing my Continental purchases. Find a whole new distributor to buy all my products from. The thing that really sucks is ATD, Bridgestone, and Tire pros all announced new loyalty programs this year which collectively could have amounted to 18k more in back end $$s. Most of that is probably gone now.
  13. SCOTUS just ruled that online sellers have to charge sales tax to all online buyers. This is huge. So many times when matching Tire Rack the sales tax puts us at a disadvantage. No more. It's about time!
  14. Most of the manufacturers have service bulletins regarding where to put 2 new tires.
  15. This has been covered in other threads before but here goes again. In wet conditions, good tires on the back will induce understeer, good tires on the front will induce oversteer. So here is what will happen: You're going down an exit ramp with your good tires on the front and go thru some water. The car will start to oversteer and you'll get off the gas. When you do that, you transfer weight to the front and make the oversteer worse and before you know it you're into the guardrail with the back of the car. Conversely, with the good tires on the back when you hit the water, the car will start to understeer, you get off the gas thus transferring weight to the front which helps to regain front traction and you continue on your merry way. In racing, understeer is a stable condition while oversteer is an unstable condition. I went to a Continental test track in Texas where they had a circle track set up with one section watered down. We were told to maintain a steady speed at 40 mph around the track. When we came to the wet area with the best tires on the back, the car started to understeer we got off the throttle and regained control without a problem. When the best tire were on the front, EVERYONE lost control and spun even myself, with 40 years of both oval and road racing experience. That's why for the last 25 years or so ALL tire manufacturers have recommended if only replacing 2 tires, they go on the back. I keep a copy of several car magazine test about this under the counter to show customers that question the practice.

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