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  1. tyrguy


    Speaking of oil change intervals, my 2018 Colorado requested an oil change at 4400 miles. Maybe they're starting to back off on those loooooong intervals.
  2. tyrguy


    Well we give all out tire customers rotation schedules when we sell a set and I'd say the vast majority of them stick pretty close to the schedule. Plus mechanicnet sends out rotation reminders which helps. I don't think the real problem is the rotation of a set that was originally install together. I think the problem is mostly when only 2 tires are being installed.
  3. tyrguy


    Except in unusual circumstances, if tires are rotated every 5k from mile 1, there will never be enough of a tread differential to deter tire rotations.
  4. Well the other shoe has dropped in the ATD / Tire Hub saga. Bridgestone has announced they are following Goodyear in pulling their Brands from ATD. This one hurts as I have been a loyal Bridgestone dealer for decades. Looks like I have 3 options, none good. Continue with ATD but buy my Bridgestone products from Tire Hub. Continue with ATD and drop my Bridgestone products probably increasing my Continental purchases. Find a whole new distributor to buy all my products from. The thing that really sucks is ATD, Bridgestone, and Tire pros all announced new loyalty programs this year which collectively could have amounted to 18k more in back end $$s. Most of that is probably gone now.
  5. SCOTUS just ruled that online sellers have to charge sales tax to all online buyers. This is huge. So many times when matching Tire Rack the sales tax puts us at a disadvantage. No more. It's about time!
  6. tyrguy


    Most of the manufacturers have service bulletins regarding where to put 2 new tires.
  7. tyrguy


    This has been covered in other threads before but here goes again. In wet conditions, good tires on the back will induce understeer, good tires on the front will induce oversteer. So here is what will happen: You're going down an exit ramp with your good tires on the front and go thru some water. The car will start to oversteer and you'll get off the gas. When you do that, you transfer weight to the front and make the oversteer worse and before you know it you're into the guardrail with the back of the car. Conversely, with the good tires on the back when you hit the water, the car will start to understeer, you get off the gas thus transferring weight to the front which helps to regain front traction and you continue on your merry way. In racing, understeer is a stable condition while oversteer is an unstable condition. I went to a Continental test track in Texas where they had a circle track set up with one section watered down. We were told to maintain a steady speed at 40 mph around the track. When we came to the wet area with the best tires on the back, the car started to understeer we got off the throttle and regained control without a problem. When the best tire were on the front, EVERYONE lost control and spun even myself, with 40 years of both oval and road racing experience. That's why for the last 25 years or so ALL tire manufacturers have recommended if only replacing 2 tires, they go on the back. I keep a copy of several car magazine test about this under the counter to show customers that question the practice.
  8. tyrguy

    Need some advice

    Assuming that your workmanship is indeed at fault, this would probably be covered by your insurance. Funny how it works though. They probably wouldn't cover the hose because that was caused by your tech, but they would cover any resulting damage ie the engine. We had a similar situation last year where an oil filter came off 6 months after an oil change. The insurance company didn't cover a new filter, but they did cover the engine, albeit at a reduced cost. The only big question is whether the insurance company wants you to get it back in your shop.
  9. We have always referred to productivity as hours billed to hours available. I see that in another above post the writer refers to this metric as utilization. However, I would say that to achieve high productivity numbers it starts even before shop setup, tooling and such. It actually starts with marketing because no matter how good the techs, if you don't have the work, you can't bill the hours. We had a 15 year run where our productivity numbers averaged 96-97% year after year with 1 year [2004] that we hit 101% [6511 hr/6440 hrs] with 3 techs. Then the recession hit, coupled with 5 car dealerships opening up within a 1/2 mile and we saw those numbers decline to 72% in 2015. In 2016 1 tech retired and with 2 techs I've been able to get that number back up to 83% last year. Lastly, although I agree with charging a full and proper rate for diagnostics, the "rate" has nothing to do with the productivity number. It's just the fact that you charging the "time" that affects productivity.
  10. tyrguy


    Define "top dollar".
  11. tyrguy


    Sorry about the double post but I wanted to fix a few spelling errors and I couldn't find the edit button on my first post. The industry has been recommending best on the rear for probably 15 years or more. If a customer requests otherwise we will do it with a big disclaimer on the invoice. Plus, I keep a lot of articles under the counter from Road and Track, etc that stress the point. I did a track day in Texas with Continental where they had us go thru water in a turn with 1/2 worn tires on the front and then the back. With the 1/2 worn tires on the front you would feel the car start to understeer causing you to get off the throttle, this would cause a weight transfer to the front helping you regain control. With the half worn tires on the rear, the car would go into oversteer causing you to get off the throttle, which would transfer weight to the front making the oversteer worse and causing a spin. This happened to everybody even though they knew to expect it. Understeer is much safer for the average driver than oversteer. That's why car manufacturers build understeer in most cars. Also why most oval track race cars dial a bit of understeer in.
  12. tyrguy

    Tire prices

    Every tire we sell includes lifetime rotations, re-balancing, flat repair and road hazard in the price. We will match any competitor's price as long as they are offering the same package. Usually by the time they add their lifetime services in, we are't that far off. Even with Tire Rack who doesn't offer the free rotations and re-balancing. Speaking of Tire Rack, online retailers are going to take a big hit this summer when the SCOTUS rules on sales tax.
  13. tyrguy

    Price Negotiations

    I would double check that. I believe that the confusion is it used to be true that you couldn't charge more for credit card use, so giving a discount for cash would seem to do exactly that. But at that time it was how it was presented. If your "stated" price was a cash discount price and you charged more for credit cards, that indeed was illegal. But if your stated price was for any type payment you could indeed discount it for cash. However, the laws have pretty much changed so that you can now have a stated price and charge more for credit card use so that is a mute point. I don't believe cash discounts are illegal anywhere. And if they were, how could they prove what the discount is for?
  14. If you read my post closer, you'll see that those productivity numbers were in a galaxy a long time ago and far far away. We haven't seen numbers above 90% since 2011. Last year we ended at 82.73%, 3483.83 billed versus 4211.0 worked. However, that's with just 2 techs versus 3 techs previously so our actual hours billed are down 2300+ from 2011 when we billed 5842/6331 or 92.27%. I'd be interested to hear what productivity numbers others are running. Straight calculation, hours billed/hours worked. We will finish the 1st Quarter at about 76%, 830.0/1094.0. Anybody else?
  15. tyrguy

    Anyone have a repair plate ?

    39 years doing this and I have no idea what you are referring to?