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  1. Bock auto

    Bock auto

  2. interstate batteries became junk in our shop. local route would argue on warranties including in my own personal vehicle. batteries on shelf that were put into stock as replacement tsted bad on multiple occasins. i took 3 differant testers to batteries on his truck and same result. the driver took his tester and confirmed same result. was so happyto remove them from my shelves.
  3. IS anybody on hetre going on the cruise to alaska with technet advance auto the week of july 23?
  4. I have a shop in my town just closed selling a versus that 4 years old. Fully up to date. Asking 2500.
  5. advance auto parts/carquest has the technet program. 2yr/24k or optional 3yr/36k warranties
  6. In our shop we would cover the repair regardless of previous discloser. I feel this makes for good business. We go over with our techs what is expected during all our services. we would use this as a lesson to all our techs about what to do or not during to somebody else's car.
  7. have a 6.0 in our shop now. head studs and bullet proof diesel egr cooler. something sounds not right with diagnosis on that 6.0 any way i can help let me know.
  8. We took over the shop in September from the previous owner after 38 yes in business. I had worked for him for 11 years prior to take over. The one employee who I carried over with me during the changeover is a once in a lifetime employee that everyday goes above and beyond on every job. I kept asking and prying into an item he might be interested in. He grew up in a poor poor community and I found out has slanted Apple products. My wife and I bought him a MacBook laptop as a Christmas thank you. Now, we have a new hire who has been with us 3 weeks, not sure what to do for him.

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Fast Free Shipping on All Orders Over $50
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