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  • Joe Marconi changed the title to Is ADAS on Your Tool/Equipment List?

I am concerned about the liability when a car comes in for calibration.  We are using a printed paper target at the dealership.  Would like to have something like the Bosch setup, but they will never buy it.

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It will be interesting to see what happens when these systems wear out in ten years. If a faulty ADAS will stop your car from driving it becomes as important as a transmission. But if it's just an add on people might live without it. I've heard of some ADAS needing calibrated with every alignment, is that accurate?

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On 5/10/2022 at 2:04 PM, Joe Marconi said:

ADAS will be incorporated within the safety systems in every car. I don't know where we are headed,  but right now on many cars, you have to recalibrate ADAS for bumper cover replacements, rearview mirrors, alignments, and a lot more. Technically, wherever ADAS has sensors, you need to check to see if an ADAS recalibrate needs to be done if the sensors were affected by a particular repair. 

So, I don't think it's the same if your cruise control fails or your CD player fails, and you opted not to repair it. 

I'm speechless. I need to research ADAS more! 

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Good day.

ADAS is my next adventure/challenge. I have been studying this for about a year. 

What I have learned so far... the technology is in the cars but not so much for the aftermarket repairs shops..
At this time, It's still very expensive for a shop to make such a large investment. There's no universal/one fit all equipment able to calibrate all models or cars.
It requires an enclosed bay with a level floor, lighting(and why not A/C too😁) an extensive knowledge of alignment and be familiar with the different systems that are calibrated, able to diagnostic and trouble shoot electrical problems(at some point), It should be ez, I dare to say.😂

Here's my question, where do we get the training to have a better understanding of such systems?
...Things that I have encounter, sales people sale, tech installed and the training is very poor, since the tech does not do the work daily with the systems.
I would like to know who's the "Guru" on this type of systems, If we have to attend a training that would make us feel comfortable on doing this type of service.

If we can get some answers to this questions, it would make us more at ease in performing this task.

Brake and Front Shop

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5 hours ago, Joe Marconi said:

All great points! There is a lot of training available these days. The ones I have used are the following:

  • World Pac training
  • CTI (CARQUEST Technical Institute)
  • NAPA
  • ATTS - Automotive Technician's Training Services

In addition, speak to companies such as Hunter and Snap-On to see what they are developing. 

Good luck! 




I have spoke with both local reps( hunter  & snap on)and not much help,they send me links to what I already have seen  and  knew. keep in mind, I am in Brownsville, Tx. At the border, we don't see much of the equipment in question here but I know is there. 




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