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  1. Yes Indeed, If you asked me, It's about having the right mind on innovation and having the right tools and technology, That's what's going to keep us busy and in business.
  2. Good Day joe... In our case, we are a brake and front end shop. The little research that I've done, EV still needs to be worked on suspension, alignments, brakes and balancing tires. In our town, recently opened a Tesla Dealer ship, and up until now we have done one Tesla alignment and it wasn't so bad. nothing different! Please keep in mind, I am in Brownsville, Texas, where the gas and diesel trucks rule. I believe it's going to take a while for the local market to take off on the Teslas. We're beginning to see them more and more on our local town. It's just matter of time and they will come. JP
  3. Policies and procedures makes a big difference and how a business is successful or a failure. They should be aligned with the mission statement of the business When we have written procedures, more than likely it's because something happened and was resolved. Policies and procedures reduced the amount of headaches for a shop manager or an owner. ...and Yes, the policies and procedures will confirm the success of the second location along with having the right people.
  4. Again "hope is not a plan" A plan is better than no plan at all. It has been a tough year for the US 🇺🇸. This year has been our break through year. We have increased our sales by 10% . The last quater is always the hardest. There are, like it was mentioned before some factors to consider for the last months of the year. Google business has been a great tool for us... In the last 2 years we have been working on branding and promoting our business on social media with that intent. We're a 7 yr old brake and front end shop and we're beginning to see our efforts to pay off. Regards JP
  5. ...to answer your question, YES, that's the right "Business Decision" (key word Business). I know it's hard, I myself have been in that situation on previous Jobs as Dir. of Op's. You keep the staff that align with your business Mission & Vision statement and go from there. These are the best employees to have in this kind of situations. I am sure the compensation will come later on.
  6. Thanks for the advice...exclty my plan but around my 60 years.. who's your coach?😁
  7. "My banker just told me that 1099s don’t count because 1099’people are eligible to apply themselves. I had quite a bit of 1099 last year and it don’t count." Exactly, I was never a Banker, but I am an accountant by profession and Business owner/Mechanic by trade. therefore we should focus on how justify/paper trail to our expenses.. Tell your accountant to run your 2019 P&L and look at your expenses and go down the lines.. if u get the loan, that's whats going to cover along with payroll if any employees. That will give you and idea. Also do the pay roll for those that are employees, just to get an idea and be familiar with what the banker is going to request. if you keep receipts it's justifiable, Ex: lease agreement, utilities at the time, the Bankers are still getting familiar on the process itself. I bank with Wells Fargo and my banker didn't know much. I knew more than him... The process it's barely going to get in place/done by the government and then given to implement to the banks and then to us... In my humble opinion, we might get the EIDL first than the PPP We have to be Patience JP
  8. Good day.. I have submitted our application for the EIDL and for the PPP relief, thinking that this would help us... Keep in mind, this process will take time but I am sure it is moving, any chance we have at it, it's better then nothing at all. On the Payroll issue, our company does not have employees, we are independent contractors, so pay roll won't work for us, even though I record our pay checks, and at the end of the year we get a 1099. ...but any of these loans will certainly help for our fix expenses, rent, utilities and such. In other words, we all qualify due to these Expenses. The PPP will help us to be and remain open until the new normal... The sales that we might have until we get to the new normal, it will only help us just to get money to cover part of our fix expenses and take home. Keep in mind, a lot of our customers, might be out of work. This is my plan on the works,😁 Note: and here's my contributions to this commune and be known for, I learned this from my old Boss "Hope is not a Plan JP" "HOPE IS NOT A PLAN"
  9. Good day! We had to close, we are in mandatory shelter at home by the County for the next 14 days, ( March 28th to April 8th). Not many cases of coronavirus down here, but there are about 7 cases in Brownsville,TX. 6 are trip related and the other it's under investigation. School is out and a lot of places are closed. ...For us, a shop going on it's 7th year mark, we started the year with our sales at hi. In January we increased our sales by 27% & February by 22%. Things went down by Mid March, when all of this started. We're going to wait till April 8th and hope for the best and go back at it... In this particular area, we are at the peak, hopefully, Things will start going back to normal. I can cover the expenses for this April, but coming May it's a different ball game.. Regards Juan Pablo(JP) Sepulveda
  10. juanpablo4219


  11. We've been told by the hunter rep that we're supposed to charge more for the calibration of the steering angle/ connect the code link. The computer tells you at the beginning once you put targets and rolled the car.... but you do the update at the end. My though... we're a fairly new business and we're building a brand and name for ourselves...if we don't calibrate the steering angle of the car will drift or not run straight... we charge a flat fee for the alignment and that's it Now at what time we're going the tell the customer that we have to charge them more since their car's steering sensor need to be calibrate... what if the customer says no update?
  12. I am in Brownsville, TX....down south or the upper part of Mexico if you will.... Lol It has been the same for us....our business is a 3 yr old but we still growing as a new business. Our numbers are very low compare to the numbers you guys mentioned... But it's very similar to you al'.....great in March and April and on the avg for Jan & Feb compared to last year. so far no loses yet and we're braking even. We were setting up to do State Inspection with the idea to increase our sales but the Great State of Texas decided to do away with them... now back to the drawing board and see what we can do to increase our sales,,,, ....and let me say this "Hope is not a plan" Regards
  13. We're down in Brownsville, TX. we're in south Texas border with Mexico and it has been a rare year for us, since our shop is a 3yr old. We have been growing and still have a 7% sales increase yr. to date but from late august till now, our monthly sales have been decreasing. We're doing less than last yr. ....and as Joe said keeping positive is the best way. It's slow but this give us the time to convert one of our bays into an state inspection station. this keep us busy and at the same time allow us to continue to provide services wow, and I thought it was just us
  14. We have that equipment and bought it used from a dealership, so far it has worked for us. ....Then again We're a new shop and started with used equipment to build out clientele. It's really hard to start a new business with no customers and have a monthly payment. Now after a year, we make an average of 32 alignments monthly and totally justified the expense of a new one. At this point, we're looking into updating the computer and software and have code link... According to Hunter Sales rep, we still have support for this machines.... Regards

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