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  1. Voltek H/EV

    Voltek H/EV

  2. Yes, lots of good info here, thank you all again! Found a shop that was not being utilized by the owner, his head mechanic quit and he's got a lawn company so he was using the facility for storage and repair of his equipment, so it's a really good fit for both of us and he's already got lifts and a bunch of other equipment, all American made.
  3. Thank you all for your input! It confirms what I already knew to be true. It's just surprising when you look on ebay that they're selling quite a few of these (a few hundred) which got me thinking, who's actually using this stuff? I'm trying to partner with an existing shop so hopefully I won't need to buy any of these machines, just pay a monthly fee for shop use. If things go good i'll have my own shop eventually and at that point i'm going to buy used american machines. I will say however that the Sunex impact sockets I got have been working great, they're from Taiwan and are basically a st
  4. Hello everyone, first post here, I'm in the process of opening an actual shop, i've been a mobile mechanic for 10 years. I specialize in hybrid and electric vehicles. I've been searching prices on fluid exchanger machines, lifts and other pricey equipment. I've been looking at some really cheap Chinese equipment on ebay, i'm just wondering if anyone here has successfully used any of this equipment. It's tempting but I know the old "you get what you pay for" mantra. They got lifts for $1,600 and ATF fluid exchangers for $335. Might be worth trying the fluid exchanger on some of my own vehi

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