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  2. Owning and running a auto shop is difficult for guys that were techs, trying to run one absentee is a great way to lose 100% of your investment. Not having the knowledge of how the vehicles actually work not only will your employees take advantage of you they will never respect you, also your customers will take advantage of you. Ever heard of the “ever since you” this is the scenario where you perform a simple repair or any repair a week or so goes by something new fails completely unrelated to what you did. How do you justify that having no experience on the repair side. Now the fact that you want to run this absentee and it’s mostly an all cash business let’s say you pull in 3k a week you will see this for the first month than slowly but surely it will go down down down I gaurntee the lost revenue will be going straight in your employees pocket. If you are willing to take those risks best of luck to you but I would not do it if you want to get in automotive at minimum start taking repair classes at a local community college or trade school. But running the shop absentee is a sure fire way for failure have seen plenty of successful business sold over the years to guys wanting to to what your doing 100% of them went down with in the first year
  3. I agree with pretty much everyone here it’s the cost of doing business but if it’s a daily thing guys need to be let go. Another thing to remember is your techs are the most important part of your business, you start docking guys pay they will find another way to get it back, I.e. charging your customers for things they don’t need and not doing them, just my thoughts here in a shop owner now but never left my flat rate dealership mindset

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