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  1. Topauto


  2. After two weeks of research we chose Dharma merchant services several years ago No BS - no contracts . First month we saved over $250 real dollars. Google check them out for your self
  3. When asked if the customer can supply the parts I simply say , sorry we are not the shop you . Thanks for calling - goodbye and hang up
  4. We also stock Delco Batteries from Cold Air . Typically we stock the PS series -30 month free replacement . The PG series has a 42 month free replacement and usually the cost is not that much more . In Florida batteries seem to go bad between 24 to 36 months . Which is why I usually do not give the customer an 18 month option . I try to educate the consumer on the benefits of a free replacement versus a pro rated warranty in the same time frame. They may save $10 or $20 up front with a cheaper battery from a big box store but when the battery fails - they get a prorated warranty coverage they just lost money. We have never had a issue getting full coverage on the warranty. Actually, several times when it was the right thing to do for our customer we have gotten replacements even though the battery may be several months out of warranty .
  5. We have used Mas and Melvotech for several years now without issue . Melvotech appears better or as good as Moog. I was not aware of The Dorman buyout. That is scary.
  6. Several other shops recommended Indeed to me . They had hired excellent technicians from the applicants provided. My experience was not good. After several hundred dollars spent not one viable applicant was produced. After two months I followed the directions provided on the web site to cancel our account. Yep, next Billing cycle on our credit card was another $115 dollar charge. When I called for an explanation , I felt like I got a BS response. No refund . So, lesson learned
  7. Just be true to your integrity. Complete the job correctly at the agreed on price. Never I say never be available to work on their vehicles again. Lesson learned.
  8. We use Dharma Merchant service out of California. It Took two weeks of research to finally understand the shell game of credit card changes. Everyone pays the same % for the bank /service charges and each card has different processing fees. What you pay over that is the scam . When we switched to Dharma the first month we saw a $200 savings. Still cost a lot money each month to process C/C. We feel it is cost of doing business.
  9. We call those customers 1 % 's . They do not fit our morals valves etc... We bend over backwards to keep customers happy . But their is a very small percentage you should avoid. I believe direct unemotional communication is the best defense. Sorry we are not the shop for you if you want to supply your own parts.... haggle the price after you agreed to the estimate. nice to meet you , though have a nice life!
  10. Everyone pays the same bank processing fees . What you pay above that is the secret. After two weeks researching We choose Dharma merchant services . Saved us $200 the first month we changed over merchant service. No contract check out there website
  11. Please check out Top Auto inc south downtown. We have been in business for 33 years . Excellent reviews. We treat our customers like family. Strategy based diagnostic. Topautoinc.com

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