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Anyone web order parts regularly?

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Due to lack of local parts inventory, price matching games, and b.s. clerical errors from vendors I'm tempted to just order all my parts from Amazon or another online wholesaler. The prices are the lowest, there's no denying that. Most PRIME parts arrive the next morning, quicker than waiting for a parts store order. The only issue is with warranty problems but I'm so frustrated with warranty labor claims I won't even go there. If you are in a major population area I'm sure you don't have this problem but in rural areas I'm sure I'm not the only one with a problem. I can't even get brake pads the same day unless I want to use store brand garbage. Today's example is a window switch for a Colorado. $275 from the national chains, 1-2 days away. $125.00 from Amazon, next day shipping (free). Same exact Door-Man part. That's $150 cheaper. I compared fuel pumps, wheel bearings, electrical parts. All are at least 50% less than the locals, apples to apples comparison (same part #) My feelings are if the customer can wait I can make exactly the same money and at the same time save my customer money, in some cases it's hundreds. What are your thoughts?

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