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  1. Wow. a little over $500 a week to work as a automotive tech. Things in Texas must really be cheap. Over here in Bellevue WA., Mexicans at Home Depot ask, and get $20 an hour cash for basic manual labor. I should move to Texas to retire.
  2. You have an excellent point of view. Where as NCAUTOSHOP needs to get a new set of pantys.
  3. Very much so. Tell me I am not telling the truth. I am getting pretty tired of shop owners crying about this and that , when at the end of the day it is all there fault. Didn't any one ever told you guys that you get what you pay for?? Yeah I want to buy an S550 for a price of a Impala. Not going to happen , no matter how much I piss and moan about it. Many of you state , how generous you are by paying $15 per hour. In Seattle over here it is minimum wage. I would rather go work in MC Donald's than being a grease monkey. Merry Xmas girls.
  4. You are all full of s.it You play a numbers game with your techs, but in the end it is all about you getting paid. Than you cry like little girls screaming why cant you get good techs. Look, if this topic is all about screwing your workers than just say so, and I dont have a problem with that. If you want to be fair and non of you do. But I will tell you. Pay your techs 33% of labor. Period. Work comes in , everybody makes money, no work no money for everybody. including you. Plain and simple. Can any of you handle that??? I doubt , and dont tell me about your expenses, Do you care ab
  5. _2080, on 27 Nov 2016 - 9:09 PM, said: Please, do share with us fellow shop owners how you are paying your techs 50% of your labor and still keeping the doors open! I'd love to hear more, because I must be wasting 20% of my labor sales somewhere. So how many techs do you have working for you? Are they all paid 50%, or is that just like an average of all of them combined. Are uniforms, insurance, and other perks included in this calculation, or is all that additional to the 50% they are getting? DID I EVER SAY ANYWHERE THAT I WAS PAYING 50% TO ANYONE???? You people are just a
  6. This what I have done in the past. Labor rate pays everybodys income and shop expense. Mark up on parts pays for comebacks. Your mark up depends on how many comebacks you have. A good shop should not have to mark up their parts more than 30% So when the customer brings their own parts and they are quality, Just add 30% to the price and you will be just fine. Yes your insurance will cover everything should there be a problem. I never had any.
  7. ASE is total bullshit. You give me a couple of days working for me and I will tell if you are good enough or should be delivering pizza. I too was ASE master tech, but I was also young and stupid.
  8. I have been a tech for 30 years , 17 of them a business owner. I wholly agree with Steve's comments. I became a shop owner because I got tired of being somebody else slave. Granted , being a shop owner is tough. But at least I am nobody's boy.
  9. To put it simply. I love working on cars but I should have kept that as a hobby. Dealing with customers and lot's of other people for 30 years 17 of it having my own shop became too much for me to handle. Too many techs become self employed, thinking there will be riches to come. Yes I used to own all the top euro trash cars.Although the Jag I had was very reliable and trouble free, which was pretty strange. Never the less, chasing that carrot was a big mistake. I had the opportunity to become a cop in my early 20s. I should have done it. Now I would have had one hell of a great pension
  10. rockauto is great . Their prices are better than i ever got from WorlPac. But it takes time to get them.
  11. Now that I no longer have a business. I buy my parts at rockauto.. They sell ac delco for my chevy and motorcraft for my ford. their prices are lower than I ever got from World Pac. So to tell the customer that they are getting a cheap part, no longer fly's these days. In the past , if a customer would start asking questions about price or quality of service. It only meant one thing. They were thinking that you are cheating them. Now I found that VERY disrespectful. I would always tell them that If there was a doubt in their mind about me doing the right thing for them. They were free to g
  12. I closed two months ego. Could not be happier.Should have done it 10 years ego. It is the fear of the unknown that makes us do things we really should not be doing. I earn now minimum wage. More than enough to pay all my bills. Still got all my tools. The biggest problem now is working on my own cars with out a lift. Can't seem to find a comfy creeper. Gene.
  13. Middle Village, NY a large city? Tell it to some one who never been there before. Gene.
  14. Very sensitive arent we. I am thinking you are one of those who is looking for slaves and your wife is fat. As I said before , truth hurts and most can't take it. I got emails from people saying that I should continue posting. I guess I am not that bad after all. and remember tomorrow is saturday, so when you get drunk , stay away from your cousin. or at least wear protection. For the rest of the people. Running an auto repair shop in a big city is very tough to say the least. One needs to be a hustler in order to make rent. I have been doing it for 28 years and getting tired. Lik

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