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  1. I use Alldata and I understand what you are saying, don't worry getting their adress or last name just get their first name and phone number. Don't worry about their tag number either just get the yeah make ,model and engine size. Work the estimate n save it, you can also ask them if you can call them back with the estimate and do it on your own time so you don't mess up the estimate or feel in a rush since you have the person on the phone.

    Pay plan help

    This is good info. I only been in business for 3 months 2 Bay shop one tech and my self. I help the tech when I can other than that I run the shop as a servc advisor etc.. I was thinking if I have someone do the srvc advisor and have them ona salary, what would be a decent performance plan to have?

    Hiring your first person ( One man shop)

    This is a great subject, I just open a 2 Bay Shop and I'm bearly making, great potential due to location I even open a hand car washow in the lot and hire a guy to it , but coming from a Factory own dealership (BMW) to work in general mechanic is a whole diffeent world, I notice I need to hire a mechanic with experience and probably pay him 40% of all labor. That will allow me to run the front. Can't afford base salary yet.

    Anyone web order parts regularly?

    Next day delivery from amazon, interesting. But you are right is a lot cheaper for the same parts!

    Technician pay

    Did I understood correctly, you guys pay $ per hour guarantee plus hours flag??