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  1. When non-clients call us for a quote we act like we're taking down their number and then do nothing. We are too selective and too busy to waste time on somebody we'll never see.
  2. My guys clock in and out like a factory worker would, and get paid for 40 to 45 hours per week normally. By labor turned, I mean the $dollar volume of labor produced. If Joe produces $14,000 labor for the month he gets a 5% bonus. $700.
  3. My 5 techs are paid hourly. Not flat rate. They also get a monthly bonus of 5% of their labor turned during the month. This 5% usually runs from $550 to $950 depending on work and tech. This amount usually pays their house payment for the 3 techs that have one. They also receive weekly (paid Monday) spiffs for flushes, shocks, struts, fuel services, filter, wipers, and batteries. Sometimes the weekly spiffs can be $250 to $300 per tech. They bust ass, write work, and are very productive. PLUS they're not EVEN thinking of going anywhere else for a job. Hi-Gear
  4. Hi, Gavilan! That sounds like a great price. I bought the Hunter Hawkeye Elite w/ the RX-16 lift with all the options and it was right at $67,000. You cannot go wrong with Hunter!! Hi-Gear
  5. Hello! I also looked at your place on Google Satellite. If you sign a lease you will be LOCKED IN for rent, power, maybe insurance and taxes (depending on your lease), so I am offering my thoughts and coaching tips. 1) We're all in this business to make money, so I recommend investing $800 to $1200 per month on marketing to increase car count and sales. You will not be LOCKED IN to this expense: it will be optional. I do recommend at least six months commitment to make it work. 2) Also, at my shop, we make our most money on cars that are dropped off and no one waiting. WE do ALL WE CAN to keep people from waiting. We use Uber, our driver, and whatever it takes to take them home, to work, shopping, to the Library, Etc. so we can do a quality inspection and sales job. 3) On your marketing, just tell them your shop is right behind the cleaners. Are all the parking spaces along the back lot line yours? It looks like you have plenty of parking right at your shop. If the prospect were to come to the front door on the street it looks like they would have a hard time figuring out where to park. 4) Many of us have shop layout and land situations that are not ideal, so I know how you feel about wanting a street location, but I have a feeling if you spend $1500 a month on that space you will tire of it very quickly. Best Regards, Hi-Gear
  6. $99.50 Upstate South Carolina. Also up the time accordingly. Holding high gross profit.
  7. I don't like to just mark up my products....I usually double, triple, or quadruple my cost. Plus I buy deals and I pass the savings on to ME!!! I smother my clients with excellent, super, and unexpected service, and I make sure I am MORE than compensated for said service. If I were in business for my health, I would own and operate a GYM!!! Hi-Gear
  8. We're busting ass and not even taking names!! I'm not in this for my health, although I work my little brain so much it may keep me from getting Alsheimer's!!!!
  9. For our regular clients, we either do it or have it done. If we sub it out we make money on it. This means we are the only shop they need to think about using.
  10. We use the Interstate Batteries Tester and it is the best ever. Like JimO said, it is great and prints starter, charging, and battery results we can show our clients. It also shows ripple effect so we can identify bad alternators. It costs us $45 per month and we sell a Butt-Load of batteries!!
  11. Last May was a decent month. This May knocked the socks off last year. My gross profit was up by 47%. We've had 3 very strong months in a row!! Hi-Gear
  12. My guys are all paid hourly plus spiffs plus monthly percentage of labor turned. These guys get paid on Friday and again on Monday when they receive their spiff money. They work very, very hard and are super productive, and are doing high-quality work and are not trying to beat the clock. When broken bolts and/or other situations arise, they take care of them knowing that they are getting paid. One reason this works for me is because I have built a very dedicated, capable, and talented team who absolutely love their jobs, our environment, and our work ethic. Hi-Gear
  13. My guys and gals log in and out online, and it takes me about 10 to 12 minutes to run payroll weekly. Each associate's pay is in their bank account when they wake up Friday morning. If a shop has one or more employees, using an outside vendor is the only way to go! Hi-Gear
  14. The O'Reilly battery rep told me that East Penn makes their batteries. I stock Interstate batteries and often buy fast movers from Pep Boys (Champion and/or Bosch) for $69.95.

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