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  1. We have been looking into PPP loans and unemployment. I am a one man shop. Information for both as refers to the CARES act is limited. I've been told by my accountant that PPP will not cover self employed owners just employees salaries. Not sure that is true, But we have decided to close temporarily and apply for unemployment. Government has not released all information yet and my state won't let me apply for either yet. Juan. I feel your pain. Like you hoping for better days soon. See you on the other side brothers !
  2. The PPP is a better loan if you are qualified to get it. (government is making qualification easy) Part or all of the loan can be forgiven if the monies are spent on qualified spending.
  3. We are about 1 hour from New York City. People here are being extremely cautious. My business is down 90% or more. Joe was mentioning the PPP Loan. Waiting for the details to come out on that. Sounds like the PPP will help a lot of shops make it through a couple tough months.
  4. Jeffrey


  5. I feel your pain. It took me years of searching prices before I realized its not about price! I have very dedicated customers and most use Amsoil. We believe in the product and educate our customers on the benefits. If you don't keep your customers informed and offer them fair and superior service you will always be competing with the shop down the road. Customers are looking for service they can trust. If you are selling by price you will always be looking for cheaper items and lets face it, We cannot compete with internet prices. We do not install customer supplied parts, We stopped because
  6. 10 years ago this month I started Fetch & Fix auto repair. I started in my own garage with 1 lift. I payed cash for everything I needed and made due with what I brought in. 5 years ago I moved to a commercial location in a body shop. Business has been good. I was doing a lot of mechanical work for the body shop but that has stopped. Not because of any issues between the businesses but an outside issue. (its a long story but one I never would have imagined when I started). Anyway I explain the work required to my customers, I make the estimate and get the approval, I do the work. It is poss
  7. Thanks for the input and discussion we are going to use more generic maintenance items in our recommendations. This will help simplify our tracking and I believe will help our customers to better maintain their vehicles. Right now we are missing quite a few maintenance items just because we don't have the time to research each vehicle.
  8. I have personally seen transmissions fail shortly after replacing the fluid on a high mileage trans. I make the customer sign a statement that we advised against it and its their own risk. Recently a customer had the fluid changed and an inline filter installed. After 1,000 miles we changed the filter and fluid again. Good plan I guess. The problem with high mileage trans fluid is new fluid will loosen the wear debris and it clogs the filter. We are currently looking at a trans flush machine but we want one we can circulate the fluid with that will also filter it. Then I would put in new fluid
  9. We use pace software and try to customize as much as possible. I do agree to some of your generic but I strongly disagree on others. Cabin air filters should be done 1 year or 15,000 miles, They get moisture in there and start growing mold. Go ahead and smell one of those next time you take it out. I also try to use the carbon impregnated one whenever its available. I also disagree on the auto trans fluid, We recommend a change at every 30,000, you cant get to all the fluid and more and more vehicles are making the filters non replaceable. We also recommend synthetic fluids everywhere except b
  10. Buying online can be risky. Each year billions of $ worth of counterfeit parts are sold. Remember Amazon, Ebay etc. allow any business to sell on their website. There is no way to know if the Moog, Denso, or even Dorman parts you order are real. Companies overseas are copying parts, boxes etc to match the original and then they end up on the internet. I buy parts online but usually its one supplier who I feel confident is using original parts suppliers. Buying from the cheapest supplier or using a website that allows anonymous suppliers is just asking for trouble. As far as labor reimbursement
  11. I don't see Pace on the list? We have been using them for almost 10 years. I like the preventive maintenance tracker. Its prints due dates and mileage on the invoice and allows you to send out emails or postcards with maint. due. If you have problems they are very quick to respond and resolve the issue. I would recommend checking them out. http://www.pacecomputer.com/
  12. I wouldn't mind them selling to diy'rs if they would allow us a little room for profit. I had a customer come in a while back and he paid less for the part then I would. How is that good for my business? Then when I mark it up I'm way out of the ballpark. Then they give you a retail price. If thats retail then why are they NOT selling it over the counter for that?
  13. Seems to me no matter where you buy parts today a large majority are junk. My pet peeve is resellers putting whatever they want into boxes with their name and logo. I used to use Carquest brand suspension parts (raybestos) They had zerk fittings and were a quality product. Then with no warning, no box change, and of course no price reduction they started using Mevotech. I have had many problems with their junk but they were hiding behind the Carquest name. Stop putting products in Napa, Advance, Oreilly, Etc boxes and show me the brand I'm buying. I use Advance for brake pads because I can buy
  14. We recently had an Advance move into our area. I noticed they provide many of the same brands as NAPA. I have been having an issue with their billing and like any big company there is a lot of red tape. nobody wants to take responsibility for the problem or even admit it exists. I continue to use them even with that issue because their prices on MANN Filters are the best anywhere. With that said Carquest is always my first call. I am in the Northeast and spoke with my local Carquest owner. He told me one warehouse and a group of company owned carquests were sold. He assurred me that my service
  15. I allow scheduling on my website, It has been used very little. http://www.fetchandfix.com Jeffrey

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